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Electric Oven Cleaning
Electric Oven Cleaning


Hard Floor Cleaners London

If you would like your wood floors to look like brand new, Prolux Cleaning is the only name you have to know. Regardless of what type of wooden floor is fixed in your house - wood, vinyl, slate, tile, marble, etc., our local professional people can fully reinstate and preserve its original sheen shine.

Wonderfully and Polished Car interior Before Elimination. Prolux is the best cleaning solution for your office, hotel, restaurant, or entertainment establishment. We maintain also hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. The outcomes of our work are always immaculate and all tasks are executed with precision. We use the most modern cleaning equipment available and eco-friendly detergents to reinstate your hard floors beauty and splendor. We shine hard floors really well!

We offer subscription plans for regular cleaning of your place - this way you lock in regular care along with our discount rates.

Design for kitchen backsplash with carpet flooring. You could also contact us online by sending us an inquiry. For quick cost reference please check our price calculator.

Prolux Cleaners do all of these:

  • Clean and restore any types of hard floors - wood, vinyl, marble, slate, terracotta, granite, terrazzo or linoleum;
  • Renew your hard floors appearance in just one visit;
  • Offer the most affordable prices for commercial cleaning in London;
  • Skilled and highly reliable services 7 days a week;
  • Seal and polish any hard floor;
  • We have HOT NEW PRICES!

Well kept Ove Into After Cleaning. Prolux uses only eco- friendly products to ensure smooth and glossy floor appearance with non-skid surfaces.

Cleaning after construction and renovation in London

One of our most sought after services in London is the detailed cleaning after completion of construction work or renovation.

Designing the office floor plans with white table. Many people face this predicament - contractors have finished the job and left the mess afterwards for others to deal with. As we all are aware, this cleaning task is intricate - it needs more than just water and cloth to secure successful end. It calls for specialized tools, cleaning agents and machines. Unsuitable use of chemicals is likely to hurt the newly mounted finishes - it is very important to be acquainted with exactly what, where and how to apply.

Shelves for kids rooms purple carpet design. Being fully aware of the complexity and the strain of the circumstance, we, Prolux London, recommend our after builders cleaning services - we do this after the construction workers leave:

  • Garbage collection and removal (brick pieces, remnants of construction materials, etc.)
  • Dirt and grime clean up of all floors, walls and service rooms
  • Machine cleaning and polishing of the hard floors (granite, marble, terracotta tiles, linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.)
  • Deep carpet and rug vacuum and steam cleaning, including resistant spot and stubborn stain removal
  • Cleaning of the furniture, including scarping off all dust, lint, and dried paint.
  • Dust cleaning the heaters, light fixtures, electric switches, window sills, etc.
  • Dust wiping and through cleaning of the ceilings, vents and wall protrusions
  • Cleaning and detailing of all doors Awesome home office design.
  • Wiping off, polishing, and shining all mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the sinks, sanitary fixtures, toilets, and accessories
  • Washing, polishing, and shining all windows and vitrines together with their blinds and shades.
  • Complete "turn-key" cleaning
  • Detailed cleaning after home or office remodeling or construction finish is the last and perhaps the most important stage of a successful project completion.

Trendy bathroom colors with carpet flooring. Hiring our Prolux London professional cleaning service is going to save you a lot of time and aggravation along the way. And the final result is going to exceed your expectations.

How to Clean Red Wine Stains from Carpets and Upholstered Furniture

Red Wine Stain Removal Methods

Interior design and furnishing for office interior design and. Visualize the following: A glass of red wine leisurely drops on your beautiful carpet and pours out its content on it. Or it makes a stop on the couch before that. A slow motion moment of shock. Everybody's attention is frozen onto to the carpet with the bold red wine spot. Do not panic, is our advice, easier said than done.

How to Remove Fresh Red Wine Stains

Extractor rack oven after cleaning. The household mixtures that follow are most effective on fresh wet red wine stains. Once the wine dries, it becomes more difficult to remove. Pure water is always the best choice for weakening a red wine stain, but club soda or white wine can be used as substitutes in an emergency. Wet with a spray bottle or by dripping over or soaking the stained area. Blot the stained area from the outside edges of the spotted area towards the center to inhibit spreading. Try to blot as much of the red wine as possible.

Household Red Wine Stain Removal

Heavy Differance White Soft floors - Cleaning Difference. The following solutions work best on cotton, polyester and blends. Carpets marked "dry-clean only" should be taken to a expert cleaner as soon as possible. Amature attempts to clean the spot at home from delicate fabrics can cause a permanent damage.

Eliminating Wine Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide and Soap

Soak hydrogen peroxide to the stain leaving for a couple of minutes to soak in the treads. With a spray container bottle filled with one part water and one part carpet shampoo mist spray the stained area. Absorb with a white paper towels until the stain disappears.

Cleaning Red Wine Stains With Water, Vinegar and Soap

White interior office design. Blot the spot well with a clean rag. Combine one tablespoon of hand dishwashing detergent with one tablespoon white vinegar and two cups lukewarm water.

Apply the water, vinegar and soap solution to the stain with a clean tissue. Absorb the stained area with a white cloth. Once the stain disappears, wash the area with a clean white cloth with cool water. At the end absorb the stained area with a dry rag.

White Wine Counteracting Red Wine Spots

Living room sets with white rug. When it comes to red wine stains cleaning, white wine may save the day. White wine fights the red pigments and makes eliminating of the stain easier.

Simply dispense a little bit of white wine on the red wine affected area and absorb with a porous tissue. Do not scrub or spread the stained rug as this will only dig in the liquid deeper inside. Remove any stain leftovers with a conventional cloth or carpet spot remover of your choice.

Add a Little Salt to Your Red Wine Spot

Place a heavy coating of salt over the red wine spot to prevent spreading and locking in. Remove the salt or clean with a vacuum when you are prepared to treat the spot. Act fast - the sooner you salt, the better the chance of stopping the stain to spread out and setting in.

Dry Red Wine Spots Cleaning

Hard floor cleaning. From time to time the red wine stain is faster than us - the liquid evaporates before we really address the situation. Or, before we even recognize it.

These stain elimination approaches work best for dissolving dry red wine stains. Be aware that some red wine spots may not come out for many reasons ever!

White Wine with Baking Soda to Fight Red Wine Spots

Soak the red wine spill with white wine or carbonated water. Next, cover the spill with a thick baking soda and water paste. Allow the baking soda on the stain for a few hours, maintaining the paste moist. After the spot no longer is visible wash the fabric with tab water.

Commercial Red Wine Spill Removers

Trendy bathroom colors with fur rug. If you are a red wine connoisseur or plainly clumsy, keep a bottle of readily available commercial red wine stain remover handy. There are many high quality products available on the supermarket's shelves. Do not allow mishaps to take a toll on you!

Advantages of Applying Carpets and Upholstery with Scotchgard

White painted wall living room interior design with unique rug. Treating your furniture and carpets with Scotchgard will be highly beneficial for their good appearance and life longevity. It seals all fabrics and guards them from spotting. It acts as a sealant and keeps lint from attaching itself onto the fabric.

Scotchgard use is encouraged after carpet or upholstery cleaning to extend the effects of these services.

See below the advantages this plain spray provides for you:

Scotchgard Acts as a Shield for Your Carpets and Upholstered Furniture

With awesome bar carpet floor designs. The spray not only prevents stains formation on the fabric, but also guards the fibers. The thin coating will not permit harmful particles to penetrate below the surface. With a Scotchgard application your new rugs and soft furniture will look crisp and clean for a longer time. You are going to have a piece of mind and easier life as well.

Scothguard Saves Money

Treating frequently your sort furniture with Scotchgard keeps it nice looking longer. Therefore, the replacement caused by wear and tear is postponed.

Scothgard Makes Cleaning Easier

Materials protected with Scotchgard are spot resilient, so you could safely throw away these unbearable plastic covers from the sofa and runners from the rugs. You know how burdensome is to clean around these unwieldy and unwanted additions to the interiors!

Scotchgard Seals Just Cleaned Surfaces

Apartments contemporary apartment design idea with white and brown color and white rug interior design ideas for apartments. Applying a coat of Scotchgard spray over just cleaned carpets and upholstery (but only after they dry up completely) keeps the results from the cleaning efforts for a longer period of time. Does it make sense to invest time and money for washing just to see your floors stained again in a couple of days?

Working with the spray can is quite simple and does not require expert skills. Just remove the cap and spray. Do not overly saturate the section at once. Go over several times as needed. Never spray in an open fire!

You can also ask for your commercial cleaner for a Scotchgard application immediately after the rugs have been washed as an added service.

Scotchgard can be used for car seats and interior upholstery as well.

This spray is readily available in all hardware stores. It is affordable and safe as well, so go for it!

Cleaning Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinets in London

Simple wardrobe storage design with beige door combine with sofa and rug. Kitchen needs a huge amount of and exertion to keep clean and well organized. This is the mess area of the family - food is prepared there using conventional and microwave ovens, grills, there are carving areas, where meat and produce is being sliced, etc. Grease, spills and splatters from cooking, along with oily finger prints stick onto everything and soon the whole place wears all recent menus.

Unique office interior with table and chair. Cabinets inside get quite dirty in their own right. We store foods, condiments, and seasonings inside and they get scattered. In a course of time soluble substances create sticky spots on the shelves, then bugs crawl in and rummage.

We, at Prolux take professional care of kitchens and fixtures. We start with choosing the highest grade kitchen cleaning products. We take into account the specific materials used for your cabinetry, doors, and frames - vinyl, metal, wood, etc. We choose the most appropriate cleansing solutions for your kitchen interior and cupboards.

Dining room chair slipcovers carpet design. We, at Prolux cleaning solutions take expert care of the hardware in the kitchen as well. We are going to remove cabinet handles and door knobs and will clean them separately. We are going to mount them back where they belong after a good clean and polish.

Wooden Cabinetry

Wood protection spray products work very well for wooden cabinets and shelves in the kitchen.

Retro colorful bathroom rugs. When applying the sprays yourself keep in mind that many of these products are flammable. Never spray into an open fire and never use near heaters. To polish dull surface use wax - it is going to bring back the prior shine.

For best professional results book a cleaning with us. Give us a call today for a free consultation and a cost quote. For quick reference we have posted a price calculator on our site.

Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning London

Cleaning Tricks & Advices

Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning London would like to share a few practical tips to aid you maintain your carpets, rugs, and upholstery clean and sanitary. We have incorporated information about vacuum machines and how to select the best one, instructions about how to remove with mold and mildew, carpetandupholstery care, and a lot more.

Gleaming Single Professional oven Afterwards. Carpets, rugs and upholstery give chic, comfort, color palette and luxury to any room. To secure a long lasting splendor of your house, take the time to clean and protect your interior textiles.

Prevention has proven to be the best way to maintain things clean. Proper care and maintenance is going to save you time and funds and is going to prolong the lifespan of your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Dining room ideas for small room with black rug. Purchase a high quality front door mat: The tip of all tips - consider putting door mats and runners at all room doors. They are going to prompt people to wipe off their shoes and are going to keep off most of the street dirt away from your rugs. We suggest using these two pieces of floor coverings next to each other - one inside, the other outside the rooms. The runner is best to be between 6 to 12 feet long, with 10 to 12 feet being the most appropriate length. A coarse mat should be placed outside, at the entrance of the house residence. Its purpose is to retain larger dirt bits - select one made of utility grade fibers.

All of these floor coverings must be cleaned often or the dirt is bound to take them over. When a mat gets overly dirty it cannot stop the dirt. Soil and dried mud begin to intrude the floors. Frequent cleaning the spaces outside the house together with the entrance mats do control dust spreading into the house. No matter how well-organized your protection is though, always a small amount of dirt is going to find its way inside.

Rooms chartreuse color with white carpet. If you cause an accidental spill: Never rub a carpet spot in a rush, as this only will make the stain to spread out and even set in permanently. Furthermore, rough handling is likely to weaken the fibers.

Stains not treated as prescribed could reappear on the carpet's surface. You thought you've gotten rid of the spot, yet in a short while you see it slowly reemerging. To avoid this cover the stain with a clean white cloth and weigh down with a heavy object to stay overnight. Clean as prescribed the next day.

Never blow with a hair dryer or use a hot iron to dry a carpet spot! The heat will seal the stain forever permanently on your carpet.

Bedroom Carpeting Afterwards. Ensure that your carpet is steam cleaned as often as required. To retain the look of your carpet, have it cleaned by either a professional rug care company or you do it yourself using a steam cleaning machine. As a rule of the thumb keep in mind that a thorough cleaning is needed at the bare minimum two times per year.

Watch for spots and address them fast to keep your carpet clean. Try cleaning the spoilage first with water only - this will help many spills. If it doesn't yield the result you expect, expand your tries. You are going to find many products on the market intended for spot cleaning. These products vary in uses and work well when applied as per the manufacturer's directions. Taking immediate action is important to avoid incidental spills from turning into resilient stains.

A clean carpet is a one that is taken care of. Devote the time to vacuum clean regularly and do it the right way. Go over the rug in several directions to allow the vacuum to pick up as much dirt as possible. A high quality vacuum is the best choice. Work with it as recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure dust bags are changed often and air filters - are clean.

Unique inexpensive rugs. Use the the most gentle washing products viable for your rug. Reserve the use of harsher detergents for rugs with stubborn stains.

When using a cleaning product, always read the label and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Yet, to better utilize your time and funds - contact us!

Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning will deliver fast and efficient care for your rugs. Our rates are sensible and quite inexpensive. For your convenience check our cost calculator or call us.

Prolux Professional Carpet Cleaning London Advice

Selecting a Carpet. Room by Room Guide

Bedroom Carpet

There is nothing like getting out of bed, stretching yourself with your feet dipped in the carpet's softness and coziness. Your bedroom is the the room where you can really spoil yourself - this is your personal space. You can be open-facedly decadent, luxurious, daring or classy, entirely modernist; conservative or futurist - it's your decision!

Ikea hacker murphy bed with carpet flooring. Carpets in bedrooms do not need to endure heavy traffic, so you are free to pick a lower grade variety and save money. If, for example, the carpet you selected comes in 2 weight grades, choose the lower grade option for your bedroom. If you always liked long pile rugs - try them in this low traffic area. May be not for the rooms for the children though.

Bathroom Carpet

It is a common misconception that carpets are not appropriate for a bathroom. This is not true, although a few cautions apply. The best bathroom carpet selection for your bathroom will be of 100% synthetic materials including the backing, specifically for households with little kids. There is always a possibility for the bathroom carpet to get drenched. Keep this in mind and avoid carpets if they are going to be wetted on a regular basis!

Foyer Carpet

Green gray white home office. First impressions count. The foyer is prelude towards the house and its inhabitants. It takes plenty of heavy traffic so your carpets there are recommended to be a heavy duty variety. A wool mix is preferred for its durability. Select good patterns - there is no reason why the foyer shouldn't look just as exciting as the other sections of your dwelling.

For the corridors you really need a quality carpet that is at least heavy domestic or best - extra heavy domestic grade with at least 80% wool content. Design and color wise - create one magnificent foyer! Do consider an strikingly looking stair runner. Using the same carpet in the hall, stairs and landing helps create a sense of uniformity and harmony.

Living Room Carpet

Filthy single oven before after cleaning. The living room, as the name denotes, is regularly the 'hub' of a home. A tough, heavy gauge practical carpet works best. Style wise, you have free rein to choose from. Just a matter of preference, the difference between a twist pile and a velvet pile is solely aesthetic. Any light colored carpet visually makes the room look larger.

Dining Room Carpet

Cozy and minimalist home office interior design. The formal dining area is all the time the center piece of each home and it is awarded with the most attention by the interior decorators. Just a suggestion - natural loop pile carpets reproducing the coir and sisal look are contemporary and chic. Also, a traditional patterned carpet is highly practical and pleasing. Here appearance is acceptable to prevail over practicality - dining rooms are kept for more official affairs, so you could let yourself to splurge a bit.

More about Prolux

Cleaning Services from Prolux Cleaning in London

Cleaning services from Prolux Cleaning are delivered by master grade experts. We work fast and considerately, aiding you to save time and money.

Office design idea with unique furniture. Our goal is to deliver high quality quality services as our customers want them and at rates they could afford. We understand that you are proud of your place of living and office, and we are proud of the job we do to make it a cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable living and working space.

House Cleaning Services from Prolux Cleaning

Prolux is a long-established London based cleaning company. We rely our experience in the cleaning business to make you content and pleased. We provide the best service possible with delight and devotion. We are poised to succeed and this is what is what makes us the best. We rely on our knowhow and professionalism, as well as on the high class equipment and eco- safe products we use. The health and safety of our clients is our prime concern!

Modern home offices and workplace decoration. Domestic and office cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, after party cleaning / after builders cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery, rugs, windows cleaning, etc. -all our services are performed by exclusively qualified London maids and cleaners. You are going to get a free professional consultation around the clock with the information you need. This is our way of keeping you knowledgeable, familiar about our job and providing the well-deserved satisfaction to you. We work both on one time booking or regular contract basis. You will have a cleaner you are acquainted with and rely upon, and who knows your unique house and office cleaning needs and necessities.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Services - One-Off Cleaning, Spring Cleaning And After Builders Cleaning:

Leather living room furniture sets. Our expert crews work with the state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge technology in order to bring your home or office up to the highest attainable standards of hygiene. Our customers' satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

Booking an appointment with Prolux Cleaning is quick and easy. Getting a free consultation and a no-obligation rate estimate is just a call away. Find our prices on our site. Get in touch with one of our friendly customer care associates to discuss your cleaning needs along with a written price estimate and appointment booking for the Prolux cleaning service London that suits you best.

Call 02033186387 now or use our Request a Cleaning Service form. This will be your first step towards a cleaner and healthier home and office.

Cool waiting room dental office interior design ideas. Do not forget to check our latest special offers and sale discounts.

Do not postpone to get in touch with our courteous customer care specialists at 07585905630 or request a cleaning service online.

It's a pleasure doing business with you!

Cleaning after Your Lovely Pets. London Cleaners.

Modern style of functional home office design mixed with bedroom. We have a great affection for our furry companions. We cherish their unreserved love and unrelenting friendship. We forgive and forget the huge muddy paw prints running up the stairs, the messy hair strands on the favorite sofa they were told not to get onto, the wet smell, and the sporadic incidents on the soft rugs. Yet, we happen to be quite clean people and we would like our house to reflect that.

Exemplary of organizing a home office space. How do we balance the needs of our pets with the order of our house? We have prepared a list of things that may become handy when carrying for your pets:

  1. Have a lint brush or a damp microfiber cloth to quickly remove loose pet fur.
  2. A portable vacuum with a powerful beater brush or brush roll for hair removal from the rugs.
  3. Velour brushes, tape roller or a rubber sole from a clean sneaker to clean shed fur from your soft furniture.
  4. Keep a small caddy with carpet and upholstery cleaners along with a dull knife and white cloth for incidental vomit care. Pick up the hard particles with the plastic knife, wash with the rug shampoo and rinse well with warm water. Act quickly, because the acidity can attack the textile strands.

Organize your bedroom with carpet round. Pets shed less if they are often bathed and their fur is combed regularly. To decrease stomach and digestive problems feed them properly and avoid variations in their diet.

Do-It-Yourself Vs. Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Modern artistic office restroom interior designs. Sentiments vary about what is a faster and more effective way to clean your rugs - by yourself or to engage a professional cleaning services. Many people think it would be a pure waste to pay for job they are capable to do themselves. Or so they believe.

Let's examine some of the pros and cons for each alternative:

Do-It-Yourself Rug Cleaning

Fresh decorating your office at work. Cleaning is a time consuming and labor intensive. It requires physical strength and persuasion to maintain a house always in a perfect state.

Routine home maintenance incorporates regular vacuuming, floors mopping, carpets washing, windows cleaning plus big seasonal cleanings and occasional "surgical strikes" - cleaning before or after a party, beds and upholstery cleaning, etc. Let us do the math - at least an hour and half every day day for vacuum cleaning and tidying up the place, plus half a day every week (taking from your spare time), plus hours and hours scrubbing rugs and windows. And, allot time for organization - buying cleaning products and keeping track of this whole ordeal!

Small bedroom wall color ideas with green carpet. It is time only we were talking about up to now. Take into consideration the price of high-tech mops, vacuums, steam carpet machines together with all disposables and detergents needed. Stocking up your cleaning closet calls for a substantive cash outlay.

At the end, throw into the equation your general lack of information and understanding in the subject matter of cleaning all together. You are confused which shampoo will work best on your rugs, which stain remover to apply to this or that stain, you try and fail, your elegant coach has a huge red wine spot just in the middle that would not come out irrespective what chemicals you try. And the clutter keeps growing, you are about to give up.

Professional Rug Cleaning

101 Dalmations Themes Coziness Girls Bedroom Designs. Reputable cleaning companies spend time and money studying the business and choosing the best equipment, practices and products to be competitive. They develop efficient techniques and train people. Furthermore, they have experience and expertise how to approach each situation.

Financially your obligation towards the cleaning company is limited to paying them the agreed upon charge. You are in your own right to demand high quality and perfection for their work, as they pledge.

Make Your Choice

Additional Large Mattress After Cleaning. Did we convince you? Booking commercial cleaning services greatly overshadows the alternative of cleaning your rugs yourself in many aspects - time, money, efficiency, etc..

Just do your research before you hire a professional cleaning company. There are many business offering this service. Check their Internet sites carefully, check the machines and the products they use, read their references. Different entities offer different services and options. Choosing the best match for your necessities is the vital aspect for being satisfied.


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