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Carpet Cleaning Services London
Carpet Cleaning Services London

Cleaning Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinets in London

Smart office studio with big mirror and white chairs. Kitchen needs a lot of time and exertion to keep clean and neat. This is the mess area of the family - food is prepared there using conventional and microwave ovens, grills, there are carving areas, where meat and produce is being cut, etc. Grease, spills and splatters from cooking, together with oily finger prints stick onto everything and soon the whole place wears the recent menus.

Storage solutions under staircase home office. Cabinets inside get quite dirty in their own right. We store foods, condiments, and seasonings inside and they get spilled. In a course of time soluble substances create sticky spots on the shelves, then bugs crawl in and rummage.

We, at Prolux take expert care of kitchens and fixtures. We start with choosing the highest grade kitchen cleaning products. We take into consideration the specific materials used for your cabinetry, doors, and frames - vinyl, metal, wood, etc. We select the optimal cleaning agents for your kitchen interior and cabinets.

Great how to decorate an office. We, at Prolux cleaning solutions take special care of all hardware in the kitchen as well. We will remove cabinet handles and door knobs and will clean them piece by piece. We will put them back where they belong after a through clean and polish.

Wooden Cabinetry

Wood protection spray products yield excellent results for wooden cabinets and shelves in the kitchen.

Waiting room design ideas 2012 paramount minimalist office design. When applying the sprays yourself keep in mind that many of these products are flammable. Never spray into an open fire and never use near heaters. To polish dull surface use wax - it is going to bring back the prior shine.

For high quality professional results book a cleaning with us. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and a cost estimate. For your convenience we have posted a price calculator on our site.

Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning London

Cleaning Tricks & Advices

Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning London would like to share several practical tips to aid you maintain your carpets, rugs, and upholstery clean and disinfected. We have included information about vacuum cleaners and how to pick the right one, guidance about how to remove with mold and mildew, carpetandupholstery care, and much more.

Modern home office furniture collections. Carpets, rugs and upholstery give chic, coziness, color palette and luxury to any house. To ensure a lasting splendor of your residence, take the time to clean and maintain your interior textiles.

Prevention has proven to be the best way to maintain things clean. Proper care and maintenance could save you time and funds and could prolong the lifespan of your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Innovative used office furniture orange county ca. Purchase a good quality front door mat: The tip of all tips - consider putting door mats and runners at all room doors. They are going to prompt people to clean their shoes and are going to keep off most of the street dirt away from your rugs. We suggest using these two pieces of floor coverings next to each other - one inside, the other outside the rooms. The runner should be between 6 to 12 feet long, with 10 to 12 feet being the best length. A coarse mat should be placed outside, at the entrance of the house residence. Its purpose is to retain larger dirt particles - select one woven from utility grade fibers.

All these floor pieces must be cleaned often or the dirt will take them over. When a mat gets overly saturated with dirt it cannot stop the dirt. Grip and grime begin to intrude the floors. Frequent cleaning the areas outside the house together with the entrance mats can control dust dispersion into the house. No matter how well-organized your protection is though, at all times some amount of dust is going make its way inside.

Living room rugs the round table. If you cause an accidental spill: Never rub a carpet stain in a rush, as this only is going to cause the spot to spread out and even set in permanently. Furthermore, rough handling could to weaken the fibers.

Stains not treated properly sometime reappear on the carpet's surface. You thought you've gotten rid of the stain, yet in a short while you see it gradually reappearing. To prevent this cover the spot with a clean white rag and weigh down with a heavy object to overnight. Clean as prescribed the next day.

Do not blow with a hair dryer or use a hot iron to dry a rug spot! The heat is going to set in the stain forever permanently on your rug.

Inspirational dark grey bedroom inspiration with red white rugs. Make sure your carpet is steam cleaned as often as required. To retain the appearance of your rug, have it cleaned by either a professional rug cleaning company or you do it yourself using a steam cleaning machine. As a rule of the thumb keep in mind that a thorough cleaning is going to be needed at the bare minimum twice per year.

Watch for spots and address them quickly to have your carpet clean. Try cleaning the stain first with water only - this will take care of many spills. If it doesn't yield the result you expect, expand your tries. You are going to find many products on the market designed for spot cleaning. These products vary in uses and work well when applied according to the manufacturer's instructions. Taking immediate action is crucial to avoid incidental spills from turning into resilient stains.

A clean carpet is a one that is taken care of. Take the time to vacuum regularly and do it the right way. Go over the rug in different directions to allow the vacuum to suck out as much grip as possible. A powerful vacuum is the best choice. Use it as directed by the manufacturer. Make sure dust bags are kept empty and air filters - are clean.

Lance armstrongs house with carpet flooring. Use the softest washing products feasible for your rug. Hold the use of harsher detergents for carpets with stubborn spots.

When using a cleaning product, read carefully the label and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Yet, to better utilize your time and funds - contact us!

Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning is going to deliver fast and efficient overhaul of your carpets. Our rates are sensible and affordable. For your convenience check our cost calculator or contact us.

How to Clean Red Wine Spots from Carpets and Upholstery

Red Wine Spot Removal Methods

The best paint colors with leather sofa. Visualize this: A glass of red wine unhurriedly drops on your beautiful carpet and splashes its content on it. Or it makes a stop on the couch before that. A slow motion instant of shock. Everybody's attention is concentrated onto to the carpet with the glowing red wine spot. Do not panic, is our advice, easier said than done.

How to Clean Wet Red Wine Stains

1960s Bedroom Soft furniture Maintaining Wall Lights. The household mixtures listed below are most effective on new wet red wine spots. Once the liquid evaporates, it is more challenging to remove. Water is always the best choice for reducing a red wine spot, but club soda or white wine can be used as substitutes in an emergency. Apply with a spray or by dripping over or pouring on the spot. Blot the stained area from the outer edges of the spotted area towards the center to preclude spreading. Try to pick up as much of the red wine as possible.

Household Red Wine Spots Cleaning

Office furniture for ultimate computer workstation. The following mixtures are most effective on cotton, polyester and blends. Textiles labeled "dry-clean only" must be taken to a professional cleaner as soon as possible. Amature attempts to eliminate the stain at home from water intolerant fabrics can result in a irreversible damage.

Removing Wine Spots with Hydrogen Peroxide and Soap

Apply hydrogen peroxide to the spot allowing a few minutes to soak in the fibers. With a spray canister bottle filled with one part water and one part carpet cleaner mist spray the stained area. Blot with a clean white cloth until the stain disappears.

Elimination Red Wine Spots With Water, Vinegar and Soap

Sweet contemporary home office furniture. Absorb the stain thoroughly with a clean white paper towel. Dissolve one tablespoon of hand dishwashing detergent with one tablespoon white vinegar and two cups lukewarm water.

Apply the water, vinegar and soap mixture to the spot with a white paper towel. Absorb the spot with a white cloth. Once the spot disappears, wash the area using a clean rag with cool water. At the end pat dry the spotted area with a dry paper towel.

White Wine Fighting Red Wine Spots

Contemporary black bedroom furniture with rug fur. When it comes to red wine spots eradication, white wine may save the day. White wine fights the red dyes and makes eliminating of the spot easier.

Simply pour a little bit of white wine on the red wine stained area and absorb with a porous cloth. Do not scrub or smear the stained rug as this will only drive the stain deeper. Treat any spot remains with a standard fabric or carpet spot remover of your choice.

Add a Grain of Salt to Your Red Wine Stain

Apply a heavy layer of salt over the red wine stain to preclude spreading and locking in. Pick-up the salt or vacuum when you are prepared to treat the spot. Do it quickly - the faster you salt, the better the chance of arresting the stain to spread out and setting in.

Dry Red Wine Stains Removal

Stairdcase Upholstery - Stages of Cleaning. Sometimes the red wine stain is faster than us - the liquid sets in before we really address the situation. Or, before we even notice it.

These spot removal methods work best for treating dry red wine stains. Just a caution that some red wine stains will never come out for many different reasons ever!

White Wine with Baking Soda to Fight Red Wine Spots

Soak the red wine stain with white wine or club soda. Next, cover the stain with a dense baking soda and water paste. Leave the baking soda on the spill for a few hours, keeping the paste moist. After the spill is gone rinse the fabric with tab water.

Stock Red Wine Stain Removers

Modern open shelving kitchen design with rug. If you are a red wine connoisseur or just clumsy, keep a bottle of readily available commercial red wine stain remover within reach. There are many quality products available on the supermarket's shelves. Do not allow accidents to take a toll on you!

More about Prolux

Cleaning Services from Prolux Cleaning in London

Cleaning services from Prolux Cleaning are performed by master grade professionals. We work quickly and courteously, assisting you to save time and money.

Foldable cool home office desk. Our goal is to deliver superior quality services as our customers need them and at rates they could afford. We are aware that you take pride in your house and office, and we are proud of the work we do to make it a cleaner, neater and more enjoyable living and working place.

Domestic Cleaning Services from Prolux Cleaning

Prolux is a reputable London based cleaning company. We count on our expertise in the cleaning business to get you happy and pleased. We deliver the best service possible with delight and dedication. We are poised to succeed and this is why we are the best. We count on our skills and expertise, as well as on the high grade machines and eco- safe products we use. The health and safety of our clients is our prime concern!

carpet cleaning staircase before after. Domestic and office cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, after party cleaning / after builders cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery, rugs, windows cleaning, etc. -all our services are delivered by specially expert London maids and janitors. You will get a free professional consultation around the clock with the information you request. This is our way of keeping you informed, familiar about our job and providing the well-deserved satisfaction to you. We work both on one time appointment or regular contract basis. You are going to have a cleaner you know and rely upon, and who knows your specific house and office cleaning needs and requirements.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Services - One-Off Cleaning, Spring Cleaning And After Builders Cleaning:

50s Kind Eating Running Cornices. Our expert crews use the newest equipment and cutting edge technology in order to bring your house or work place up to the best possible standards of cleanliness. Our clients' satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

Making an appointment with Prolux Cleaning is quick and easy. Receiving a free consultation and a no-obligation rate estimate is just a phone call away. Find our rates on our site. Get in touch with one of our courteous customer care associates to discuss your cleaning needs along with a written price estimate and appointment booking for the Prolux cleaning service London that suits you best.

Give us a call at 02033186387 now or use our Request a Cleaning Service form. This will be your first step towards a cleaner and more hygienic house and work place.

Restoration hardware leather chair with glass table. Do not miss to check our latest special offers and sale discounts.

Do not postpone to get in touch with our friendly customer care specialists at 07585905630 or request a cleaning service online.

We value your business!

Prolux Expert Carpet Cleaning London Recommendations

Buying a Carpet. Room by Room Guide

Bedroom Carpet

There is nothing like getting out of bed, stretching yourself with your feet dipped in the carpet's pushiness and luxury. Your bedroom is the the place where you can really spoil yourself - this is your personal space. You can be boldly self-indulgent, lavish, daring or chic, rigorously modernist; conservative or futurist - the choice is yours!

Wall decoration at doctors office. Carpets in bedrooms do not need to survive heavy traffic, so you can select a less sturdy variety and save money. If, for example, the carpet you selected is available in 2 weight grades, get the lighter option for your bedroom. If you prefer flokati rugs - try them in this low traffic area. May be not for bedrooms for young children though.

Bathroom Carpet

It is often assumed that carpets are not appropriate for a bathroom. This is not so, although a few cautions apply. The ideal bathroom carpet selection for your bathroom is of 100% synthetic fibers including the backing, particularly for homes with young kids. There is always a probability for the bathroom carpet to get drenched. Keep this in mind and avoid carpets if they are going to be wetted regularly!

Foyer Carpet

Cubicle how to decorate an office. First impressions matter. The hallway is prologue towards the house and its inhabitants. It takes plenty of tough traffic so your carpets there better be a heavy duty type. A wool mix is desirable for its durability. Choose pleasant designs - there is no reason why the hallway wouldn't look just as exciting as the rest of your home.

For the halls you truly want a high-quality carpet that is at least heavy domestic or best - super heavy domestic grade with the bare minimum 80% wool content. Design and color wise - make one great entrance! Don't be afraid of choosing an strikingly looking stair runner. Using the same carpet in the hall, stairs and landing helps form a feel of uniformity and unity.

Living Room Carpet

Gloss contemporary home office furniture. The living room, as the name implies, is regularly the 'hub' of each household. A hardy, heavy weight practical carpet is the best. Style wise, you have wide selection choice to choose from. Just a matter of taste, the difference between a twist pile and a velvet pile is only aesthetic. Any light colored rug visually makes the room look larger.

Dining Room Carpet

Rounded black and white carpet on white floor. The dining area is at all times the center piece of each dwelling and it is given the utmost attention by the interior decorators. Just a suggestion - natural loop pile carpets replicating the coir and sisal look are modern and elegant. Similarly, a traditional patterned carpet is highly practical and pleasing. Here look is acceptable to prevail over practicality - dining rooms are used for more formal gatherings, so you can afford to splurge a bit.

Carpet Cleaners Online Prices

Welcome to Prolux Carpet cleaning London!

We specialize in qualified janitorial services for residential, commercial and industrial cleaning. We cover all boroughs of United Kingdom.

Our workers are highly trained, skilled, and qualified. We are fully insured. We stand behind our quality unconditionally - our customers' satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Not by a coincidence Prolux Cleaning became trusted brand for lots of commercial and residential clients. All employees at Prolux Cleaning are dedicated to our work.

Basement bar carpet floor designs. Dust and lint locked in the carpets may provoke allergies as well as overall worsening of asthma symptoms. Your carpets need regular care and wash, best done by professional cleaners.

Prolux Cleaning employs qualified professional rug-and-carpet cleaning specialist. We provide superb services well above the industry's standards. We use the latest high tech carpet-and-rug cleaning machines. Our professionals remove dust and contaminants from deep inside your carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Method by Prolux in London

Hot water extraction method has proven to be the most effective way to wash rugs and carpets. This is not only our view; it is supported the by the large carpet manufacturers.

Cubicle contemporary home office furniture. Our portable hot water extraction tools for rug and carpet expert cleaning are one of the highest quality in operation in the entire London. We promise that three hours after your carpets and rugs have been cleaned by us, they will be clean, revitalized, scented, and completely dry.

Our carpet and rug cleaning specialists use only and the most efficient carpet cleaning machines manufactured by top names in the industry.

Carpet Cleaning London. Professional Services by Prolux:

Our Carpet Cleaning London Services include:

  • Allergens eradication - dust, pet fur, etc. 50s Individuality Kitchen Equipped with Hanging Light.
  • Environmentally safe cleaning - guards the health of your home.
  • Bacteria elimination - use of powerful decontaminators.
  • Better comfort - softer, better looking carpet.
  • Full stain elimination
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Our carpet specialists follow sophisticated cleaning procedures. We use only non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning products.

Let us bring your carpet back to it's earlier state! Joint the many pleased and content clients.

We, at Prolux cleaners safely and efficiently eradicate spots from your rugs.

Cool live work office divider. We have been operating for over 8 years in London. We are able to sanitize and restore all varieties of carpets, textile and leather upholstered furniture. Ever since we began work, our efforts have served numerous residential and commercial clients, like office parks, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and nursing homes, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, etc., in London. We can deal with any carpet - domestic or commercial grade alike, in any condition.

No job is too big or small for us - we have faith we can do any task, because our squads have all skills necessary - our professional cleaners are informed, qualified, experienced, motivated, and competent. Armed with all this, along with the proper machines and methods we are ready to get rid of any spot or soilage.

Entrance Professional - Cleaning Stages. A lot of our business comes from referrals. This is a proof of our commitment to deliver kind, competent and inexpensive services.

Carpet Cleaning in London. Professional Rug Cleaning London Services.

Prolux Cleaning Services is an emblem of utmost quality services at affordable rates. Modern minimalist home offices interior design ideas. We are gratified by the fact that we have forged long-term partnerships with many satisfied clients and we remain faithful to the same fundamental business rules.

Please note: There is a minimum charge of £50 (50 Pounds) per visit. You can combine services like carpet and curtains cleaning to add up or to exceed the minimum amount to get the best value.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

Parquet Floors Maintenance and Care in London

Parquets are quite liked floor coverings. They look nice and it is not so hard to mount them on the floor. They are a low maintenance hard floor option. Parquets are very much in place in more formal spaces - executive offices, conference rooms, etc. Parquets are not recommended for common areas, manufacturing halls, or workshops. Their use should be avoided in humid places as they easily bend. When selecting a parquet's grade, the anticipated daily traffic together the general load of the place need to be considered. For offices and commercial places stress resistant laminate of a heavier gauge is recommended.

Modern decorating your office at work. Irrespective of the style of parquet selected, it is agreed upon that good and proper maintenance protects and prolongs its useful life. Make certain at the time of installation that closures are sealed with care. Make certain the planks match well and all edges are firmly glued together. To inhibit marks, it is a good idea to put felt or rubber pads on the furniture, with special attention paid to office chairs. If chairs with wheels will be used, then try placing each chair on a large rubber mat.

Cool colors to paint a room with purple carpet. Cleaning and care of a laminate is rather easy - first, sweep the floor with a broom with soft bristles (non-metallic), or vacuum clean it to remove the larger abrasive particles. Second step - clean the surface with water and a small amount of a laminate floor cleaning product. The mixture should be applied using a mop (all puddles need to be entirely absorbed at the end!) Alternatively, there are spray products available - the laminate is sprayed on and shined with a damp mop.

Modern soft office with green wall interior and creative ideas office wooden furniture. We, Prolux London, are a well established professional cleaning service. We are highly proficient and skilled in hard floor clean and care. We have all the proper tools, able crews, know-how and the expertise to undertake this work fast and effectively, saving you the all the worry!

Mattress cleaning London

Deluxe leather sofa with wooden table in natural living room. We, at Prolux cleaning services in London are available to clean the mattresses in your home. We are going to give your beds care fit for kings and queens, you have our word!

Humans spend about a third of their lives in bed, therefore - on the mattress. A good portion of dead skin cells is collected there, which secures breeding grounds for dust mites. If you suffer from asthma, eczema, sore eyes, sinus pain, sneezing, or hay fever, or you are just concerned about your family's health - don't delay, book a mattress cleaning with us!

Elegant and cool inspiration of setup home office soho optimization. Many people vacuum clean their mattresses from time to time. Just vacuuming the mattress takes out the upper layer of dirt, leaving behind many of the allergens undisturbed.

We, at Prolux in London, will clean you mattress professionally. We extract nearly all organic material from your mattresses.

This is how are we going to clean your mattresses:

  1. We are going to spray all sides with a cleaning mixture and mechanically agitate the mattress to make sure any foreign matter is separated from the fibers. Brown leather directors office chair.
  2. We are going to treat any superficial spots and stains, to get your mattress look brand new again.
  3. We are going to steam clean your mattress to ensure all left over dander has come loose.
  4. To end we wash your mattress out with an enzyme-based pH balanced solution to extract all allergens.
  5. At the end your mattress is as soft and cozy as it was the day it was purchased.

Modern and stylish office cubicle design. Do not postpone - give us a call to arrange a visit for you mattresses. For price reference please take a look at our cost calculator.

Bad Rugs Odors Caused by Pets

Jeff lewis design wallpaper with black soft carpet. There have been many inquiries concerning pet spots and bad smells our customers asked us throughout the long time we have been in in this business in London. Sometime strange things happen to our carpets after a pet incident. For example, the stains would not get off and the disagreeable smell persists.

Q. Why do pet odors smell stronger in spring and summer than in the fall and winter?

A. Heat and moisture aggravate pet related odors in rugs. Alkaline salts coming from the body fluids stay stuck to the rug fibers long after the liquid has dried up. When exposed to high heat and humidity the alkaline salts absorb moisture which strengthens the odor.

Q. Why doesn't professional carpet cleaning take care of the issue?

End of tenancy after cleaning cupboards. A. Many professional carpet cleaners actually make the odor worse because the techniques they utilize do not eliminate the attached alkaline salt residue from the multi-layered surface of the rug.

Q. How could the pet odor be eliminated from the rug?

A. A complete removal of pet incident consequences is a several step process. The surface is merely the tip of the iceberg. Cushion, sub floor, dry-wall, base boards, wall studs and floor joists are likely to also be polluted. If all sections are not taken care of, the odor is likely to return irrespective of how much expert cleaning was done to the carpet's surface.

Q. Where is the break-even point - cleaning vs. carpet changing?

Find your paint color with carpet flooring. A. If the contamination affects more than one third of the carpet, changing may cost less than cleaning. If the contagion is kept to one or two small sections then rug cleaning is going to be less expensive.

Q. How do I determine the level of contamination of my rug?

A. To judge the level of contamination on-site inspection need to be done by a carpet specialist. He is going to inspect the surface with a high-intensity ultra-violet lamp and is going to survey the padding.

Q. Why is it significant to have an expert carpet cleaner to look at the backing?

A. What is seen on the surface is barely a small fraction of what actually is in the rug. The padding of a carpet consists of as much as the surface. When liquid leaks on the surface, gravity pulls it downwards and it infiltrates the back of the rug.

Industrial office interior design. As a general rule - the amount of deodorizing liquid needed has to equal the amount of contamination liquid to neutralize the smell. Using inadequate amount of cleaning agent is going to be ineffective. The odor truly is going to become worse compared with the initial contamination. If sub surfaces are not taken care of the smell is going to perspire back through the pile.

Call us, Prolux professional carpet cleaning company if you reside in London or close by to aid you determine the degree of contamination of your carpets. We are able to help you take care of pet stains and odors from your rugs. We stand behind our work and your satisfaction!

End of Tenancy Cleaning London Online Prices

Trix coffee table with brown carpet. Whether you are moving in or out from a lease property or you are selling your home our end of tenancy cleaning London is the best choice for you.

We, at Prolux Cleaning offer comprehensive pre/post tenancy cleaning in a day, bringing your property in it's best thinkable state.

Office conference with pillars effect. Our end-of-tenancy cleaning is done by tried-and-true mobile teams of cleaning experts exclusively trained to clean properties at lease end or before start of a new one. The crews are exclusively armed for the job with equipment and cleaning agents.

We know the meaning of having your home expertly cleaned and inspected. We are well acquainted with the inventory checkout lists. We have worked out an all-embracing checklist containing the regular items required by key London rental agencies. Our employees, laborers every time use this list to check out their work.

This is how we execute end of tenancy cleaning London:

Staircases and Hallways:

Genuine leather couches reviews with fur rug. We fully vacuum clean all stairs and halls. We clean all baseboard moldings, lights and all electric switches, all doors, pick up all spider webs from the ceilings, clean the inside and outside windows and window sills. We empty and clean the rubbish bins as a bonus service.


We get rid of the lime deposits from the ceramic tiles. The toilet is scrubbed meticulously inside and out. The washbasin is cleaned along with the bathtub and the shower cabin. Inside windows and mirrors are polished as well.


Unique home decorating your office at work. We vacuum the whole room. We do all skirting boards, lights and light switches. We pick up all cob webs from the ceilings. We wipe off interior windows and window sills. All waste baskets are emptied and cleaned as well.

Living Room:

We vacuum the room, wipe off all skirting boards, lamps and light switches. We wipe off all shelves; clean cob webs from all ceilings, wash interior windows and window sills. All waste baskets are emptied, cleaned and the waste is taken out.


Apartment living rooms ideas with carpet flooring. We scrub the stove top and extractor fan, wipe off the microwave inside and outside, refrigerator, freezer, dish washing and washing machines - interior and exterior, along with the soap dispenser. We wipe off all kitchen cupboards - interior and exterior. We clean all doors. We remove crumbs and clean small countertop appliances such as toaster, kettle, etc. We wipe off all work surfaces, clean with a vacuum and mop the floor. We wash interior windows and sills. All garbage is taken out and the trash can is washed

Prolux offers move in cleaning service for people coming to London. Also, we are able to clean and maintain your apartment while you are away for an extended period of time. This will give you a piece of mind while you are away.

Dining room chairs with casters with carpet flooring. Book this service with us - your home will be expertly cleaned with utmost care and attention to details. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed- we stand behind the quality of our services resolutely.

Note: Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and curtains steam cleaning are not included in the end-of-tenancy service. They could be added upon request.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

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