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Carpet Rug Cleaning London
Carpet Rug Cleaning London


Mattress cleaning London

Living room rugs with wall lamp. We, at Prolux cleaning services in London extend a proposal to clean all mattresses in your residence. We are going to give your beds one true royal treatment, you have our promise!

Humans spend about a third of their lives in bed, therefore - on the mattress. A good portion of dead skin cells is deposited there, which secures fertile grounds for dust mites. If you suffer from asthma, eczema, sore eyes, sinus pain, sneezing, or hay fever, or you care enough about your family's health - do not delay, book a mattress cleaning with us!

Ballard designs with carpet flooring. Many people vacuum clean their mattresses from time to time. Just vacuuming the mattress takes out the upper layer of dirt, leaving behind many of the allergens undisturbed.

We, at Prolux in London, are going to clean you mattress with great care. We extract nearly all organic accumulations from your mattresses.

This is how are we going to clean your mattresses:

  1. We will spray all sides with a cleaning solution and mechanically shake the mattress to make sure all foreign matter is separated from the fibers. End of tenancy after cleaning wooden kitchen.
  2. We will remove any surface spots and stains, to make your mattress look just like new again.
  3. We are going to steam clean your mattress to ensure any remaining dander is loosened.
  4. To finish we rinse your mattress out with an enzyme-based pH balanced solution to extract all allergens.
  5. At the end your mattress is as soft and comfortable as it was the day it was purchased.

Ashley furniture desk home office furniture. Do not delay - contact us to schedule a visit for you mattresses. For price reference please check our cost calculator.

Are Your Rugs Only Clean or They Are Healthy Clean?

Greenville used home office furniture orange county ca. House cleanliness is a very subjective issue. People differ in their perceptions and concerns about hygiene.

Let's talk about your carpets - do you want them clean or you must have them both clean and healthy? Certain types of carpet cleaning will make your carpets appear clean, but only a deep cleaning is able to remove the dust, microbes, and odors present just below the surface.

Vacuuming whisks away surface dirt and boost their appearance, but what is the most dangerous to your health and the health of your family is what remains invisible to the naked eye. It is lurking deep within the fibers of your carpet.

While professional carpet cleaning may appear to be more expensive compared to the routine vacuum cleaning, it ensures the health and safety of your family. Continue to vacuum your floors regularly, it pays back! The next big step is routine steam cleaning for your carpets.

How to design wall organizers home office with nice wall. Steam carpet cleaning is not needed as often as vacuuming, however it is needed to keep your carpets stay healthy. In addition, a routine carpet cleaning reaching deep below the surface helps to bring life to the carpet, coziness to any room of the home, and inhibits undue wear and tear. This is where the big time money savings come in. If you could put off changing your carpets for many years to come, wouldn't the combined costs of professional cleaning services be worth it?

There are various methods professional carpet cleaners use, however steam cleaning system is one of the best cleaning techniques for your entire home. It ensures that all germs and bacteria are removed. It is done with commercial grade machines and highly potent detergents.

Keeping carpets clean is also beneficial for individuals suffering from allergies and asthma, as the steam professional carpet cleaning removes many of the allergens hidden in the weave. Keeping your carpets clean is even more compelling when there are youngsters in the household.

Small studio apartment with carpet flooring. Having your carpets cleaned by us, Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning Services London, your rugs will not only look clean, they are going to be clean. We, Prolux London use the most efficient methods to entirely eradicate dirt, bacteria, and bad smells in your hose.

Proluxhas been servicing in London for a long time. Join the horde of many happy satisfied customers who have their rugs taken care of by us!

End of Tenancy Cleaners Online Quote

Best soft leather directors chair. Whether you are moving in or out from a lease property or you are selling your home our end of tenancy cleaning London is the best choice for you.

We, at Prolux Cleaning offer deep pre/post tenancy cleaning in a day, returning your house in it's best thinkable state.

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning is done by dependable moveable groups of cleaning experts fully trained to clean properties at lease end or before beginning of a new one. The crews are exclusively armed for the job with tools and cleaning solutions.

With bookshelves on wall carpet floor. We realize the importance of having your real estate expertly cleaned and checked. We are well used to the inventory checkout lists. We have developed an all-embracing checklist reflecting the standard, ordinary items required by large London rental agencies. Our workers every time use this paper to check out their performance.

This is what we do when we carry out end of tenancy cleaning London:

Staircases and Hallways:

Cad workstation furniture with rug floor. We completely clean with a vacuum all stairs and halls. We wipe off the skirting boards, lampshades and all light switches, the doors, pick up all spider webs from the ceilings, wash all inside and outside windows and window sills. We remove the trash as a complimentary service.


Stairways carpet cleaning before after. We get rid of the lime deposits from the ceramic tiles. The toilet is scrubbed thoroughly on all sides. The washbasin is cleaned together with the bathtub and the shower cabin. Interior windows and mirrors are polished as well.


We clean with a vacuum the whole room. We wipe off all baseboards moldings, light fixtures and electric switches. We clean all spider webs from the ceilings. We clean interior windows and window sills. All waste baskets are emptied and cleaned as well.

Living Room:

Designing room styles for girls with white carpet. We vacuum the room, wipe off all skirting boards, lights and electric switches. We wipe off all shelves; clean spider webs from all ceilings, wash interior windows and window sills. All waste baskets are emptied, cleaned and the waste is taken out.


We clean the stove top and extractor fan, wipe off the microwave interior and exterior, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and washing machines - interior and exterior, together with the soap dispenser. We wipe off all kitchen cupboards - interior and exterior. We clean all doors. We remove crumbs and clean small countertop appliances such as toaster, kettle, etc. We disinfect all work surfaces, vacuum and mop the floor. We clean interior windows and sills. All garbage is taken out and the trash can is washed

Prolux offers move in cleaning service for newcomers to London. Also, we could clean and maintain your home while you are away for an extended period of time. This will provide a piece of mind while you are away.

Coolest bedroom wall idea with purple carpet. Book this service with us - your home will be thoroughly cleaned with special consideration and attention to details. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed- we stand behind the excellence of our services resolutely.

Note: Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and curtains steam cleaning are not included in the end-of-tenancy service. They could be added upon request.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

New!!! Local Cleaning Crews in London.

Modern leather rocking chair with drapery design. Prolux stationed in London is a registred and insured professional cleaner. Our crews are dedicated to deliver the highest quality services in your area.

Prolux, offers the most dependable janitorial work in the instant area. Our prices are affordable for most budgets. Our squads service all boroughs in United Kingdom for carpet, upholstery, rug, hard floor, end-of-tenancy, one-off, office, after party, after builders, windows cleaning services for domestic and commercial customers alike.

Beige carpet steam cleaning process. We have long years of experience servicing London. We are proud of our work and we know what is required to do things the right way. Our cleaning methods are tried and safe - we use environmentally friendly products and top notch equipment. The hygiene we deliver is what you need at your home or office.

Innovative home office cabinet design. We, Prolux, in London offer a full range of cleaning services at reasonable rates, done by our by qualified professionals. Check our price calculator for quick reference.

Upholstery Spot Removal London

At Prolux, we offer supreme quality, full service upholstery cleaning. Our treatment method eliminate all stains, grime and allergens without damaging the original look of your living room set.

Organizing your bedroom ideas with purple carpet. Prolux offers you professional upholstery care and maintenance services, superior results and wholesomeness guaranteed to last from our upholstery cleaning London squads.

Cleaning service founded on understanding and practice

We clean all materials and furniture types with confidence and attention to detail. We provide your upholstered furniture the care it has need of.

Smooth inexpensive rugs. Our trained technicians treat all fabrics with individual care. We professionally clean silk, wool, leather, microfiber, linen, cotton, and suede.

We treat all types of furnishings - couches, love seats, arm chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans, etc. We reach deep into the folds, crannies and between cushions of the furniture. We eliminate all spots, dust and allergens. We return back to you a crisp clean looking piece.

Efficient cleaning techniques

Designing the office floor plans with lamp lighting. Our upholstery cleaning London groups use various cleaning methods for specific situations. We offer steam-, shampoo-, dry-, and deep cleaning. We are going to choose the best cleaning alternatives for your upholstered furniture. We completely eradicate set in stains, embedded dirt; germs, and allergens.

A gentle, eco-friendly clean

At Prolux, we work with the best safe cleansing products. Our gentle yet efficient cleaning agents no not harm the environment and gear up a green vital tomorrow. Call the upholstery cleaning London team at Prolux. We guarantee long-lasting cleanliness and freshness!

Classic well designed deluxe living room bold area rug orange sofa. We remove stains from upholstery for living. For this reason we go as far as to extend a friendly advice to you - do not try to clean stains on your upholstered furniture yourself! You can end up with a damaged fabric or you can disperse the spot farther out. Allow us to take care of your soft furniture professionally for best results!

This is how we deal with your upholstery condition:

  • We always start with inspecting the material
  • We utilize scientifically based systems and cleaning agents
  • We are going to pre-treat the spot prior to the main cleaning Modern home office chairs with carpets and curtains purple color.
  • We completely get rid of the stains on your upholstered furniture with the help of professional stain removal techniques. As always, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.
  • For best stain elimination results use our professional services within 24-48 hours of the stain occurrence.
  • We make your life easier with our professional know how and experience!

Domestic Cleaning Services in London

White good waiting room design ideas for office. With us, Prolux you see clean brought up to a new height. Our attention to details and unparalleled quality has elevated our company name among the most reputable cleaners in London.

How to design wall organizers home office with the kitten. We, Prolux, take exceptional care of our residential clientele. Our workers are extremely well trained. They are well-mannered, dependable and respectful of our clients' needs and necessities. All of our workers have gone through complete background check.

Prolux provides London residents outstanding quality janitorial services. Our devotion to excellence and uncompromising business ethics has earned us the merited status as London's premier cleaning service. Our rates are affordable and our customers' satisfaction is completely guaranteed. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Wonderful home decorating your office at work. We stay abreast of the latest ideas and developments in the cleaning industry. We use only the highest grade professional cleaning machines available. We clean with ecologically safe cleaning agents. We never use toxic and harmful chemicals. We care about the health and the safety of your home.

We are flexible and work around schedule to entirely accommodate your requirements. We could come to your residence early in the morning or later in the afternoon, during the weekends and days off.

How to Keep Your Carpet In Its Best Shape For A Long Time

Treadmill computer workstation with rug flooring. You have chosen the most radiant carpet in the store and you want it to stay beautiful and fresh for a long time. Frequent and proper maintenance is required to preserve your rug appearing at its best. Haphazard cleanings performed on the spur of the moment would only speed up the aging of your rugs. Heavily soiled carpets need harsher cleansing agents and more aggressive chemicals attack the weave and dyes.

First, ensure rugs are well mounted and secured to the floor. Proper setting up warranties good look and ease of care.

Regular Carpet Care

Modern interior home office functional design. Vacuum clean rugs frequently. every day cleaning makes sure that dirt is sucked out from the surface before they penetrate deep into the pile and smudge the surface.

Wash your rugs often. Engaging a commercial cleaning company to do this task will most probably yield the highest quality results. Professionals use powerful machines and potent detergents. In addition, they are skilled and well trained.

However, if you are planning on washing your carpets yourself, be aware of the two most common mistakes in steam cleaning- oversaturation with water and leaving detergent residue on the rug. The first could warp or shrink the carpet, the later - to give the rug a polluted dull look.

Living room sets leather orange sofa design. For carpets with locked-in dust dry cleaning with granules is a better cleaning option. Granules are sprinkled on the surface, worked in and then removed with a strong vacuum cleaner.

A new cleaning method calls for treating rugs with vaporized water heated up to about 2400 F and no cleaning products. This method is most appropriate for fairly clean or newly installed carpets. It refreshes the carpet and removes unpleasant smells.

Spot Elimination

stains occur on rugs even in the houses of the best families. We must accept their unavoidability and somehow to find a way to resolve the situation.

Green decorating your office at work. First rule is - act fast! Blot the stain as fast as possible working from the edges towards the middle with a clean white cloth.

Do not rush to test different stain cleaning chemicals available to you at the moment. Not all spot removers are appropriate for every spot. Wrong chemicals may react with the stain and lock it in. Or, they could damage the material irreparably. Your best bet is calling an expert cleaning service to deal with it. At all times tell the cleaner about the methods and the chemicals you've applied up to this point in an attempt to get rid of the stain.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning Services London

If you have checked already our Internet site, then you have found the best cleaning service in London!

Office layout drawing floor plans online free. We, Prolux cleaners in London are standing by to help you keep your carpets at their best. We perform a full range of commercial and residential services for offices, retail stores, industrial facilities, houses, or flats providing quick and efficient cleaning solutions for your needs.

Our expert crews are exceptionally well trained. They work with professional grade extraction equipment for full dirt and dust elimination from your carpets. We realize the significance of living in sanitized quarters. We have made our job to completely purify the homes and offices of customers using gentle yet effective agents and efficient equipment. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions take good care of you, your families and your pets. Our janitorial crews do extraordinary work with the best cleaning products and equipment money can buy. Sharp chic leather furniture for living room.

Our London teams are ready to remove all deep nested dirt in your favorite carpet. Irrespective if you live in a house or in an apartment, your carpets need refreshment and deep cleaning done in a professional way often.

Living room rugs with glass table. Our experts at Prolux do not skip steps - they will check your carpet before commencing work to define what professional method is best to use. Dry cleaning is best for delicate carpets with unstable color dyes. Deep cleaning and steam cleaning are hot water extraction techniques, used for washing the majority carpet varieties. We are able to eliminate stains of any kind. We can fully get rid of bacteria and foul odor.

All tools and cleaning solutions we work with are manufactured by leading names in the cleaning industry. All our procedures are gentle and safe for your children, pets and the environment.

Minimalist and extravagant loft office minimalist. Just call us to book our services. For your convenience we have posted a price calculator.


Wooden Floor Cleaners London

If you would like your hard floors to look like new ones, Prolux Cleaning is the sole name you should know. Irrespective of what type of hard floor is fixed in your home - wood, vinyl, slate, tile, marble, etc., our local qualified people can completely restore and preserve its original gloss.

Cozy home office design by hulsta. Prolux is the best cleaning solution for your office, hotel, restaurant, or entertainment establishment. We maintain also hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. The results of our work are always immaculate and all tasks are performed with meticulousness. We work with the newest cleaning equipment available and environmentally safe detergents to reinstate your hard floors beauty and shine. We polish hard floors very well!

We offer subscription plans for regular cleaning of your place - this way you secure regular maintenance along with our discount rates.

Creative jm elegance leather dining. You can also contact us online by sending us an inquiry. For quick price reference please check our price calculator.

Prolux Cleaners do all of these:

  • Clean and restore any types of hard floors - wood, vinyl, marble, slate, terracotta, granite, terrazzo or linoleum;
  • Renew your hard floors look in just one visit;
  • Provide the most reasonably priced services for commercial cleaning in London;
  • Professional and highly reliable services 7 days a week;
  • Seal and polish any hard floor;
  • We have HOT NEW PRICES!

Interior decorating ideas for living rooms with black carpet. Prolux uses only eco- friendly products to ensure smooth and glossy floor look with surfaces.

Our "State Of The Art" Professional Cleaning Tooling in London.

Pretty living room colors with cool carpet decor. We use a fleet of machines ranked in accordance with the type, size and use of the place maintained. Let's get into some specifics about what we work with and how we work with it:


Pin office space design of creative studio raw house ideas. The most frequently asked questions about the vacuum cleaner concern the filter. It is important, of course. However, to summarize the whole issue - filters come in different shapes, sizes, and materials (some are made of polyester, others - of coated paper and so on), yet they all serve the same purpose - to trap dust. Irrespective of their design, it is of ultimate importance that they are changed frequently on each machine. We, Prolux in London do this on a daily basis, because of the heavy load imposed on our machines.

We utilize professional gauge vacuum cleaners for cleaning of highly polluted places - workshops or industrial facilities, for example. These machines are made with oversized dust containers and heavy duty motors to withstand the load.

Murrey best office interior design by placing desks in rows. Machine Cleaning of Hardwood Floors, Terracotta Tiles, Formica, PVC, Wood Parquet, Laminate, Polished Concrete, Marble, Granite, And Other Floor Styles.

Our customers know - their floors are being given the best care by the specialists working for Prolux in London. We clean hard floors with a single disk polishing machine. It is equipped with a set of polishing pads, mops, and brushes used in accordance with the type of floor material.


Mops are used for application of various emulsions and chemicals to the already cleaned floor. These final touches protect the floor surface and simplify its maintenance.

Floor Polishing

Cool top floor rugs. Polishing consists of application of a thin layer of protective material over the floor surface. This adds the gloss, anti-skid, and anti-static properties of the floor material. It is highly recommended for laminate, non-polished formica and terracotta, and PVC floors as well.

Impregnation (Sealing)

This procedure is a must for concrete, marble, limestone, mosaic, and other similar floors. The purpose of sealing a surface is to stop absorption of fluids. The impregnating solution is applied after the floor has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. A second coating may be needed.

We, Prolux London always perform due diligence - each customer is informed about the expected outcome of the procedure, any additional operations that may be needed before or after, along with any conceivable complications.

Wall Cleaning

Modern home office chairs mintytwister. Many customers ask how to clean walls as time and use take their toll on the nice clean paint or other finish. We, Prolux in London are qualified and able to revive your walls. This is how we work with:

Latex painted walls and ceilings - these walls need to be vacuum cleaned initially. Spot treatment should be done only by a professional cleaner for best results.

Water-resistant coated walls and ceilings - these walls and ceilings are quite easy to clean with mild detergents, disinfectants and professional chemicals. You can count on us, Prolux London for this and all your cleaning needs always.

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