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Domestic Cleaning Services London
Domestic Cleaning Services London

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Prices by Adrianna Truman, UB1 2YP. Cleaning After Builders in London

The purpose of cleanup after builders is to prepare the place for the occupants and to bring it up in a livable state. Builders are out, there is a big mess inside and we cannot wait to get in and return our lives to normality. Then, we, Steamers Cleaning in London arrive to save the day.

We take after builders cleaning orders and we work around the clock to make things happen in compliance with your calendar.

Commercial Oven Cleaning Products by Miss Ritzman, SM6 8LF. Our typical cleanup after builders comprises of the following:

  • Clean the interior of the home
  • Clean inside and outside cabinets and drawers
  • Wipe out all horizontal and vertical surfaces such as shelves, mantle pieces etc.
  • Clean all glass surfaces on both sides including scraping all stickers and paint flecks from inside and out of all windows
  • Removal of construction rubbish
  • Vacuum cleaning all carpeted areas, etc.

In the best case scenario our after builders cleaning team arrives and works in the place after all construction workers are gone and just before you get in. We use this time to fix the premises for you. Occasionally we work around a painter or another construction worker who is doing some last minute touch up of their job. We are accustomed to this, no problem.

Contact us at any time to discuss your after builders cleaning. We take great care and we are attentive to our customers' needs. We understand that every project is unique and calls for custom tailored approach. We are here to help you to make a smooth shift from the renovating stage back to your normal routine.

Industrial Cleaning Services by Ethelyn Probst, DA15 7AN. Steamers Professional Carpet Cleaning London

Home Upholstery Cleaning Machines by Taylor Garcia, W13 9RR. Cleaning Tips & Suggestions

Steamers Professional Carpet Cleaning London would like to share several useful tips to assist you maintain your carpets, rugs, and upholstery clean and disinfected. We have incorporated facts about vacuum machines and how to select the most appropriate one, instructions about how to remove with mold and mildew, carpetandupholstery care, and much more.

Carpets, rugs and upholstery give elegance, coziness, color palette and ease to any home. To ensure a long lasting beauty of your house, take the time to clean and protect your interior textiles.

Prevention has proven to be the best way to have things clean. Good care and maintenance could save you time and money and would prolong the life of your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Purchase a good front door mat: The tip of all tips - consider putting door mats and runners at all room doors. They most likely are going to prompt people to clean their shoes and are going to keep off most of the street dirt away from your carpets. We suggest using these two pieces of floor coverings next to each other - one inside, the other outside the rooms. The runner should be between 6 to 12 feet long, with 10 to 12 feet being the optimal length. A coarse mat should be placed outside, at the entrance of the house home. Its purpose is to remove larger dirt bits - select one made of utility grade material.

All these floor pieces must be cleaned frequently or the dirt will take them over. When a mat gets overly dirty it can no longer stop the dirt. Grip and grime begin to intrude the floors. Regular cleaning the areas outside the house along with the entrance mats do control dirt infusion into the house. Irrespective how efficient your protection is though, at all times certain amount of dust will find its way inside.

If you cause an incidental spill: Never rub a carpet stain in a haste, as this only will cause the stain to spread out and even become permanent. Furthermore, rough handling could to damage the fibers.

Stains not treated as prescribed may reappear on the carpet's surface. You believed you've cleaned the stain, yet in a while you see it slowly reemerging. To prevent this cover the stain with a soft white cloth and weigh down with a heavy object to stay overnight. Clean as directed the next day.

Never blow with a hair dryer or use a hot iron to dry a rug spot! The heat is going to set in the spot permanently on your carpet.

Ensure that your carpet is steam cleaned as often as required. To retain the look of your carpet, have it cleaned by either a professional rug cleaning company or you do it yourself using a steam cleaning machine. As a rule of the thumb keep in mind that a thorough cleaning is going to be necessary at the very minimum two times per year.

Watch for spots and take care of them fast to keep your carpet clean. Try cleaning the spot first with water only - this is going to take care of many spills. If it doesn't yield the result you expect, expand your tries. You will find many chemical compounds on the market intended for stain cleaning. These products range in uses and work well when applied as per the manufacturer's directions. Taking immediate action is crucial to stop incidental spills from turning into permanent spots.

A clean carpet is a one that has been taken care of. Commit the time to vacuum frequently and do it correctly. Go over the rug in several directions to permit the vacuum to pick up as much dirt as possible. A powerful vacuum is the best choice. Work with it as recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure dust bags are changed often and air filters - are clean.

Use the the most gentle washing products feasible for your carpet. Reserve the use of harsher detergents for rugs with resilient stains.

When working with a cleaning product, always read the label and follow the manufacturer's instructions. However, to better utilize your time and funds - call us!

Steamers Professional Carpet Cleaning is going to deliver fast and efficient care for your rugs. Our prices are sensible and quite inexpensive. For your convenience check our cost calculator or contact us.

Tenancy Clean by Tamie Tadlock, RM1 2PP. Do-It-Yourself Vs. Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Opinions differ about what is a faster and more effective way to clean your carpets - by yourself or to engage a commercial cleaning company. Many people think it would be wasteful to spend money for work they could do themselves. Or so they believe.

Let's review some of the pros and cons for each option:

Zebra Carpet Cobham by Tabitha Hanover, SE18 1RX. DIY Rug Cleaning

Cleaning is a time consuming and labor intensive. It needs physical strength and persuasion to maintain a home in a ship-shape condition.

Routine house keeping includes regular vacuuming, floors mopping, carpets washing, windows cleaning plus big spring cleanings and occasional "surgical strikes" - cleaning before or after a party, beds and upholstery cleaning, etc. Let's put a pencil to it - at least one hour each day for vacuum cleaning and straightening up the place, add half a day every week (eating up your spare time), plus hours and hours rubbing and scraping carpets and windows. And, allot time for preparation - buying cleaning products and keeping track of them!

It has been time solely we are speaking about up to now. Consider the cost of high-tech mops, vacuums, steam carpet machines along with the disposables and cleaning agents needed. Stocking up your cleaning closet needs a substantive cash outlay.

At the end, take into consideration your general lack of information and interest in the subject of cleaning all together. You are confused which product would work best on your rugs, what stain remover to apply to this or that stain, you try and fail, your fancy coach has a big red wine spot right in the middle that is going willing to go away no matter what products you try. And the mess keeps pilling up, you just cannot keep up with it.

Domestic Cleaning Jobs in London by Shara Otter, SM1 4DS. Commercial Rug Cleaning

Serious cleaning companies spend time and money researching the business and selecting the best equipment, practices and products to be competitive. They advance effective techniques and train people. In addition, they have knowledge and expertise how to deal with each situation.

Financially your obligation towards the cleaning company is limited to paying them the contracted fee. You are in your own right to require high quality and perfection for their work, as they advertise.

Professional Oven by Annamarie Tye, W1B 1QY. Make Your Choice

Did we manage to convince you? Booking commercial cleaning services greatly outweighs the alternative of cleaning your rugs yourself in many aspects - time, money, efficiency, and so on.

Just do your homework before you hire a commercial cleaner. There are many companies offering such services. Check their Internet sites judiciously, scrutinize the tooling and the products they work with, check their references. Different businesses offer different services and options. Finding the best match for your necessities is the chief aspect for becoming satisfied.


Car Upholstery Cleaning Products by Buena Fite, E14 8SF. Care and Maintenance of Computer Office Equipment

Your computers are the vertebrae of your office - no argument about that. Hence, it must be handled diligently and gently. Along with the office cleaning, time and money must be assigned for all computers and their paraphernalia. Various machines call for a different care. It is going to be helpful to know how to approach each of them.

When the machines fail us, our first thought routinely is to yell for the repair man. In the meantime, the workflow gets disrupted, we are frustrated in addition to the incurred fixing costs. Plenty of these troubles can be avoided many times if we only extended the effort to clean the dust off our computer. Committing one hour each week for computer cleaning time for all employees is not so tough to accomplish in one small office. As the organization expands, on the other hand, the task gets more complicated - more and more computers are being added to the system; all machines must be turned off simultaneously for cleaning, etc.

Simply the dust stuck in the computer, on the monitor, or in the mouse may cause a big deal of aggravation. It will be wonderful if everybody in the office is conscientious enough and take time to clean laptops, desktops, and monitors, yet this is easier said than done.

There are many products for computer cleaning existing on the market. In many instances, only a soft cloth would be sufficient for cleaning machine outside. Using a small vacuum cleaner or a can with compressed air is needed for the inside. Not that many people have those in their desks, however. A professional cleaner will most certainly have them.

All computers need be handled gently and with care. This equipment is fragile and does not take well rough handling - parts easily get dislocated, detached or broken. On the other hand it is remarkable how computers draw dirt and lint - due perhaps to the electrostatics and the fact they are usually stationed low and pick up things flying by.

Take time to clean thoroughly the fan, because an accumulation of dirt could, and at the end, is going to cause problems. Use a clean cloth or compressed air to clean the dust. Caution - be careful not to send it back in the computer.

The mouse and the keyboard are a big attraction for oily spots, dirt and small particles too. Particularly the keyboard - you are going to be flabbergasted how many microorganisms, dist, and lint are trapped in! Our hands are in touch with them while we work. For your health protection it is important to clean all keyboards and mice often. Keyboards must be shaken off well to take out the dirt set inside. Best is to have a professional cleaner to do this job. Optical computer mice do not need to be taken apart for cleaning - just a wipe with a dry cloth will do.

Last but not of the least importance - the screen. Monitors attract a lot of dust too. We may not even notice it and it may not trouble us, however, it is damaging to the screen. Best results are accomplished through wiping off the screen with aclean nonabrasive cloth soaked with a small amount of cleaning solution or with wet napkins. Prior to plugging each piece of equipment back into the electric outlet make sure it is fully dry.

Natural and Clean by Shanika Jaeger, IG11 9PU. Kids' and Pets' Spot Removal

You have kiddies. Your little ones love kittens and pups. You adore your little ones, kiddies. You consented to having pets for your kids at your house. Life seems to be as close as it gets to paradise.

Look what does this joyful crowd do to your dwelling though! The angels of your life are the monsters for thecleanliness of your house!

Just relax! There are lots of cleaning chemicals designed to eliminate pet spots and odors. Keep an ample supply of detergents in your home and make sure to clean accidents as fast as possible. Most of the quality chemicals work even on set-in spots.

Upholstery Cleaner Westminster by Gail Begley, TW10 7YS. Cleaning Urine Spots

Absorb as much of the urine as possible with a white cloth. Then apply rubbing alcohol to the spot. On white colored carpets and upholsteries only you can use hydrogen peroxide. Or sprinkle the spot with baking soda and let it work for about five minutes. Then blot with a white rag. Let it dry and vacuum.

White vinegar diluted with clean water does the same. It brakes up the ammonia in the urine, eliminates the microorganisms and neutralizes the smell. Treating the area with vinegar can help discourage your pup or kitty from using this spot over again.

Keep in mind these unassuming yet proven alternative cleaning methods. They work just as well as the expensive supermarket detergents yet they are mild and gentle for your kids and pets.

For best results, always use a professional service for stain and odor removal.


Brompton Putty Fabric by Vernetta Vecchio, UB6 0BX. After Party Cleaning in London

Irrespective of how enjoying the occasion was, at some point the end comes. And then the most unpleasant time comes -clean up after all guests.

We, Steamers, are expert cleaners and we recognize the stress you have gone through to organize the event and to perfect every detail. Now it's finished and you are beat. The last thing on your mind is cleaning. Taking big garbage bags outside at four o'clock in the morning is not on anybody's fun agenda.

Our specialized after party cleanup squad has the ability and the time to deal with any after party cleanup situation. Don't worry, we have cleaned after countless numerous social events during the years. Trust us to clean the disorder! Use your time for yourself, do not waste it picking up rubbish!

Gatherings may get wild sometimes. Our after party cleaning crews are trained to gauge and advice clients about potential damages occurred and to propose repair options. All possible damages are regularly assessed after the guests have left. We are on your side no need to worry.

We work according to your schedule. Our professionals are available for hiring in London during off business hours, weekends and holidays. They are exceptionally professional and considerate. Our janitors work fast and their presence in your residence is discreet.

Car Upholstery Cleaning Raynes Park by Lydia Wellman, SE1 3QG. Our Regular after Party Cleaning Package Includes:

  • Bathrooms and rest area cleaning - toilets, shower and sink, faucets, mirrors and other bathroom fixtures washed and polished
  • Kitchen - work surfaces wiping out, cupboards, shelves, and windows
  • Clean and polish all tile hard floors
  • Vacuum clean carpets and area rugs, mats, baseboards, and curtains
  • Tiding up gardens and terraces

The complete satisfaction of our customers is our top care. We are committed not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them. We stand behind our work uncompromisingly.

Trust our expertise! We have done countless after party cleanings in London during the years.

Call us to schedule our professional after party cleanup. We are going to make your after party time a breeze!

Office Cleaning East London by Robbyn Frasier, SW11 4RQ. Cleaning Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinets in London

Kitchen needs a huge amount of and sweat to keep clean and well organized. This is the mess area of the home - food is prepared here using conventional and microwave ovens, grills, there are cutting areas, where meat and produce is being sliced, etc. Grease, spills and splatters from cooking, together with oily finger prints stick onto everything and before not too long the whole place wears all recent menus.

Cabinets inside get quite dirty in their own right. We store foods, condiments, and seasonings inside and they get scattered. In a course of time soluble substances create sticky spots on the shelves, then bugs crawl in and feast.

We, at Steamers take expert care of kitchens and fixtures. We begin with choosing the highest grade kitchen cleaning products. We take into account the specific materials used for your cabinetry, doors, and frames - vinyl, metal, wood, etc. We choose the most appropriate cleansing solutions for your kitchen interior and cupboards.

We, at Steamers cleaning solutions take special care of all hardware in the kitchen as well. We are going to remove cabinet handles and door knobs and are going to clean them piece by piece. We are going to put them back where they belong after a good clean and polish.

Best Carpet Cleaning Service by Yvone Shore, SM6 9LY. Wood Cabinetry

Wood protection spray products yield excellent results for wooden cabinets and shelves in the kitchen.

When polishing the cabinets yourself keep in mind that most of these products are flammable. Never spray into an open fire and never use near heaters. To restore dull surface use wax - it is going to bring back the prior shine.

For best quality professional results book a cleaning with us. Contact us today for a free consultation and a cost quotation. For quick reference we have posted a price calculator on our site.

Office Cleaning Service by Suellen Teter, N21 3DE. Parquet Floors Cleaning in London

Parquets are quite popular floor coverings. They look pleasing and it is not so tough to mount them on the floor. They are a low maintenance hard floor option. Parquets are very much in place in more official areas - executive offices, conference rooms, etc. Parquets are not recommended for common areas, manufacturing halls, or workshops. Their use should be avoided in humid places as they easily warp. When choosing a parquet's grade, the expected daily traffic together the general load of the place must be considered. For offices and commercial spaces stress resistant laminate of a higher grade is recommended.

Despite of the make of parquet chosen, it is undisputable that good and suitable maintenance protects and prolongs its useful life. Make certain at the time of installation that closures are sealed with care. Make sure the slats match well and the edges are firmly glued together. To inhibit abrasions, it is recommended to put felt or rubber pads on the furniture, with special attention given to office chairs. If chairs with wheels are going to be used, then try placing each chair on a large rubber mat.

Cleaning a laminate is quite easy - first, swish the floor with a brush with soft bristles (non-metallic), or vacuum clean it to get rid of the bigger rough particles. Second step - clean the surface with water and a small amount of a detergent. The mixture should be applied using a mop (all puddles need to be entirely absorbed at the end!) As an alternative, there are spray products available - the parquet is sprayed on and polished with a damp cloth.

We, Steamers London, are a well positioned professional cleaning service. We are highly proficient and skilled in hard floor cleaning and maintenance. We have all the good equipment, capable crews, know-how and the proficiency to undertake this work fast and efficiently, sparring you the all the worry!

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning by Cyrstal Obanion, HA8 5TS. Unpleasant Rugs Smells Caused by Pets

There have been many inquiries concerning pet spots and bad smells our clients asked us during the years we have been in the cleaning business in London. At times mysterious things happen to our rugs after a pet accident. For example, the stains would not get off and the unpleasant odor stays forever.

Patio Cleaning Biggin Hill by Annette Salaam, HA0 2EE. Q. Why do pet related odors seem to be stronger in spring and summer than in the fall and winter?

A. Heat and moisture aggravate pet related smells in carpets. Alkaline salts coming from the bodily fluids remain attached to the rug treads once the liquid has evaporated. When in contact with high heat and moisture the alkaline salts absorb moisture which strengthens the smell.

Window Cleaning Jobs Enfield by Moses Ferry, RM6 5BS. Q. Why doesn't commercial carpet cleaning solve the issue?

A. Many professional carpet cleaners in fact make the odor even worse as the techniques they use do not eliminate the attached alkaline salt deposit from the multi-layered surface of the rug.

Oven Cleaning Sussex by Nannie Valasquez, E8 3QJ. Q. How can the pet smell be removed from the carpet?

A. A full removal of pet accident occurrences is a several step process. The visible part is only the tip of the iceberg. Cushion, sub floor, dry-wall, base boards, wall studs and floor joists could also be polluted. If all parts are not cleaned, the smell will come back regardless of how much expert cleaning was done to the carpet's top layer.

Furniture Cleaning Bexley by Carlton Birdwell, RM9 5LR. Q. What would be the break-even point - cleaning vs. carpet replacement?

A. If the contamination affects more than one third of the carpeted area, replacement is likely to cost less than deodorization. If the contagion is confined to one or two small areas then carpet deodorization is going to be less expensive.

Chelsfield Sofa Leather by Hunter Slover, N15 6NB. Q. How do I judge the degree of damage of my carpet?

A. To judge the degree of contamination on-site check need to be performed by a carpet specialist. He will check the rug with a high-intensity ultra-violet lamp and is going to examine the padding.

Staff Rest Room Design by Khalilah Howse, W1G 9NZ. Q. Why is it significant to have a professional carpet cleaner to inspect the backing?

A. What is observable on the surface is merely a small portion of what in fact is in the carpet. The backing of a carpet consists of as much as the surface. When liquid leaks on the surface, gravity sucks it downwards and it spreads out in the back of the carpet.

Rule of thumb - the amount of deodorizing chemical needed has to equal the amount of contamination liquid to counteract the odor. Applying inadequate amount of cleaning product is going to be ineffective. The smell in fact is going to become worse than the initial contamination. If sub surfaces are not addressed the odor is going to breathe back through the rug.

Call us, Steamers professional carpet cleaning company if you reside in London or close by to assist you determine the level of contamination of your carpets. We are capable to help you remove pet spots and smells from your carpets. We stand behind our work and your satisfaction!

Curtain Cleaning London by Mariela Sevier, NW4 4DJ. End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Whether you are moving in or out from a rental property or you are selling your house our end of tenancy cleaning London is the best choice for you.

We, at Steamers Cleaning offer comprehensive pre/post tenancy cleaning in a day, delivering your house in it's best imaginable state.

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning is done by tried-and-true moveable teams of cleaning specialists fully trained to clean properties at lease end or before start of a new one. The groups are exclusively armed for the job with tools and cleaning solutions.

We understand the importance of having your home professionally cleaned and checked. We are well familiar with, accustomed to, aware of the inventory checkout lists. We have worked out an extensive checklist reflecting the regular items required by large London rental agencies. Our cleaners at all times use this paper to check out their service.

Clean Windows by Leeann Sharpless, KT3 6AL. This is what we do when we perform end of tenancy cleaning London:

London Professional Cleaners by George Greaves, W6 9EB. Staircases and Hallways:

We completely vacuum all stairs and halls. We wipe off the skirting boards, light fixtures and all light switches, all doors, clean the cob webs from the ceilings, clean all interior and exterior windows and window sills. We empty and clean the rubbish bins as a bonus service.

Fancy Living Room Rugs by Lonny Pfau, SW1P 3LA. Bathroom:

We clean the lime accumulations from the bathroom tiles. The toilet is scrubbed meticulously on all sides. The washbasin is cleaned along with the bathtub and the shower cabin. Inside windows and mirrors are polished as well.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Greenwich by Bernardo Christofferso, NW10 2HD. Bedrooms:

We clean with a vacuum the entire room. We wipe off all skirting boards, lights and light switches. We clean all spider webs from the ceilings. We clean interior windows and window sills. All waste baskets are emptied and cleaned as well.

Carpet Cleaning Stevenage by Sheron Armbruster, SW2 1JN. Living Room:

We clean with a vacuum the room, wipe off the baseboard moldings, lampshades and electric switches. We wipe off all shelves; prick up cob webs from the ceilings, clean interior windows and window sills. All waste baskets are emptied, cleaned and the waste is taken out.

Milo Baughman Rocking Chair by Les Pinner, BR2 9QP. Kitchen:

We clean the stove top and range hood, wipe off the microwave interior and exterior, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and washing machines - inside and out, together with the soap dispenser. We dust off all kitchen cupboards - inside and outside. We clean all doors. We remove crumbs and clean small countertop appliances such as toaster, kettle, etc. We disinfect all work surfaces, vacuum clean and mop the floor. We clean interior windows and sills. All garbage is taken out and the trash can is cleaned

Steamers offers move in cleaning service for newcomers to London. Also, we could clean and maintain your home while you are away for an extended period of time. This will provide a piece of mind while you are away.

Book this service with us - your property will be expertly cleaned with outstanding consideration and attention to details.Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed- we stand behind the superiority of our services unwaveringly.

Note: Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and curtains steam cleaning are not included in the end-of-tenancy service. They could be added upon request.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.