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Carpet Cleaner East London
Carpet Cleaner East London

The Most Effective Ways to Clean Commercial Carpets

The shieling by apd architecture with carpet flooring. Care and maintenance of carpets in commercial spaces calls for use of heavy duty professional cleaning products and machines for steam cleaning. Short drying time is a must, as minimizing the work flow interruption is a very essential consideration when performing commercial jobs.

Commercial carpet cleaners are tooled with heavy duty equipment, highly potent cleaning products, sprays and protector guards.

Before starting the cleaning process, the carpet is cleaned with a vacuum with an industrial type machine to eliminate dirt and hard particles from the surface. Spots are pre-treated with special cleaning agents suitable for each particular spot. Any leftover substance is going to be sucked out fully at the time of the actual cleaning.

Contingent upon the degree of carpet contamination and its overall condition, the following cleaning methods are used:

  • Hot water deep cleaning extraction method - this is the most commonly used technique for commercial areas. Natural bathroom carpet design. A cleansing mixture is sprayed initially onto the carpet at high pressure to dissolve dirt nested in. The high-powered steam cleaning machine extracts the water afterwards, together with the diluted contaminants. The rug is left crispy clean and refreshed. Special portable tools are used to clean all corners and edges of the carpet.
  • Low moisture carpet washing - this is the method used for cleaning rugs that should not be wetted. (For example, older carpets with jute backing may tear if the fibers get overly saturated.) Foam cleaning works with a low amount of wetness. A moist cleaning chemical (foam) is worked into the weave with a rotating brush and vacuumed fully after drying.
  • Dry Cleaning with Granules - granules sprayed over the rug and worked into it with a rotary brush. As the granules dry exposed to air, they crystallize and lock in the dirt. The rug is cleaned with a vacuum to remove all granules.

End of tenancy after cleaning drawler. Maintaining of commercial carpets poses many challenges and it is always preferable to book the services of a seasoned professional. Their extensive knowledge and training is going to make sure carpets are fully cleaned and protected. Proper care means longer rug life.

London End of Tenancy Cleaners Quote

Modern leather rocking chair with color brown. Whether you are moving in or out from a rental property or you are selling your house our end of tenancy cleaning London is the best choice for you.

We, at Prolux Cleaning offer deep pre/post tenancy cleaning in a day, bringing your property in it's best imaginable state.

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning is done by tried moveable teams of cleaning specialists entirely trained to clean properties at lease expiration or before beginning of a new one. The groups are fully equipped for the job with equipment and cleaning agents.

Modern cozy home office chairs leather by zuo. We know the significance of having your house expertly cleaned and inspected. We are well familiar with, accustomed to, aware of the inventory checkout lists. We have developed an all-embracing checklist reflecting the typical items required by large London rental agencies. Our employees, laborers always use this list to check out their work.

This is what we do when we execute end of tenancy cleaning London:

Staircases and Hallways:

Living room rugs with black seat. We fully clean with a vacuum all stairs and halls. We wipe off the baseboard moldings, light fixtures and the electric switches, the doors, remove all spider webs from the ceilings, wash all inside and outside windows and window sills. We remove the trash as a complimentary service.


Vast Differance Clean Fibers - Cleaning Stages. We eliminate the lime accumulations from the ceramic tiles. The toilet is cleaned thoroughly inside and out. The sink is cleaned together with the bathtub and the shower stall. Inside windows and mirrors are polished as well.


We vacuum clean the whole room. We wipe off all skirting boards, lights and electric switches. We clean the cob webs from all ceilings. We clean inside windows and window sills. All waste bins are emptied and cleaned as well.

Living Room:

Exceedingly Soiled Grey at The Time of Cleaning. We vacuum the room, wipe off the skirting boards, lamps and electric switches. We wipe off the shelves; clean cob webs from the ceilings, wash interior windows and window sills. All garbage bins are emptied, cleaned and the waste is taken out.


We clean the stove top and range hood, wipe off the microwave inside and outside, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and washing machines - inside and out, together with the soap dispenser. We dust off the kitchen cupboards - interior and exterior. We clean all doors. We remove crumbs and clean small countertop appliances such as toaster, kettle, etc. We wipe off all work surfaces, clean with a vacuum and mop the floor. We clean interior windows and sills. All garbage is being taken out and the trash can is cleaned

Prolux offers move in cleaning service for people coming to London. Also, we can clean and maintain your home while you are away for an extended period of time. This is going to provide a piece of mind while you are away.

Beautiful office chairs with frame photo. Book this service with us - your home will be thoroughly cleaned with special care and attention to details. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed- we stand behind the superiority of our services uncompromisingly.

Note: Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and curtains steam cleaning are not included in the end-of-tenancy service. They could be added upon request.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning Services London

If you have checked already our Internet site, then you know the best cleaning service in London!

Latest interior paint color trends with soft carpet. We, Prolux cleaners in London are literally at your fingertips to help you keep your carpets at their best. We offer a complete range of commercial and residential services for offices, retail stores, industrial facilities, houses, or flats delivering quick and efficient cleaning solutions for your needs.

Our professional crews are well trained. They use high grade extraction equipment for full dirt and dust removal from your rugs. We recognize the value of living in sanitary quarters. We have made our job to fully disinfect the homes and offices of customers working with gentle yet effective agents and safe equipment. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions protect you, your families and your pets. Our janitorial people do extraordinary work with the best cleaning products and equipment money can buy. Office meeting room with clean design.

Our London teams are ready to eliminate the deep nested dirt in your favorite rug. Whether you live in a house or in an apartment, your rugs need refreshment and deep cleaning done in a professional way regularly.

Stained white carpet before after cleaning. Our specialists at Prolux never cut corners - they are going to check your rug before commencing work to decide which professional method is most appropriate to use. Dry cleaning works best for delicate fabrics with unstable colors. Deep cleaning and steam cleaning are hot water extraction techniques, used for washing the majority carpet varieties. We are able to eliminate stains of any kind. We can completely get rid of bacteria and bad odor.

All equipment and cleaning solutions we work with are made by leading names in the cleaning industry. All our procedures are gentle and safe for your children, pets and the environment.

Beautiful kitchens and baths design with carpet flooring. Just call us to book our services. For your reference we have provided a price calculator.


Carpet Stain Cleaning Tips. London Cleaners.

Aaronmeghan Apartmen Therapy. To start with - Best do not attempt to remove spots on your carpet using generic household detergents! They could harm your valuable carpet irrevocably.

Use clear cleaning products instead of colored liquids. The clear fluids give better results. And they are not going to leave a new spot with their own color.

Receptionist room law office interior design. Try to pick the stain as soon as possible after the accident happened. Work from the outer end toward the middle to avoid spreading.

A mild but effective cleanser is a mixture of one part white vinegar and one part carbonated water. Pat dry the wetness using white paper absorbent tissue or soft white cloth. For resistant spots cover the affected area with absorbent white paper towels or rag and place one or two weighty books on top. Leave for 24 hours to suck out the soilage.

These are our friendly suggestions to help your rugs stay clean longer:

  • Clean rugs frequently
  • Use mats or area rugs for high-traffic areas Home decor trends 2013 with grey carpet.
  • take care of spots as soon as possible after occurrence
  • Do not mix different cleaning products! They could react with each other and cause spotting of the rug
  • Clean clear wax from carpets and interior textiles by placing over them white paper and ironing with a very hot iron. Repeat with clean sheets until melted wax spots no longer appear.

After Party Cleaning in London

50s Elegance Kitchen Containing White clean Walls. Irrespective of how much fun the party was, eventually the end comes. And then the most unpleasant part of it comes - clean up after all guests.

We, Prolux, are professional cleaners and we understand the stress you have gone through organizing the event and to perfect every detail. Now it's finished and you are tired. The last thing on your mind is cleaning. Taking huge garbage bags out of the house at four o'clock in the morning is not on anybody's fun list.

Beautiful office chairs with wooden shelves. Our specialized after party cleaning crew has the manpower and the time to deal with any after party cleaning. Rest assured, we have catered after many social events during the years. Let us to clean the disorder! Use the time for yourself, do not waste it cleaning up garbage!

Gatherings might get wild every now and then. Our after party cleaning experts are trained to assess and advice clients about potential damages occurred and to suggest repair options. Any damages are regularly determined after the guests are gone. We are on your side no need to worry.

Dark Office space Carpet During Cleaning. We work according to your time. Our experts are available for booking in London during off business hours, weekends and holidays. They are extremely professional and considerate. Our employees work fast and their presence in your house is discreet.

Our Regular after Party Cleanup Package Consists of:

  • Bathrooms and rest areas cleaning - toilets, shower and sink, faucets, mirrors and other bathroom fixtures washed and polished
  • Kitchen - work surfaces cleaning, cupboards, shelves, and windows
  • Clean and polish all tile floors
  • Vacuum carpets and area rugs, mats, baseboards, and curtains
  • Tiding up gardens and terraces

Creativity christmas office cubicle decorating ideas. The full satisfaction of our customers is our top concern. We are committed not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them. We stand behind our work resolutely.

Trust our experience! We have done countless after party cleanings in London throughout the years.

Call us to schedule our professional after party cleaning. We are going to make your after party experience a breeze!

Professional Garage Cleaning Services in London

Interior paint colors schemes with carpet flooring. Garage is one quite often neglected place in many houses. Years were required to accumulate so much clutter there and the necessity for a comprehensive professional cleaning has deteriorated to become a chronic condition.

Our team, Prolux in London recognizes the significance of having your garage clean and organized. This is a laborious task. Big oil leakages; dirty grease spots on the floor call for a professional involvement.

Foldable cool home office desk. We, Prolux in London, are barely a a ring away. Get in touch with us and ask for our garage cleaning services. You don't have to worry about your put away items - we are going to take care of them all. Just get into your car and go for a ride. When you return home, you will see your garage clean and tidy.

End of tenancy after cleaning small kitchen. When you select Prolux in London, you get:

  • Free cleaning price quote
  • A team supervisor, who will be responsible for the ultimate quality of the work done
  • A comprehensive checklist is going to be given to the customer upon completion
  • All cleaning supplies and equipment needed are care of Prolux
  • 24/7 direct helpline for clients' questions
  • Fully insured and bonded workers
  • Reliable and responsible crews - all of our laborers have passed a background check.

Corner computer desk for small home office. For a free estimate simply contact us at 02033186387 or send us inquiry via our Internet site. We have posted a price calculator for quick reference.

The minimum booking time is 3 hours.

Coffee and Tea Spot Removal

Cleaning Tea and Coffee Stains

Stained carpet wall mattress before after cleaning. Tea and coffee consumption is an integral part of our life style. For many people their a morning cup of coffee or tea marks the start of the day. Here is the scoop - incidents happen. We are in a rush, kids, pets and what not - what was up to now in the cup ends up on the rug or on the upholstered furniture.

Comb down, you should be able get rid of this coffee or tea spot entirely by yourself, if if done the right way! You could use either a readily a available commercial stain cleansing agent or opt for one of the many tried methods of grandma.

Commercial Spot Cleaners

Lovely living room on the black rug. The cleaning isle in your grocery store is most likely loaded with a great deal of alternative spot removal products. Pick one, just read the care guidelines on the label carefully. Pre-treat the spotted area straightaway and follow the care gidelines.

Saturate the spot with the spot remover and let it work minimum 5 minutes. Wash all cleaning chemical to finish.


Decorating an office at work with carpet flooring. This is an potent treatment method for coffee or tea stains. Mix one teaspoon of vinegar to one quart cold water. Spray onto the stain and blot with clean white paper towels. It will loosen and clean the stain.

Baking Soda

Wet a clean rag with warm water. Spread a teaspoon of baking soda on to it and rub in the fabric. Wash well to finish.

Bright Gray Carpeted area After Cleaning. Never use spot removers containing chlorine on colored or fragile materials. At all times check care instructions for warning signs!

Keep in mind - the faster you act, the better are your chances for success!

At all times absorb the stain from the outer edges towards the center!

Try any spot removal product on a small invisible section first!

Grimy Stairs Rugs - Stages of Cleaning. No argument, the safest way to go is to have an expert cleaner clean incidental spots. We, Prolux, are one of the best cleaners in London. We can resolve all your cleaning needs unconditionally. Just call us at 07585905630 or send us an inquiry through our Internet site.

Upholstery Stain Removal London

At Prolux, we offer highest quality, full service upholstery cleaning. Our treatment systems clean all spots, grime and allergens without harming the original beauty of your upholstered pieces.

Stylish decorating ideas for home offices. Prolux offers you professional upholstery care and maintenance services, supreme results and wholesomeness guaranteed to last from our upholstery cleaning London squads.

Cleaning service based on knowledge and practice

We clean all materials and furniture types with confidence and attention to detail. We provide for your upholstered furniture the care it has need of.

Bathroom elegant bathroom design with rug and green wall decal art deco bathrooms design. Our skilled technicians approach all textiles with personalized attention. We expertly clean silk, wool, leather, microfiber, linen, cotton, and suede.

We treat full variety of all types of furnishings - couches, love seats, arm chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans, etc. We clean deep into the folds, crevices and under cushions of the furniture. We clean all spots, spills and allergens. We return back to you one refreshed and renewed piece of furniture.

Efficient cleaning techniques

Design for kitchen backsplash with carpet flooring. Our upholstery cleaning London teams utilize various cleaning methods for different situations. We offer steam-, shampoo-, dry-, and deep cleaning. We are going to perform the best cleaning option for your furniture. We safely eradicate locked in soilage, affixed dirt; microbes, and allergens.

A gentle, ecologically safe clean

At Prolux, we work with the highest quality non-toxic cleaning products. Our gentle yet potent cleaning agents no not harm the environment and set up a green vital tomorrow. Contact the upholstery cleaning London team at Prolux. We guarantee lasting cleanliness and freshness!

Living room photos with carpet fur. We clean spots from upholstery for living. For this reason we go as far as to extend a friendly advice to you - do not try to remove spots on the upholstered furniture yourself! You are likely to end up with a destroyed fabric or you could disperse the spot farther out. Allow us to take care of your upholstered furniture professionally for best results!

This is how we deal with your upholstery stains:

  • We always begin inspecting the fabric
  • We use scientifically based systems and cleaning solutions
  • We will pre-treat the stain before the main cleaning Wooden modern office desks with cool and unique shape.
  • We completely clean all spots on your upholstered furniture with the use of professional stain removal techniques. As always, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.
  • For best spot removal results use our professional service within 24-48 hours after the accident occurrence.
  • We make your life easier with our professional know how and skill!

Book Your Carpet Cleaning online to Get the Best Deal

Dark wooden modern italian bed on rug. Chances are many professional cleaners are operating in your locality. Only google "cleaning in … area" and your computer is going to give you back hundreds, if not thousands of matches. Each and every one of these entities are fighting for your business. You, as a consumer, have the huge benefit to research and get the best deals.

This is how to spot the best for your money:

  • You do not need to spend a fortune for having your carpets washed. Choose several names from the list that got your attention and look at their Internet sites. It is typical for organizations to show discounts and special promotions they offer on their first page. Reference them when you talk. Inquire if they could offer you extra discounts or if they have offers not yet announced on the site. Roche bois furniture carpets with the lines.
  • If you require to have a large area cleaned or somewhat of an unique situation, ask for a visit. An expert from the organization will come to inspect the premises and is going to prepare a quote for your cost. A decent cleaner will stick to this estimate and will guarantee a refund if you are not satisfied with the results.
  • Shop on line to get the best deal! Cleaning business is fiercely competitive and businesses try to advertise and promote services through as many venues as possible. The best and most detail oriented entities are through about their sites as they realize the Internet opens huge channels of communication. Do not just shop down the block for your local carpet cleaners. They might mislead you and ask to pay them a hefty sum, well off the charts. Sit in your chair instead, and check commercial cleaners who advertise their services on the Internet. Chances are these providers are more sophisticated and high-tech oriented. In all probability, they have devoted funds and effort for developing competitive techniques and methods and they stay abreast of new developments in the industry. Your work is finished when you hire their expertise.

Genuine leather couches reviews with ornamental plants. Good carpet cleaning does make a big difference for your rugs. It extends their useful life, refreshes, and disinfects them. Cleaning business is a buyers' market, you get to call the shots! At all times aim to get the best!

It is possible to have perfectly clean carpets now with trustworthy carpet cleaners like Prolux Cleaning in London at reasonable prices.

Trust our professionalism by contacting us.

Do not Get Burned When Hiring Professional Cleaning Help

Scandinavian style living room design with purple carpet. There are many scary stories in circulation when it comes to using professional cleaners. They vary from technical incompetence to disreputable practices in variations.

We have compiled the following short list with 6 key tips for you to avoid being burned when engaging a commercial rug cleaner.

  • Learn about with your carpet.

Any carpet manufacturer's website have a page describing plenty of information about their products and care instructions. You could learn about the endorsed ways for cleaning your rugs along with the recommended frequency of cleaning.

  • Obtain a referral from a friend or relative, from somebody who had already used the services.

This could provide you a valuable insight about the organization by a someone who has already tried the services. Hire an organization that you trust, a family owned one, or an organization that has stable employees engagements.

  • Ask for references.

Modern dining set on white rug in rustic room. If you can't get a company that has been recommended to you by someone, start making phone calls and ask the owner or the secretary for references.

  • Examine official credentials.

Ask for any certificates, professional affiliations, or memberships. This is going to help you keep away from technically unskilled and ethically deficient entities.

  • Don't shop for coupons.

Spotty Black and White Fabric Prior to Wiping. Quality carpet cleaning companies as a norm do not rely on coupons. Be willing to pay more for the work, as seldom the cheapest deal is the best. A good quality cleaner is going to clean your rug, without leaving grimy deposit or over-saturating your carpet. And, a good cleaning company can also solve additional problems such as pet smells, area rug cleaning, upholstery care and maintenance, tile and grout, natural stone maintenance, etc. Explain your needs in detail.

  • Ask for a 30 days guarantee on returning spots.

A good rug cleaning company is confident enough in their work that they will gladly promise to return for a free spot re-cleaning if any stains re-emerge within 30 days.

Pleasing Two Furnace Afterwards. If you follow these practice suggestions, we are confident you are going to be content that the money you paid was well worth it.

We, Prolux Commercial Cleaning Services London, offer high quality steam rug cleaning. We are completely insured and certified. Our employees are reliable and responsible. We fully guarantee our work.

We service London and the immediate surroundings of United Kingdom.

Call us to experience for yourself our commitment and dedication!

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