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Bosch Self Cleaning Oven Instructions
Bosch Self Cleaning Oven Instructions

New Name at the Cleaning Services Market in London

Prolux Cleaning is a well-established name on the cleaning services market. It is a synonym of excellence and invention. Prolux Cleaning works with quality eco-friendly products and provides outstanding services to the multitude of valuable customers in London. We entirely guarantee the efficiency of all products we work with.

Cleaning Products

Deluxe living room with black leather sofas surround round glass table on square rug. Prolux Cleaning works with Double Clean - the latest cleaning agent on the market. This is a highly concentrated powder cleanser. Double Clean contains active chemicals and it has been scientifically designed for cleaning of heavy spotted rugs to work where many other products have been unsuccessful. Our cleaning company Prolux effortlessly eliminates spots from carpets, rugs and mats, with this unique quality eco-friendly product.

For food, drinks and other liquid spills we use Neutral Pro - Spotter. This agent is harmless for delicate woolen carpets and rugs. The detergent leaves your floor coverings pleasantly perfumed with a delicate scent after usage.

Beautiful office chairs with decorative pillows. Our Prolux Cleaning expert squads use Stain Pro Heavy Duty alkaline based solvent protein spotter. It completely removes blood, vomit, wine, ink, fresh tea, coffee, and other food stains. It refreshes the rugs leaving mild mint smell behind after application.

Filter-Out is used for cleaning of air filter soil lines formed near heating and air conditioning vents. This is a innovative cleanser designed to react with electrically charged particles, securing compete stain removal. It is very effective on toner spills, carbon, soot, etc. The solvent is a green liquid formula with soft floral scent.

Coffee Stain Remover is used for tea, coffee, beer, tannin spot cleaning and other yellow and brown stains on rugs. Fresh lemon scent lingers over the carpet after application.

The Red Rx is developed exclusively to remove red food stains, caused by carbonated drinks, fruit juices and wine stains. Spots are cleaned efficiently by rubbing the solution onto the rug with wet towel and drying the wet section with hot iron. The chemical agent comes in a liquid form aromatized with lemon scent.

Highly Muddy Grey Piece of carpet at The Time of Cleaning. For iron rust stains, dried blood stains, or other red pigmentations on rugs we use a low cost and mild yet effective acidic gel. The Rust Remover is gentle on textile fibers compared to many acid products and does not require chemical neutralization afterwards.

The Citrus Gel cleaning agent we use is very effective for cleaning oil, grease, tar, gum, and other oil-based spots. It works on the fiber surface without affecting the carpets' latex backing, unlike many other citrus based solvents. The spot remover has a soft citrus perfume.

Solvall Spotter is a highly effective dry powder cleaner for spot cleaning of oil, grease, adhesives, tar, gum, oil-based paints, and other stains soluble in organic thinners. This cleaning agent is aromatized with orange scent.

The Ink Solv is a recently released we use water-based micro-emulsion spot removal for nail polish, marker pen ink and PVA adhesive on carpets, fabrics and other surfaces. This chemical is a gently scented fluid.

Prolux uses also Solvex - a water washable, mild solvents and detergents designed to penetrate the carpet structure in depth for removing hi-gloss and satin paints, nail polish, varnish, and ink spots on carpets, fabrics and other interior textiles. The product is a clear solution with a delicate fragrance.

Luxury home office space design ideas with entertainment area. Chewing gum removal has proven to be a challenge. We, Prolux work with an aerosol freezer spray to take out chewing gum and sweets stuck on all surfaces.

Prolux Cleaning Services is a well-known cleaning company on the market for carpet and rugs cleaning. We provide residential and office cleaning services.

Care and Maintenance Recommendations for Exotic Rugs

Modern futuristic home office chair mat. People want to express style in their appearances, surroundings, and environment. They want to be unique and showcase their treasured possessions.

People collect rare and unique rugs and put them with pride in their homes. These unusual artifacts look fantastic. To have them for a long time, they need a proper care and maintenance. Use caution when dealing with your rare pieces, because many old carpets could be weak and need to be handled with care.

Wilton Carpet Care and Maintenance

Living room furniture arrangement with carpet flooring. Wilton and similar woven carpets are best taken to a professional rug cleaner for washing. Do not take chances with such a valuable possession.

Acrylic Yarn Rug Care and Maintenance

Acrylic Yarn Rugs are resistant to washing at temperature up to 104° F. Machine wash works very well for machines with ample room.

Rugs with Rubber Backing Care and Maintenance

Neutral colors to paint a room with carpet flooring. Rugs with rubber backing (rubber mats) are cleaned best with an extractor. They could also be scraped with a gentle brush, and a mild detergent and water solution at a temperature up to 104° F. Rinse thoroughly and spread to dry. Never put the wet carpet onto the floor, because the rubber backing may get stuck to it.

Flocati Carpets Care and Maintenance

Flocati Rugs are washed in tubs or washing machines with plenty of cold water and a neutral soap solution. Rinse very well and run quick spin cycle. Stretch to dry.

Rag Runners Cleaning

One open space design office for the remaining eight employees. Rag cotton rugs are machine washable at temperature not exceeding 104° F. Be careful with the reds and blues - these hues have a tendency to leak and tinge the fringe and the light colors.

Striped Rugs Care and Maintenance

Striped rugs can be washed in cold water and mild soap. Rub with a brush with soft bristles in the direction of the stripes on each side and wash thoroughly in the stripes direction. Wash long runners on a higher elevation and leave to hang dry.

Plastic Mats Care and Maintenance

Plastic and acrylic mats could be washed in a machine. Set on cool water cycle (no higher than 104° F). Never centrifuge them. Roll the mat tightly after washing to remove wrinkles. Hang to dry.

Lightly soiled and dulled mats are better just vacuumed or shaken - it will mend their appearance. Wipe with a sponge and warm soapy water, if needed.

You could use textile or carpet-cleaning spray. After shampooing, rinse repeatedly with warm water. Leave the carpet stretched on racks to dry.

Sheepskin Mats Care and Maintenance

Classic modest black leather neutral sectional sofa in living room. For light contamination - vacuum, then clean with an adhesive roll or wipe with a damp sponge saturated with warm water and well squeezed off.

For heavy contamination - use a mild liquid sopa not containing enzymes, phosphates, peroxides, alkalis and bleaches.

Heavily soiled skin should be soaked in cold water as a pretreatment. Machine wash on delicate wool wash program with cool water. Use plenty of water. The skin tolerates centrifuge but not tumble dry. Do not use bleach. Hung dry the pelt pined at two corners. Never expose to excessive heat or direct sunlight. While the pelt is still damp, stretch and rub the pelt to regain suppleness.

Alternatively, your sheepskin mat could be dry cleaned. This always is a safer way to go.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Double office computer furniture design. A Persian carpet is a possession worth keeping. With proper care, it is likely to last for a long time.

Rotate the carpet to wear out evenly on the four sides. Avoid dragging furniture across the rug. At all times work with a flat tool when vacuum cleaning, and end in the direction of the pile.

Of course, you can always have an expert clean of your carpet.

For all your special carpet cleaning needs you could always contact us. We, Prolux, are a well-established cleaning company in London and we are qualified to deliver the highest quality work for your rugs.

Clean Up After New Year Eve Celebration

Unique white ornament placed on grey carpet near glossy table in living room. Picking up the mess after a celebration is the most unpleasant part of it. In all honesty, it is a sort of a drag. Planning and attending the New Year Eve party is fun. What remains behind is nothing else but a lot of labor. Even though cleaning after a big celebration cannot be ducked completely, there are small tricks to make it easier and more manageable.

Most comfortable office chair with white ceramic floor. Employing a maid service will help you in the cleaning job. Arrange for the maid to be at the location a few hours after the gathering and before the coming of the cleaning people. Use the hours after the gathering to take a nap. Hiring a maid will add to your bottom line, so look at it within the constraints of your budget.

Also, you might recruit a few of your best friends to assist you after the gathering. Working with your friends as a team would be a lot of fun in fact! View it as an addition to the gathering itself! Take some time for rest, relaxation then get up and take the rubble out with allied efforts. Turn on nice soft music while cleaning, chat, and trough jokes. Keep up the holiday spirit! You will be done before you even know it.

Modern home office chairs with carpets and curtains purple color. Some light tiding up effort could taken care of while the party is humming to minimize your after party sweat. Just play by the ear. Assess the situation and choose what are you willing to do at this moment and what is to wait for the morning.

After the main, major chaos is gone, examine for marks and spots. Predictably foods and beverages were fell here and there. Check meticulously chairs, living room sets, curtains, and carpets. Toughened solidified food stains are best scrubbed with a turner or a dull knife.

Full cleaning after the gathering - clean up of food and drink stains, washing all dishes, vacuuming all carpets and the upholstered furniture returns your home to its prior condition.

Cozy office interior design for professional. For your comfort and best quality results hiring a professional cleaning company is suggested.

We, Prolux cleaning in London, want you to have a full enjoyment of your New Year's night. We want you to have one pleasing stress-free social event. We are prepared to pick up after your party. We are happy if you are satisfied.

To book our services call us at 02033186387 or connect with us via our Internet site.

Cleaning Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinets in London

Modern home office interior design pictures. Kitchen takes a lot of time and sweat to keep clean and neat. This is the mess area of the house - food is prepared here using conventional and microwave ovens, grills, there are carving areas, where meat and produce is being cut, etc. Grease, spills and splatters from cooking, together with oily finger prints stick onto everything and before not too long the whole place wears the recent menus.

Apartment living rooms ideas with carpet flooring. Cabinets inside get very dirty in their own right. We store foods, condiments, and seasonings inside and they get spilled. In a course of time soluble substances form sticky spots on the shelves, then bugs crawl in and feast.

We, at Prolux take special care of kitchens and fixtures. We start with choosing the best quality kitchen cleaning products. We take into account the specific materials used for your cabinetry, doors, and frames - vinyl, metal, wood, etc. We select the most appropriate cleaning solutions for your kitchen interior and cupboards.

Exciting cardboard office table and bulkhead with imac computer and green bonsai plant. We, at Prolux cleaning solutions take special care of all hardware in the kitchen as well. We are going to remove cabinet handles and door knobs and will clean them piece by piece. We will put them back on their places after a good clean and polish.

Wooden Cabinetry

Wood protection spray products yield excellent results for wooden cabinets and shelves in the kitchen.

Modern home offices decorating for luxury home modern home. When applying the sprays yourself keep in mind that most of these products are flammable. Never spray into an open fire and never use near heaters. To restore dull surface use wax - it is going to bring back the previous shine.

For best quality professional results schedule a cleaning with us. Give us a call today for a free consultation and a cost quotation. For quick reference we have posted a price calculator on our site.

Professional Garage Cleaning Services in London

Living room color schemes with white carpet. Garage is perhaps the most often neglected place in many houses. It took years to pile up so much junk there and the need for one good professional cleanup has evolved into a chronic state.

Our team, Prolux in London recognizes the importance of having your garage neat and tidy. This is a laborious task. Huge oil leakages; dirty grease stains on the ground necessitate a professional intervention.

Modern white and yellow bathroom with rug and wooden style. We, Prolux in London, are just a a ring away. Contact us and ask for our garage cleaning service. You don't have to worry about your put away items - we are going to take care of them all. Just take out your car and take a ride. When you get back home, you will see your garage neat and well-groomed.

How to choose the right office furniture. When you choose Prolux in London, you get:

  • Free cleaning price quote
  • A team overseer, who will be in charge for the ultimate quality of the services performed
  • A comprehensive checklist is going to be given to the client at the time of completion
  • All cleaning supplies and equipment needed are provided by Prolux
  • 24/7 direct helpline for clients' inquiries
  • Fully insured and bonded employees
  • Dependable and trustworthy teams - all of our workers have passed a background check.

Ideas of glass desks home office for small workspace. For a free estimate simply give us a call at 07585905630 or send us inquiry using our Internet site. We have published a price calculator for quick reference.

The minimum booking time is 3 hours.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Clean and comfort dental office interior design ideas. Routine clean is vital to preserve your wooden floor at its best condition.

Pat dry all spills Immediately! Liquids are not good for your wooden floor.

Move furniture in the room after you have put on felt protective patches in the corners. These protectors could be purchased in every hardware store.

Lovely living room leather sofas interior design ideas with. Use mats, runners and area rugs for all high traffic zones, near doors and entrances. Make sure to wash them often. These mats will keep pollutants and dust away from the floor.

High heels can leave dents on wood floors. Keep footwear with weighty soles and sharp heels at a safe distance.

Vacuum the floor every day with care. The more often you vacuum clean, the longer your floor will stay gleaming.

Bare Messy Grey Stain at The Time of Cleaning. You might choose an expert removal for the stubborn spots and blemishes on the wood floor.

Do not use ammonia containing products on the hard floor.

Do clip your pets' nails to prevent scratching the floor.

With bookshelves on wall carpet floor. Use a tissue or damp sponge to clean sticky spots.

Do use a professional hard floor conditioner to restore occasional scuffs and heel marks. The deep cleaning methods should be a strictly expert work. Call a professional cleaning company in London to clean your hard wood floor, if it requires extensive involvement.

Do not place rubber-backed or non-ventilated mats on the wooden floor. They have a tendency to trap moisture and propagate mildew. Put a mat at locations where water is probable be splashed - near sinks, under flower pots, etc.

Black style leather directors chair. If you wish to have your wood floor looking splendidly, arrange for Prolux professional cleaning company in London, to maintain your hardwood floors.

hard floors are expensive and appreciated. A quality professional care and maintenance for them is money well spent to have them longer.

Six Old Wives Tales Concerning Carpet Cleaning

White simple home office interior pictures. There are fables about carpet care and maintenance most people trust to be true. This results from misunderstanding or lack of information on the topic.

Below are six of the most common mistaken beliefs as long as carpet cleaning is concerned:

  • The more often a carpet is cleaned, the faster it gets soiled.

White and green office rooms ideas. In fact, dirt crushes and damages textile yarns. Dust trapped in the carpet continuously mills the pile and causes it to appear old and worn-out. Dirty carpets age faster and have to be changed prior to those maintained clean.

Vacuum cleaning alone is not sufficient to keep rugs clean. Fine particles penetrate deep into the structure and it is well above the power of many home vacuums to get them out.

  • Rugs need to be washed only when they appear soiled.

Carpets are vulnerable to pollutants and allergens - pollens, fungi, bacteria, toxic fumes, different chemicals, etc. People and pets carry these substances indoors and eventually many of them end on the rugs. This compels regular washing of carpets for a hygienic home environment.

Images of contemporary bathrooms carpet brown. Four techniques are in use now a days for carpet care and maintenance. The most popular one is steam cleaning (in fact, this is a misnomer - rugs are cleaned with hot water jet), foam cleaning, chemical dry cleaning with granules, and vapor cleaning.

Each of these techniques have advantages and disadvantages. For example, chemical dry cleaning with granules is good for rugs intolerable to water, brushes utilized to rub the granules into the rug are rough and heavy and are likely to injure delicate carpets.

Still, the preferred method remains the hot water extraction (steam cleaning). Heated water used is no dangerous for most of the carpets and it is the ideal option for caring for wide assortment of rugs.

  • All cleaners are the same.

Single oven after cleaning. Cleaning is actually a high-tech work now. Every manufacturer has developed product specific techniques and cleansing agents appropriate for their machines. Good training and skill of the cleaners also matter.

When selecting a cleaning company research their reputation, their ways of doing business, chemicals they use, etc.

  • At all times hire the one who offers the rock-bottom prices.

Cleaning business is extremely competitive and companies often get involved in price wars. It is not always certain that the lowest price is the best deal, though. Beware of misleading ads and entrapments - your bill is loaded with many extra items over and above the main quote.

Modern minimalist home offices interior design ideas. Some companies promise prices at which they are not capable to deliver, indeed.

When you compare quotes, always you compare "apples with apples". Be certain you are looking at the same services.

  • The quote for each cleaning service could be given over the phone.

While most reliable companies post their prices on their Internet sites and stay with them. In certain circumstances additional charges could add due to unforeseen or extreme conditions. It is always safe to assume the actual bill to exceed the quote.

Our "State Of The Art" Professional Cleaning Machines in London.

Minimalist design of office interior design with functional storage solution and with cool modern office furniture sets. We work with many appliances ranked in accordance with the type, size and use of the place serviced. Let's get into some specifics about what we work with and how we work with it:


Basement home office ideas. The most often asked questions about the vacuum cleaner concern its filter. It is important, of course. However, to summarize the whole issue - filters come in different shapes, sizes, and materials (some are made of polyester, others - of coated paper and so on), yet they all serve the same purpose - to trap dust. Irrespective of their design, it is of ultimate importance that they are changed frequently on each machine. We, Prolux in London do this on a daily basis, because of the heavy load imposed on our machines.

We use professional grade vacuum machines for cleaning of highly polluted places - workshops or industrial facilities, for example. These machines are designed with oversized bags and heavy duty motors to take the load.

Table and chair office design. Machine Cleaning of Hardwood Floors, Terracotta Tiles, Formica, PVC, Wood Parquet, Laminate, Polished Concrete, Marble, Granite, And Other Floor Styles.

Our clients know - their floors are being given the best care by the experts working for Prolux in London. We clean hard floors with a single disk polishing machine. It is tooled with several different polishing pads, mops, and brushes used in accordance with the type of floor material.


Mops are used for application of different emulsions and chemicals to the already cleaned floor. These final touches protect the floor surface and facilitate its maintenance.

Floor Polishing

Single oven deep cleaning. It comprises of application of a thin film of protective material over the floor surface. This augments the shine, anti-skid, and anti-static characteristics of the floor material. It is highly recommended for laminate, non-polished formica and terracotta, and PVC floors as well.

Impregnation (Sealing)

This treatment is a must for concrete, marble, limestone, mosaic, and other similar surfaces. The ultimate goal when sealing a floor is to avert fluids absorption. The impregnating solution is applied after the floor has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. A second coating may be required.

We, Prolux London always work with due diligence - each customer is informed about the expected outcome of the procedure, any additional operations that may be required before or after, along with any possible complications.

Wall Cleaning

Beautiful office chairs with fur rug. Many clients inquire how to clean walls as time and use take their toll on the nice clean paint or other finish. We, Prolux in London are qualified and tooled to revive your walls. This is how we work with:

Latex painted walls and ceilings - these walls need to be vacuum cleaned initially. Spot treatment should be done only by a professional cleaner for best results.

Water-resistant coated walls and ceilings - these walls and ceilings are fairly easy to clean with mild detergents, disinfectants and professional chemicals. You can count on us, Prolux London for this and all your cleaning needs always.

Environmentally Friendly House Cleaning in London

Gray Rug at The Time of Cleaning. All of us are concerned about the environment. Our planet Earth is our only home and we want to keep it for for our children and grandchildren. Irresponsible discharge of chemicals is a solemn consideration. What's morea number of products, despite of their usefulness and recognition, have revealed harmful side effects.

Natural carpet tiles with glass doors. For example, perchloroethylene (also called PERC) - a colorless, nonflammable liquid. The largest user of PERC is the dry cleaning industry. It accounts for 80% to 85% of all dry cleaning fluid used. Inhaling PERC for short periods of time is likely to adversely affect the human nervous system. Effects range from dizziness, fatigue, headaches and sweating to discoordination and passing out temporarily . Contact with PERC liquid or vapor inflames the skin, the eyes, the nose, and the throat. Inhaling perchloroethylene over periods of time may cause liver and kidney damage in people. Workers exposed regularly to large amounts of PERC in air can experience memory loss and confusion.

Black and white office. Responsible professional cleaners are in a search for new cleaning agents that are safe for the environment.

Some people make their own green cleaning products at home, with ordinary, time-tested ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, kosher salt, borax and certain plant oils. It's quite easy and it's certainly less costly than buying ready made chemicals, although it does take some time and experimenting.

Bathroom country style italian interior bathroom animal floor carpet mahogany wood finish astonishing italian bathroom interior design. Just a word of caution: Nowadays, green cleaning products are commonly available - from big warehouse stores to corner drugstores. When it comes to combating filth and germs, manufacturers and merchants could get pretty passionate, and fans of one brand often blame rivals of disingenuous advertising. It is a fact that as far as cleaning products are concerned, words such as "natural", "organic" and "biodegradable" are not controlled, and it is nearly impossible to determine with any degree of precision what's inside the spray bottles.

At any rate, consumers have choices. Opt for a "green" product - chances are it works well, as it has been developed using break-through technologies. It is safer, milder and it is worth the try.

Carpet Stain Eliminating Tips. London Cleaners.

Inspirational office reception design ideas. To start with - Best never try to eliminate stains on your rug using generic household detergents! They are likely to damage your expensive carpet irreparably.

Use clear cleaning products instead of colored ones. The clear fluids give better results. And they do not leave a new spot with their own color.

Elegant dark and white of office interior design ideas in contemporary style for cheaf room. Try to absorb the spot as soon as possible after the incident occurred. absorb from the edges toward the middle to preclude diffusing it.

A mild but effective cleanser is a solution of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part carbonated water. Pat dry the dampness using white paper towels or clean white cloth. For resilient spots cover the affected area with absorbent white paper towels or cloth and place one or two weighty books on top. Leave them overnight to suck out the stain.

These are our friendly recommendations to help your rugs stay clean for a longer time:

  • Clean rugs frequently
  • Use mats or area rugs for high-traffic areas Kitchen after cleaning.
  • Address stains as quickly as possible after occurrence
  • Do not mix different cleaning products! They are likely to react with each other and cause dying of the carpet
  • Clean clear wax from carpets and interior textiles by covering them with white paper and ironing at high temperature setting. Repeat with clean sheets until melted wax spots no longer appear.

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