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Clean a Wool Rug
Clean a Wool Rug

Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning London Advice

Buying a Carpet. Room by Room Guide

Bedroom Carpet

There is nothing like getting out of bed, stretching yourself with your feet dipped in the carpet's pushiness and luxury. Your bedroom is the the place where you can completely pamper yourself - this is your own space. You can be brazenly self-indulgent, luxurious, brave or classy, rigorously modernist; classic or futurist - the choice is yours!

Stainless Crisp Area Afterwards. Carpets in bedrooms do not need to endure heavy traffic, so you can select a lower grade option and save money. Should, for example, the carpet you like comes in 2 weight grades, choose the lower grade variety for your bedroom. If you always liked flokati rugs - try them in this low traffic area. May be not for bedrooms for young kids though.

Bathroom Carpet

It is a common misconception that carpets are not suitable for a bathroom. This is not true, although a few cautions apply. The best bathroom carpet selection for your bathroom is of 100% synthetic yarns including the backing, particularly for households with young children. There is always a probability for the bathroom carpet to get drenched. Consider this and avoid rugs if they are going to get wet on a regular basis!

Foyer Carpet

Decorating an office at work with window curtain. First impressions count. The entrance is prelude towards the residence and its inhabitants. It takes a lot of heavy traffic so your rugs there are recommended to be a heavy duty type. A wool mix is preferred for its resilience. Choose pleasant patterns - there is no reason why the hallway wouldn't look just as trilling as the other rooms of your residence.

For the stairs and landing you truly will do better with a good quality carpet that is at least heavy domestic or best - extra heavy domestic grade with the bare minimum 80% wool content. Design and color wise - make the magnificent foyer! Do consider an attractive stair runner. Placing the same carpet in the hall, stairs and landing helps form a feel of uniformity and harmony.

Living Room Carpet

Lovely minimalist cream living room with grey rugs. The living room, as the name indicates, is regularly the 'hub' of a house. A tough, heavy gauge practical carpet is the best. Style wise, you have wide selection choice to select from. Just a matter of taste, the difference between a twist pile and a velvet pile is solely aesthetic. Any light colored carpet visually makes the room appear bigger.

Dining Room Carpet

Latest contemporary home office furniture. The formal dining area is always the center piece of each residence and it is given the most attention by the interior decorators. Just a quick interior decorating tip - natural loop pile carpets reproducing the coir and sisal look appear contemporary and chic. Similarly, a traditional patterned carpet is highly practical and pleasing. Here look may overshadow practicality - dining rooms are kept for more official affairs, so you can let yourself to splurge a bit.

Cleaning Before Party in London

Minimalist small meeting room office ideas. Count on us, Prolux in London for cleaning before each special party!

We, Prolux, are a well-established commercial cleaning company covering London. One of services in demand is a pre- event cleaning. We have catered at countless big and small social gatherings to deliver the best experience for all guests and hosts alike.

New office room design ideas. Picking Prolux squad signifies customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our organization covers trade shows, private gatherings indoor and outdoor parties, theatrical happenings, symposia, weddings, etc. Prolux is your most trustworthy service provider for the janitorial needs for your significant event. Business managers and private individuals have grown to rely on Prolux due to our promise to quality and our unsurpassed attention to detail.

Office room apartment design by christopher polly architect. call us today, at to book our services!

This is what we cover in our pre- party package:

  • Through vacuum cleaning of all carpeted areas
  • Sweep and mop all tiled floors
  • Dust off all horizontal countertops
  • Removing floor garbage before, during, and after the party
  • Empting all waste baskets at the time of the event and taking out the trash
  • Spot clean unintended spills
  • Managing the restrooms during the event
  • Maintain buffet tables

Inspiring desks for home office at corner with white painted of teak material. We can add or remove services to the list based on your precise needs. Give us a call now to talk about your specific event! Send us an inquiry through our site - one of our experts are going to be in touch with you shortly.

Our business hours are around your schedule - we work seven days per week, we are available early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Unpleasant Rugs Odors Caused by Pets

Mansour modern rugs with decorative lighting. There were many questions regarding pet spots and bad odors our clients asked us during the long time we have been in in this business in London. Sometime inexplicable things happen to our carpets after a pet incident. For instance, the spots would not come out and the disagreeable smell persists.

Q. Why do pet odors smell stronger in spring and summer compared to the fall and winter?

A. Heat and moisture amplify pet odors in rugs. Alkaline salts coming from the bodily fluids remain attached to the rug pile once the liquid has evaporated. When in contact with high temperature and moisture the alkaline salts absorb moisture which activates the smell.

Q. Why doesn't commercial carpet cleaning take care of the issue?

Dining room paint colors design carpets. A. Many commercial carpet cleaners actually make the odor worse because the methods they use do not remove the attached alkaline salt residue from the multi-layered surface of the carpet.

Q. How could the pet odor be removed from the rug?

A. A complete elimination of pet accident effects is a several step process. The surface is only the tip of the iceberg. Cushion, sub floor, dry-wall, base boards, wall studs and floor joists could also be contaminated. If all parts are not cleaned, the odor is likely to come back irrespective of how much expert cleaning was done to the carpet's top layer.

Q. Where is the break-even point - deodorize vs. carpet changing?

Kontemporary industrial office interior design ideas. A. If the contamination affects more than one third of the carpeted area, replacement could cost less than deodorization. If the contagion is kept to one or two small areas then carpet cleaning is going to be less expensive.

Q. How do I determine the degree of damage of my rug?

A. To judge the degree of damage on-site check must be performed by a carpet expert. He will inspect the surface with a high-intensity ultra-violet lamp and will survey the backing.

Q. Why is it important to have a professional carpet cleaner to check the backing?

Modern office computer furniture for modern room. A. What is visible on the surface is barely a tiny fraction of what in fact is in the rug. The padding of a carpet consists of as much as the surface. When liquid falls on the surface, gravity sucks it downwards and it spreads out in the back of the rug.

As a general rule - the amount of deodorizing liquid needed has to equal the amount of contamination liquid to counteract the odor. Using insufficient cleaning agent is going to be ineffective. The odor really will become worse compared with the original contamination. If sub surfaces are not addressed the stench is going to breathe back through the rug.

Call us, Prolux professional carpet cleaning company if you reside in London or nearby to assist you determine the level of contamination of your rugs. We are capable to help you remove pet stains and smells from your rugs. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction!

Professional Garage Cleaning Services in London

Restoration hardware leather chair with gray carpet. Garage is perhaps the most often ignored place in many homes. It took years to accumulate so much clutter there and the need for one good professional cleaning has evolved into a chronic condition.

Our organization, Prolux in London recognizes the importance of having your garage clean and organized. It is a time and labor consuming task. Big oil leakages; dirty grease stains on the floor necessitate a professional involvement.

Hard floor 1. We, Prolux in London, are barely a phone call away. Contact us and request our garage cleanup service. You do not need to worry about your put away things - we will take care of them all. Just start your vehicle and go for a ride. When you get back home, you will find your garage organized and tidy.

Small living room designs and ideas with round carpet. When you pick Prolux in London, you get:

  • Free cleaning price estimate
  • A team manager, who will be responsible for the ultimate quality of the work done
  • A detailed checklist is going to be presented to the customer at the time of finish
  • All cleaning detergents and equipment needed are provided by Prolux
  • 24/7 direct helpline for customers' issues
  • Fully insured and bonded employees
  • Dependable and trustworthy squads - all of our people have passed a background check.

Restoration hardware leather chair with white carpet. For a free quote simply contact us at 02033186387 or send us a message via our Internet site. We have published a price calculator for quick reference.

Our minimum booking time is 3 hours.

London End of Tenancy Cleaning Online Reviews

Sharp monte carlo black leatherette spacious bed crystals. Whether you are moving in or out from a lease property or you are selling your house our end of tenancy cleaning London is the best choice for you.

We, at Prolux Cleaning offer deep pre/post tenancy cleaning in a day, delivering your house in it's finest possible condition.

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning is done by tried mobile squads of cleaning experts fully trained to clean properties at lease end or before beginning of a new one. The teams are fully equipped for the job with equipment and cleaning agents.

White home office design for small space with simple work desk and wheeled drawer. We know the meaning of having your house expertly cleaned and inspected. We are well acquainted with the inventory checkout lists. We have worked out an all-embracing checklist reflecting the regular items required by large London rental agencies. Our employees, laborers at all times use this document to check out their work.

This is how we carry out end of tenancy cleaning London:

Staircases and Hallways:

Formal living room furniture leather sofa. We fully clean with a vacuum all staircases and hallways. We wipe off the skirting boards, light fixtures and all light switches, the doors, clean all spider webs from the ceilings, clean the inside and outside windows and window sills. We remove the trash as a complimentary service.


Leather living room furniture with ornamental crops. We eliminate all lime scale from the ceramic tiles. The toilet is scrubbed meticulously on all sides. The sink is cleaned together with the bathtub and the shower stall. Inside windows and mirrors are polished as well.


We vacuum clean the whole room. We do all baseboards moldings, lights and light switches. We clean the cob webs from the ceilings. We clean inside windows and window sills. All waste baskets are emptied and cleaned as well.

Living Room:

50s Style Kitchen To Hanging Light. We clean with a vacuum the room, wipe off all baseboard moldings, lamps and electric switches. We dust off the shelves; clean cob webs from all ceilings, clean interior windows and window sills. All waste baskets are emptied, cleaned and the waste is taken out.


We clean the stove top and extractor fan, clean the microwave interior and exterior, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and laundry machines - inside and out, together with the soap dispenser. We dust off all kitchen cupboards - interior and exterior. We clean all doors. We remove crumbs and clean small countertop appliances such as toaster, kettle, etc. We wipe off all work surfaces, clean with a vacuum and mop the floor. We clean inside windows and sills. All garbage is taken out and the trash can is washed

Prolux offers move in cleaning service for people relocating to London. Also, we are able to clean and maintain your apartment while you are away for an extended period of time. This is going to give you a piece of mind while you are away.

Modern living room leather sofa sets with unique glass table. Book this service with us - your house, living quarters will be expertly cleaned with remarkable care and attention to details. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed- we stand behind the excellence of our services resolutely.

Note: Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and curtains steam cleaning are not included in the end-of-tenancy service. They could be added upon request.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

Cleaning Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinets in London

Choose interior paint colors with brown carpet. Kitchen takes a lot of time and effort to keep clean and neat. This is the mess area of the family - food is prepared here using conventional and microwave ovens, grills, there are carving areas, where meat and produce is being cut, etc. Grease, spills and splatters from cooking, together with oily finger prints stick onto everything and soon the whole place wears the recent menus.

Modern office interior design with hanging lamp. Cabinets inside get quite dirty in their own right. We store foods, condiments, and seasonings inside and they get spilled. In a course of time soluble substances form sticky spots on the shelves, then bugs crawl in and rummage.

We, at Prolux take expert care of kitchens and fixtures. We start with choosing the top notch quality kitchen cleaning products. We take into consideration the specific materials used for your cabinetry, doors, and frames - vinyl, metal, wood, etc. We choose the optimal cleansing solutions for your kitchen interior and cabinets.

Leather living room furniture with decorative lighting. We, at Prolux cleaning solutions take special care of all hardware in the kitchen as well. We will remove cabinet handles and door knobs and are going to clean them separately. We are going to mount them back where they belong after a through clean and polish.

Wooden Cabinetry

Wood protection spray products work very well for wooden cabinets and shelves in the kitchen.

Fantastic bathroom rugs. When polishing the cabinets yourself keep in mind that most of these products are flammable. Never spray into an open fire and never use near heaters. To restore dull surface use wax - it is going to bring back the prior shine.

For best quality professional results book a cleaning with us. Give us a call today for a free consultation and a price quotation. For your convenience we have posted a price calculator on our site.

Secrets for Carpet Cleaning Success by London Cleaners

Cozy simple home office interior design ideas. OK, you are completely certain about your carpet cleaning talents. You are equipped with a high quality rug shampooer and the most expensive detergent you found on the shelves in your local supermarket. You work very hard for several hours, however your rugs refuse to cooperate. They simply do not yield a bit- the ugly soiled surface stays the same. Do you know the reason? The devil is in the details, as the saying goes. Chances are you have skipped or ignored important procedures.

  • Vacuum clean thoroughly before steam cleaning. Professionals advocate for using the vacuum cleaner and the carpet washing machines simultaneously. To clean your carpets properly, you should first vacuum carefully, spray with the rug shampoo, and then use the carpet cleaner to extract the moisture.


  • Use as hot water as your carpet could withstand. Many carpet steam cleaners have a built-in heating element. Other machines are not self-sufficient and need to be filled up with preheated water. Yet another class carpet cleaning machines work with cold water. Most household rug machines do not exceed 118°F water temperature. Professional machines, however clean with water heated up to 210°F. (This is just below the boiling point). Despite the name, carpet steam cleaners do not clean with steam). For eliminating the most stubborn stains and for general sanitizing this higher temperature is more efficient. Still wondering why professionals achieve such good results?

Elegant home office interior decor ideas. True steam cleaners do clean with steam heated up to 360°F. They are not appropriate for use on carpets. Steam cleaners are perfect for disinfecting and cleaning hard surfaces like wood floors, tiles, and machines. They can be used for spot treating on rugs resilient to high heat.

When you work with hot water extraction and detergent, it is important to remove out all moisture. The left behind liquid in the rug will attract dirt after cleaning.

Bathroom amazing contemporary black and white with black rug bathroom comfortable contemporary bathrooms design collections. Spots on rugs are awfully annoying and exceptionally disagreeable to deal with. Blot the liquid quickly after the accident occurred. Wash and rinse the spotted area several times. For stubborn spots leave the cleaning solution to work overnight covered with absorbent white paper towel or cloth and place a heavy object on top.

Use fans to get the carpets dry. Select a good day for your rug cleaning - choose a warm bright day.

Advantages of Applying Carpets and Upholstery with Scotchgard

Genuine leather couches reviews with modern design. Applying a coat of Scotchgard spray on your furniture and carpets is going to be very beneficial for their good looks and life longevity. It seals all fabric surfaces and shields them from soiling. It acts as a sealant and keeps dust from attaching itself onto the surface.

Scotchgard application is encouraged after carpet or upholstery cleaning to extend the effects of these procedures.

Check for yourself the advantages this plain spray provides for you:

Scotchgard Acts as an Armor for Your Carpets and Upholstery

Ikea hacker murphy bed with carpet flooring. The product not only thwarts stains occurrence on the fabric, but also guards the fibers. The thin coating is not going to permit harmful particles to penetrate below the surface. With a Scotchgard application your new carpets and upholstered furniture are going to stay crisp and clean longer. You are going to have a piece of mind and easier life as well.

Scothguard Saves Money

Treating regularly your upholstered furniture with Scotchgard keeps it nice looking longer. So, the replacement caused by wear and tear is postponed.

Scothgard Makes Cleaning Easier

Most comfortable office chair with wood walls. Textiles impregnated with Scotchgard are spot resistant, so you can safely throw away these uncomfortable plastic covers from the coach and runners from the rugs. You know how burdensome is to clean with these unwieldy and unwanted supplements to the interiors!

Scotchgard Seals Cleaned Surfaces

Applying a protective layer of Scotchgard spray over recently cleaned carpets and upholstery (but only after they dry up completely) retains the results from the cleaning efforts for a longer period of time. Does it make sense to invest time and money for steam cleaning only to see your floors stained again just in a week?

Working with the spray can is quite uncomplicated and does not require special skills. Just take off the cap and spray. Do not overly saturate the section at once. Repeat several times as needed. Do not spray in an open flame!

Design a floor plan with floor carpet. You could also ask for your commercial cleaner for a Scotchgard treatment immediately after the rugs have been washed as a supplementary service.

Scotchgard could be used for car seats and interior upholstery as well.

This product is readily available in all hardware stores. It is inexpensive and safe as well, so go for it!

Carpet Cleaners London Online Quote

Oven Fan Pre- Removal. Welcome to Prolux Carpet cleaning London!

We focus in expert cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial cleaning. We work in all areas of United Kingdom.

Our cleaners are highly trained, skilled, and qualified. We are fully insured. We stand behind our service absolutely - our customers' satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Not by an accident Prolux Cleaning grew to be trusted brand for a lot of commercial and residential clients. All employees at Prolux Cleaning are devoted to our work.

Suatainable used office furniture orange county ca. Dirt and lint trapped deep inside the carpets may trigger allergic reactions as well as overall worsening of asthma symptoms. Your carpets need regular care and wash, preferably done by professional cleaners.

Prolux Cleaning employs qualified professional rug-and-carpet cleaning specialist. We provide superior services well above the industry's standards. We use the newest high tech carpet-and-rug cleaning tools. Our specialists eliminate dirt and pollutants from deep inside your carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Method by Prolux in London

Hot water extraction method has proven to be the best way to wash carpets and rugs. This is not only our opinion; it is backed up the by the large rug manufacturers.

Perfect decorating ideas for home offices. Our portable steam cleaning machines for carpet and rug expert cleaning are one of the highest quality in operation in the entire London. We promise that 3 hours after your carpets and rugs have been cleaned by us, they will be hygienic, revived, scented, and fully dry.

Our carpet and rug cleaning specialists use only and the most efficient carpet cleaning equipment manufactured by top names in the business.

Carpet Cleaning London. Professional Services by Prolux:

Our Carpet Cleaning London Services consist of:

  • Allergens eradication - dust, pet fur, etc.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning - protects the health of your family and pets.
  • Bacteria removal - use of efficient decontaminators.
  • Better comfort - softer, better looking carpet.
  • Full stain removal
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Our carpet specialists follow sophisticated cleaning methods. We use only safe environmentally safe products.

Let us bring your carpet back to it's prior state! Joint the many happy and satisfied clients.

Pictures of beautiful bedrooms with white soft carpet. We, at Prolux janitors safely and effectively remove spots from your carpets.

We have been operating for more than eight years in London. We are able to sanitize and renovate all varieties of carpets, textile and leather upholstered furniture. From the day we began work, our efforts have served numerous residential and commercial customers, such as office parks, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and nursing homes, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, etc., in London. We know how to maintain any carpet - domestic or commercial grade the same, in any condition.

Retro classic stylish living room with rug black sofa. No job is too big or small for us - we have faith we can do any work, because our crews have all skills necessary - our professional cleaners are informed, skilled, experienced, dedicated, and competent. Armed with all this, along with the proper machines and methods we are ready to get rid of any spot or dirt.

Most of our business comes from a word of mouth. This is a proof of our dedication to deliver kind, effective and inexpensive services.

Carpet Cleaning in London. Professional Rug Cleaning London Services.

Prolux Cleaning Services is an emblem of uppermost quality services at reasonable rates. We are honored by the fact that we have forged long-term relationships with many satisfied clients and we remain faithful to the same fundamental business rules.

Fabulous two in one office desks for home. Please note: There is a minimum charge of £50 (50 Pounds) per visit. You can combine services like carpet and hard floor cleaning to add up or to exceed the minimum amount to get the best value.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning London

Cleaning Tips & Suggestions

Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning London would like to share a few practical tips to assist you keep your carpets, rugs, and upholstery clean and sanitary. We have included information about vacuum machines and how to choose the best one, advices about how to eliminate with mold and mildew, carpetandupholstery care, and a lot more.

Dirty stained red carpet before after cleaning. Carpets, rugs and upholstery add chic, coziness, color palette and luxury to any home. To ensure a enduring beauty of your home, take the time to clean and protect your interior textiles.

Prevention is the best way to maintain things clean. Good care and maintenance can save you time and funds and could prolong the life of your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Office workspace design ideas for many employee. Buy a high quality front door mat: The tip of all tips - consider placing door mats and runners at all room doors. They most likely are going to prompt people to wipe off their shoes and are going to keep off most of the street dirt from your rugs. We suggest using these two pieces of floor coverings next to each other - one inside, the other outside the rooms. The runner is best to be between 6 to 12 feet long, with 10 to 12 feet being the best length. A coarse mat should be placed outside, at the entrance of the house residence. Its purpose is to trap larger dirt particles - select one made of utility grade material.

All these floor coverings must be cleaned often or the dirt will take them over. When a mat gets overly saturated with dirt it cannot stop the dirt. Grip and dried mud begin to invade the floors. Frequent cleaning the areas outside the building along with the entry mats can control dust dispersion into the house. No matter how efficient your protection is though, always certain amount of dust is going to find its way inside.

Chrome office leather directors chair. If you cause an accidental spill: Never rub a carpet spot in a rush, as this only will cause the stain to spread out and even set in permanently. Furthermore, rough handling is likely to weaken the fibers.

Spots not treated as prescribed sometime reappear on the carpet's surface. You believed you've cleaned the stain, yet in a short while you see it slowly reappearing. To thwart this cover the stain with a clean absorbent rag and weigh down with a heavy book to overnight. Clean as directed in the morning.

Never blow with a hair dryer or use a hot iron to dry a carpet soilage! The heat is going to seal the stain forever permanently on your rug.

Interior wood shutters inspiration designing your home office. Make sure your carpet is steam cleaned as frequently as required. To enjoy the appearance of your rug, have it cleaned by either a professional rug cleaning company or you do it yourself with a rug shampooer. As a rule of the thumb keep in mind that a thorough cleaning is necessary at the very minimum twice per year.

Watch for stains and take care of them fast to keep your carpet clean. Try cleaning the spot first with water only - this is going to help many spills. If it doesn't work, expand your tries. You are going to find many chemical compounds on the market intended for spot cleaning. These products range in uses and work well when applied as per the manufacturer's instructions. Taking immediate action is important to avoid accidental spills from becoming permanent spots.

A clean carpet is a one that is taken care of. Commit the time to vacuum clean regularly and do it the right way. Go over the rug in several directions to allow the vacuum to suck out as much grip as possible. A high quality vacuum is the best choice. Work with it as directed by the manufacturer. Make sure dust bags are changed often and air filters - are clean.

Decorating attic room for home office room. Use the the most gentle washing products viable for your carpet. Hold the use of harsh detergents for rugs with stubborn stains.

When working with a cleaning product, read carefully the label and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Yet, to better utilize your time and funds - call us!

Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning is going to provide fast and efficient overhaul of your carpets. Our rates are sensible and quite inexpensive. For your reference check our cost calculator or contact us.

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