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Builders Clean Croydon
Builders Clean Croydon

Remove Carpet Stains by Arielle Greenberg, NW10 5UG. Hard Floor Cleaning and Care - London Cleaners

By hiring us, Steamers professional cleaners in London; you secure the best care and maintenance for your hard floors. We offer a complete range of cleaning services inclusive of all types of hard floors.

Below is a short list what is good and what is not for your floors along with several care tips:

  1. Sweep hard floors frequently with a soft, smooth bristle broom.
  2. Vacuum at least once or twice per week to remove dirt and sand. Use a brushless attachment to prevent surface scratching.
  3. Water is definitely the hard floors nastiest enemy, so keep it away! Remove wet spots as fast as possible using a soft mop or a wet/dry vacuum. Pat dry completely.
  4. Use a damp cloth to mop wooden floors finished with a clear polyurethane lacquer, because excess water could seep into the seams and warp the planks.
  5. Consider using carpet runners with non-skid pads over hard floors in heavy traffic sections.
  6. Vacuum clean area rugs and runners often to avert dirt spreading out and scratching the floor underneath.
  7. Do not wear heavy shoes with spiky heels on hard floors to prevent superficial dents.
  8. Do not skid furniture or other heavy objects across the room. If you have to move the furniture, first vacuum clean the floor to eliminate dust and grit, then mount protective pads and slide.
  9. Install door mats to preclude dirt from outside to enter the residence.
  10. Follow manufacturer's instructions for care and maintenance. Remove scratches and dents with proper chemicals.
  11. Water damage is a challenging task to repair. Check with an expert for high quality results.
  12. Certain types of hardwood floors may need periodic waxing and buffing. Get recommendations from the manufacturer for the best care for your hardwood floor.

For more care and maintenance tips and recommendations check our site on a regular basis - we post useful tips and care suggestions on different topics very often. If you have specific questions - send us an inquiry through our Internet site.

Carpet Cleaning Bournemouth by Elmira Walsh, E12 5LU. Cleaning Stains

We connect cleaning with removing the dirt piled up in all corners and everywhere in the place. It is not that difficult to get rid of. Get the broom, sweep the floor and you are done. Given, brooms are losing points these days, a vacuum cleaner and a mop is what we first reach for. Yet there is a different, quite more challenging kind of cleaning - dealing with spots. This is rarely a straight forward job. Through analysis of the problem as a whole is required. Developing a strategy is required before actually attacking the spot, considering the nature of the soiled material, the matter of the soil itself, and what could in fact dissolve it. Tailored approach for each pair - spot/spotted surface works best. Keep in mind that this is actually a two-pronged issue - first - to remove the spot, and second - not to harm the affected surface.

The simplest spots to remove are those seen on smooth, non-porous, and glossy surfaces such as ceramic tiles, laminate, mosaic, etc. Eliminating them usually is not so hard. Yet, if the spot has been there long enough a resistant mark may persist.

Rule of thumb - the faster you attempt to clean the spot after its occurrence, the higher chance you stand for winning the war. The longer it remains, the tougher it gets to clean it. Some spots oxidize with time, others darken as a result of heat and light exposure, and so on. In spite of all claims seen in commercials, there are no omni-potent products, capable of removing all spots from everywhere.

Spots need to be treated with care, because each specific type calls for a different cleaning product.

The most resistant stains are those made by greasy foods. Fabrics absorb the oils very quickly. Initially the oil looks darker compared with the surrounding material. As time passes by the fatty spot becomes lighter and loses its shine. Simultaneosly, the lard penetrates the fiber even deeper and appears on the opposite side of the thinner materials.

Best results are achieved if the spot is first washed generously with cold water followed immediately by a hot bath. Caution - be careful - water discolors certain fabrics. At all times test a hidden area of the garment.

Stains caused by animal and vegetable fats are also cleaned with organic solvents such as alcohol or benzene. Use a well soaked brush to pat the stain, do not rub!

For white colored fabrics bleach yields excellent results. However, use bleach only on linen, cotton and synthetic silk. On wool apply hydrogen peroxide. Spots on dyed materials could be cleaned with diluted bleach, after a hidden section of the garment first has been tested. Rinse the fabric generously with cold water and dry the treated completely.

Removing Stains From Carpet by Delaine Fleshman, HA4 7EX. London Carpet Cleaners Online Quote

Domestic East London by Dona Bousquet, CR7 8DD. Carpet cleaning London

  • The price for each cleaning service could be given over the phone.

While most reliable companies post their prices on the Internet sites and stick with them. In specific circumstances additional charges could add due to unexpected or extreme conditions. It is always safe to expect the actual bill will exceed the quote.

Carpet Cleaning Wand by Estell Nebel, HA9 9LB. How to Clean Red Wine Stains from Rugs and Upholstered Furniture

Steam Upholstery Cleaning by Lorilee Benfer, EN2 8HZ. Red Wine Spot Cleaning Methods

Envision this: A glass of red wine leisurely drops on your beautiful carpet and splashes its content on it. Or it makes a stop on the couch before that. A slow motion moment of horror. Everybody's attention is frozen onto to the carpet with the bold red wine stain. Do not panic, is our advice, easier said than done.

Reviews Carpet Cleaners by Elicia Jauregui, W1B 1QL. How to Clean Wet Red Wine Stains

The household mixtures listed below are most effective on new wet red wine spots. Once the wine evaporates, it is more difficult to remove. Water is always the best choice for weakening a red wine spot, but club soda or it's white counterpart (white wine) can be used instead in a case of emergency. Wet with a spray bottle or by dripping over or soaking the spotted area. Absorb the stained area from the outer edges of the spotted area towards the center to inhibit spreading. Try to pick up as much of the red wine as possible.

Leather Sofa Clean by Glayds Direnzo, SW14 7NN. Household Red Wine Stain Cleaning

The following remedies work best on cotton, polyester and blends. Textiles labeled "dry-clean only" must be taken to a expert cleaner as soon as possible. Amature attempts to remove the spot at home from delicate fabrics can result in a irreversible damage.

Used Drawers Borehamwood by Marry Yingling, N6 6DJ. Cleaning Wine Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide and Soap

Apply hydrogen peroxide to the spot leaving for a couple of minutes to penetrate the strands. With a spray container bottle filled with one part water and one part carpet cleaner mist spray the stained area. Pat dry with a clean tissue until the stain is removed.

Studio Rent Murphy Bed London by Deetta Donati, TW1 4TB. Cleaning Red Wine Spots With Water, Vinegar and Soap

Blot the spot well with a clean white paper towel. Mix one tablespoon of hand dishwashing detergent with one tablespoon white vinegar and two cups tepid water.

Rub the water, vinegar and soap solution to the stained area with a clean rag. Blot the stain with a white cloth. Once the stain is eliminated, rinse the area using a clean tissue with cool water. At the end pat dry the affected area with a clean dry paper towel.

Cleaning Supplies Wholesale by Thu Hagedorn, SM5 1QQ. White Wine Fighting Red Wine Spots

When it comes to red wine stains removal, white wine may save the day. White wine counteracts the red dyes and makes eliminating of the stained area easier.

Simply pour a little bit of white wine on the red wine stain and pat dry with a spongy cloth. Do not scrub or spread the stained rug as this will only push the liquid deeper. Clean any stain leftovers with a standard fabric or rug spot remover of your choice.

Mattress Cleaning London Ealing by Meg Campanella, HA7 1LW. Add a Bit of Salt to Your Red Wine Stain

Apply a thick layer of salt over the red wine spot to preclude soaking and locking in. Pick-up the salt or vacuum when you are ready to treat the stain. Do it quickly - the sooner you salt, the greater the probability of stopping the stain to spread out and setting in.

Oven Cleaning Franchises by Edris Conde, NW10 7DY. Dry Red Wine Stains Eliminating

Sometimes the red wine spot is quicker than us - the liquid sets in before we really address the situation. Or, before we even notice it.

These stain cleaning methods are best suited for treating dry red wine spills. Be aware that certain red wine stains will not come out for different reasons ever!

Cleaning Quote by Paris Villalobos, IG1 2QA. White Wine with Baking Soda to Fight Red Wine Stains

Soak the red wine spot with white wine or carbonated water. Next, coat the spill with a dense baking soda and water paste. Leave the baking soda on the spill for several hours, maintaining the paste moist. After the spot is no longer there wash the fabric with tab water.

Clean a Wool Rug by Bari Purtell, NW4 1EL. Commercial Red Wine Stain Removers

If you are a red wine connoisseur or plainly awkward, have a bottle of readily available commercial red wine stain remover within reach. There are many effective products stocked on the supermarket's shelves. Do not let mishaps to take a toll on you!

Carpet Cleaning Weston Super Mare by Michaele Oshea, UB2 4DF. Windows Cleaning London

Squeaky clean windows seem to appear with ease in ads for glass cleaning products. Your own familiarity cleaning windows may differ slightly though.

Learning how to produce impeccably clean windows starts with purchasing the rudimentary window cleaning tools like window squeegee, scrubbing wands or strip washers, window scraper blades, poles, window cleaning towels, tool belts, and special window cleaning chemicals.

Procuring the right window cleaning tools is vital. No shortcuts are allowed. There is a very good reason professional window cleaners never use newspapers or the blue glass cleaning solution available in any grocery store. The right equipment only could make or break a window cleaning job. Often people clean with damaged squeegees, dusty newspapers, low quality paper towels, household vinegar, and so on.

Our professional windows cleaning services are performed with high grade professional tools, materials and techniques. Outstanding results are guaranteed.

Here are just a few quick tips for attaining good results if you are adamant to clean the windows yourself:

  1. Wipe off all dirt and debris from the glass using a window scrubber or strip washer. If the scrubber is powerless to remove certain debris such as paint specks a window scraper could be used instead
  2. First wash the window meticulously with a clean sponge soaked in warm water with a bit of hand dish washing detergent added to remove the dust.
  3. Wet the entire window with the cleaning solution. Then drive the squeegee from one starting point - an edge, for instance and finish by ending at the opposite side of the window.
  4. Use a lint free clean cloth to dry any pick any excess water from around the edges.

Carpet Cleaning Barnet by Coretta Bendel, SE3 9HN. Steamers Cleaning in London

How to Clean Your Sofa Upholstery by Luella Strandberg, CR4 4EX. Carpet Cleaning Services from Steamers Cleaning

Cleaning services from Steamers Cleaning are performed by expert professionals. We are very efficient - we deliver high quality services as scheduled at reasonable rates. You ask for fast, skilled and friendly services- we are here. You take pride in your home and we are proud of what we do. We bring your house to a cleaner, neater, and more pleasant state. We care about our clients and their families and about the environment - we work with only best quality and environmentally safe products.


Steamers Cleaning is a well-established cleaning company stationed in London. We have broad experience in the cleaning business and we know how to make our customers content. You will get services executed with commitment and inspiration. Your complete satisfaction is our pleasure and achievement. We do not count on pure luck - we work very hard to continuously improve our services and serve you better.

Your home or office is going to be sparkling clean after a visit by one of our well trained maids and janitors. We work on one time basis or regular contract services. A reliable and trustworthy person is going to be allocated to your order to meet and exceed your expectations.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed unconditionally with all of services. Our extensive cleaning services like one-off-, spring-, and after-builders cleaning are certain to out do your expectations. We are going dispatch one of our skilled and loyal squads, armed with the best cleaning tools available and eco-safe products to your home or office. The place will be brought up to the peak hygiene standards quickly and competently.

Booking an appointment with Steamers Cleaning is easy. Our office consultants are waiting on line to discuss your needs. For your convenience we have provided a price calculator for our rates. For large orders we are going to provide you with a written cost estimate along with a work schedule. Our business hours are flexible and we are going to book your services for a date and time that fits into your schedule.


Do not wait - make your first step towards ultimate cleanness! Call us at 02033186387 now or send a message using our Internet site.

Do not hesitate to contact us and stay in touch to get updates about our new promotions and special discounts. Join the many happy satisfied clients of Steamers in London. We are glad to have been able to serve our customers.

We appreciate your business! Give us a call now!

Wood Floor Cleaning by Robt Cousin, SE17 1QQ. Tea and Coffee Spot Cleaning

Leather Cleaning Company by Janee Slane, SE9 1QS. Removing Coffee and Tea Spots

Tea and coffee consumption is an integral part of our style of living. For nearly all people having a morning cup of coffee or tea marks the beginning of the day. Here is the catch - accidents do happen. We are in a hurry, children, pets and what not - what was up to now in the cup ends up on the carpet or on the seats.

Sit back, you should be able clean this coffee or tea stain entirely by yourself, if if done the right way! You can use either an existing commercial stain cleansing agent or opt for one of the many tried ways of grandma.

Professional Cleaning Bromley by Tomasa Corona, SE20 7XN. Commercial Stain Cleansers

The detergent isle in your supermarket is most likely stocked with a great deal of alternative spot removal chemicals. Choose one, just make sure the care guidelines on the label carefully. Pre-treat the stained area immediately and follow the instructions.

Soak the stained area with the spot remover and let it work minimum five minutes. Rinse all cleaning solution to finish.

Method Cleaning Products by Reva Eoff, CR0 5AG. Vinegar

This is an potent treatment recipe for coffee or tea stains. Mix one teaspoon of vinegar to one quart cold water. Soak the spot and blot with white rag. It will loosen and remove the stain.

Wool Rugs by Rudy Loftis, HA4 0SL. Baking Soda

Soak a clean white rag with warm water. Sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda on to it and rub in the carpet. Wash well at the end.

Never use spot removers with chlorine bleach on colored or frail materials. At all times read care instructions for cautionary signs!

Keep in mind - the faster you act, the better are your chances for success!

At all times clean the spot from the outside edges towards the center!

Try any stain removal agent on a small hidden patch first!

Of course, the safest way to go is to have an expert cleaner to take care of accidental stains. We, Steamers, are one of the best known cleaners in London. We will take care of all your cleaning requests entirely. Just dial 07585905630 or send us an inquiry via our Internet site.

Kids Carpet in London by Dallas Walter, HA5 2NE. Mattress cleaning London

We, at Steamers cleaning services in London are available to clean the mattresses in your residence. We will give your beds one true royal treatment, you have our word!

Humans spend about one third of their lives in bed, therefore - on the mattress. A good portion of dead skin cells is deposited there, which secures breeding grounds for dust mites. If you suffer from asthma, eczema, sore eyes, sinus pain, sneezing, or hay fever, or you are just concerned about your family's health - don't delay, book a mattress cleaning with us!

Many people vacuum clean their mattresses from time to time. Just vacuuming the mattress removes the upper layer of dirt, leaving behind many of the allergens undisturbed.

We, at Steamers in London, are going to clean you mattress expertly. We extract almost all organic deposits from your mattresses.

Professional Cleaners Lewisham by Merry Collman, SW6 4PD. This is how are we going to clean your mattresses:

  1. We are going to treat all sides with a cleaning solution and mechanically agitate the mattress to make certain any foreign matter is separated from the fibers.
  2. We will treat any superficial spots and stains, to get your mattress look brand new again.
  3. We will steam clean your mattress to ensure any residual dander has come loose.
  4. To end we rinse your mattress out with an enzyme-based pH balanced solution to extract all allergens.
  5. At the end your mattress is as indulgent and cozy as it was the day it was purchased.

Do not delay - give us a call to book a visit for you mattresses. For price reference please take a look at our cost calculator.