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Flat Cleaning London
Flat Cleaning London


Cleaning after construction and renovation in London

One of our most sought after services in London is the detailed cleaning after completion of construction work or renewal.

Pin office space design of creative studio raw house ideas. Many people are faced with this situation - builders have finished the assignment and left the cleaning behind for others to take care of. As we all are aware, such cleaning task is elaborate - it requires more than just water and cloth to secure successful end. It calls for specialized tools, cleansing agents and machines. Unsuitable use of chemicals could damage the newly installed finishes - it is vital to be acquainted with exactly what, where and how to use.

White modern dental office interior design ideas. Being fully aware of the scope and the difficulty of the situation, we, Prolux London, recommend our after builders cleaning services - we do this after the construction workers leave:

  • Rubbish collection and removal (brick pieces, remnants of construction materials, etc.)
  • Dirt and grime clean up of all floors, walls and service rooms
  • Machine cleaning and shining of all hard floors (granite, marble, terracotta tiles, linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.)
  • Deep carpet and rug vacuum and steam cleaning, including resilient spot and stubborn stain removal
  • Cleaning of all furniture, including removing of the dust, lint, and dried paint.
  • Dust cleaning all heaters, light fixtures, electric switches, window sills, etc.
  • Removal of dust and through cleaning of the ceilings, vents and wall protrusions
  • Cleaning and detailing of all doors Comfortable dental office interior design ideas.
  • Wiping off, polishing, and shining all mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all sinks, sanitary fixtures, toilets, and accessories
  • Washing, polishing, and shining the windows and vitrines along with the blinds and shades.
  • Complete "turn-key" cleaning
  • Comprehensive cleaning after home or office remodeling or construction completion is the last and perhaps the most important stage for the successful project completion.

Contemporary minimalist hone office ideas. Hiring our Prolux London professional cleaning service is going to save you a lot of time and aggravation along the way. And the final result is going to exceed your expectations.

Coffee and Tea Stain Cleaning

Removing Tea and Coffee Spots

Benefits of having carpet living room with decorative lighting. Coffee and tea drinking is an essential, important part of our culture. For most people their an early cup of coffee or tea marks the start of the day. Here is the scoop - incidents happen. We are in a rush, children, furry friends you name it - what was up to now in the cup ends up on the rug or on the upholstered furniture.

Sit back, you could clean this coffee or tea stain successfully by yourself, if if done the right way! You could use either an existing commercial stain cleanser or opt for one of the proven to work methods of grandma.

Commercial Spot Removers

Minimalist office studio with white cabinet desk and chair on rug patterned green. The cleaning isle in your grocery store is most likely loaded with a great deal of alternative spot removal chemicals. Select one, just read the directions on the label carefully. Pre-treat the stained area straightaway and follow the instructions.

Soak the spotted area with the stain cleaner and allow it act minimum five minutes. Wash all cleaning chemical to finish.


Office clip hook. This is an effective treatment method for coffee or tea spots. Mix one teaspoon of vinegar to one quart cold water. Saturate the spot and absorb with clean white paper towels. It will loosen and clean the stain.

Baking Soda

Wet a clean white rag with lukewarm water. Sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda on to it and rub in the rug. Wash well at the end.

Gray Car interior Prior to Cleansing. Never use stain removers containing chlorine on colored or frail fabrics. At all times check labels for warning signs!

Remember - the quicker you act, the better are your chances for success!

Always clean the spotted area from the outside edges in the direction towards the center!

Test any spot removal product on a small invisible area first!

Media room furniture director office. Undeniably, the most efficient way to go is to have an expert cleaner to take care of accidental stains. We, Prolux, are one of the best cleaners in London. We will resolve all your cleaning needs completely. Just call us at 02033186387 or send us an inquiry using our Internet site.

12 Main Points for Clean Carpets

Beige carpet steam cleaning process. Consumers beware! These are a several warnings pertaining to your rugs installation and cleaning:

Poisonous Detergents

Regardless of the fact that many of the rug care and maintenance products offered for purchase by the public are harmless, there are detergents containing poisonous chemicals. Read labels thoroughly and inquire about the cleaning products your professional cleaner works with.

Vacuum Often

Daily vacuuming takes out the dust settled in the rug. It maintains them looking fresh and crisp.

Steam Clean Often

Beautiful living room leather sofa bhds. Frequent vacuuming prolongs the life of your rugs. If you allow their appearance to deteriorate, more aggressive chemicals would be required to clean them.

Follow Manufacturer's Instructions

Read all labels, instructions and documentation that arrives with the rug. Use only the methods and chemicals prescribed for your floor covering.

Hire Professional Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaners use professional grade equipment and are expertly trained in the ins and outs about carpet cleaning and care. You are going to spare yourself plenty of hassle and frustration.

Get the Carpets Mounted Right

Designing room styles for girls with white carpet. It is extremely important to have new carpets mounted the right way. Poor quality work initially can lead to a lot of problems afterwards.

Location, Location, Location

Select carpets appropriate for different rooms. Wet rooms along with intense traffic sections are not suitable for wall to wall carpeting. Opt for water resistant and heavy duty floor alternatives instead.

Keep Dirt off Rugs

Your rugs will stay clean longer if you restrain the street dirt out. Put big floor mats in front of all home entrances and clean them regularly.

No Food or Beverages on the Carpets

Modern top floor rugs. The best protection from spilled beverages and smeared oily foods is limiting them to the dining areas.

Act Fast in Emergencies

If a spot happens - take immediate action. Absorb as much as you can with a clean white tissue picking up from the edges the center.

Be Cautious with Harsh Products

Some spot removals are highly aggressive. They may contain harsh poisonous chemicals (tetrachlorethylene, for instance). Wear latex gloves when working with strong cleaning agents.

Be Careful with the Carpet Shampooers

Kitchens paint samples with carpet. Do not overly saturate your carpets with hot water. Plenty of liquid may warp the rug.

Irrespective of the fact that many of the detergents steam cleaning machines work with are gentle and harmless, be sure rooms that are being treated have a plentiful supply of fresh air. Restrict traffic onto the wet rugs and always vacuum after the steam cleaning to remove chemical residue.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Reviews

Cubicle contemporary home office furniture. Whether you are moving in or out from a rental property or you are selling your home our end of tenancy cleaning London is the proper choice for you.

We, at Prolux Cleaning offer intense pre/post tenancy cleaning in a day, delivering your property in it's best possible state.

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning is done by tried-and-true mobile groups of cleaning experts fully trained to clean properties at lease end or before start of a new one. The teams are exclusively armed for the job with tools and cleaning agents.

Gray Sofas, loveseats, and chaises at The Time of Cleaning. We realize the meaning of having your house professionally cleaned and inspected. We are well acquainted with the inventory checkout lists. We have developed an all-embracing checklist reflecting the standard, ordinary items required by main London rental agencies. Our janitors at all times use this list to check out their performance.

This is what we do when we perform end of tenancy cleaning London:

Staircases and Hallways:

Nice backdrop decoration with animal painting in google office. We fully vacuum clean all staircases and hallways. We wipe off all skirting boards, light fixtures and the light switches, the doors, clean all spider webs from the ceilings, clean the inside and outside windows and window sills. We remove the trash as a bonus service.


Comfortable modern bedroom with rug curtain decor. We remove all lime accumulations from the bathroom tiles. The toilet is scrubbed thoroughly on all sides. The washbasin is cleaned along with the bathtub and the shower stall. Interior windows and mirrors are polished as well.


We clean with a vacuum the entire room. We wipe off all skirting boards, light fixtures and electric switches. We pick up all cob webs from all ceilings. We wipe off inside windows and window sills. All waste bins are emptied and cleaned as well.

Living Room:

How to design wall organizers home office with red wall. We vacuum clean the room, wipe off all skirting boards, lights and electric switches. We dust off the shelves; clean cob webs from the ceilings, clean interior windows and window sills. All garbage bins are emptied, cleaned and the waste is taken out.


We scrub the stove top and range hood, clean the microwave interior and exterior, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and washing machines - inside and out, together with the soap dispenser. We wipe off all kitchen cupboards - inside and outside. We clean all doors. We remove crumbs and clean small countertop appliances like toaster, kettle, etc. We disinfect all work surfaces, vacuum clean and mop the floor. We wash interior windows and sills. All garbage is taken out and the trash can is washed

Prolux offers move in cleaning service for newcomers to London. Also, we could clean and maintain your home while you are away for an extended period of time. This is going to provide a piece of mind while you are away.

Cool lounge leather directors chair. Book this service with us - your property will be thoroughly cleaned with exceptional consideration and attention to details. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed- we stand behind the excellence of our services uncompromisingly.

Note: Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and curtains steam cleaning are not included in the end-of-tenancy service. They could be added upon request.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

Cleaning After New Year Eve Party

Highly modern office interior design by rotstein arkitekter bicycle. Picking up the mess after a celebration is the most unpleasant part of it. Frankly speaking, it is a sort of a drag. Preparing and being at the New Year Eve celebration is pleasurable. What is left after is plainly a lot of labor. Although cleaning afterwards a big party cannot be ducked entirely, there are smart tricks to make it easier and more bearable.

Natural carpet tiles with wall wood. Hiring a maid service could help you in the cleaning work. Book the maid to come a couple of hours after the gathering and before the coming of the cleaning groups. Use the time after the gathering to get some sleep. Hiring a maid will add to your bottom line, so consider it within the limits of your budget.

Also, you can talk to some of your best friends to help you after the festivity. Working with your palls as a crew would be a lot of fun in fact! Look at it as an addition to the occasion itself! Take some time for sleep then get up and take the the garbage out with allied efforts. Turn on nice soft music while cleaning, talk, and trough jokes. Keep up the festive spirit! You will finish before you even realize.

Beautiful office chairs with fur rug. Some light tiding work could taken care of while the party is humming to reduce your after party labor. Just play by the ear. Assess the situation and choose what are you ready to do now and what is to remain for the next morning.

After the biggest chaos is gone, inspect for marks and spots. Predictably foodstuffs and beverages were fell here and there. Check meticulously seats, settees, curtains, and carpets. Hardened solidified food spots are best cleaned with a spatula or a plastic knife.

Complete cleaning after the gathering - removal of food and drink soils, washing all dishes, vacuuming all carpets and the soft furniture pieces brings back your home to its previous state.

Luxury home office design with wooden floor and beautiful chandelier. For your comfort and best quality results hiring a professional cleaner is recommended.

We, Prolux cleaning in London, want you to enjoy fully your New Year's evening. We want you to have one pleasant stress-free social event. We are ready to clean after your party. We are happy if you are satisfied.

To book our services call us at 07585905630 or connect with us via our Internet site.

New Name at the Cleaning Services Market in London

Prolux Cleaning is a well-established name on the cleaning services market. It bears the insignia of excellence and invention. Prolux Cleaning works with quality eco-friendly products and provides superior services to the multitude of valued clients in London. We completely guarantee the efficiency of all products we work with.

Cleaning Products

Messy Colorfull Rugs in Process of Cleaning. Prolux Cleaning works with Double Clean - the newest cleaning agent on the market. This is a very concentrated powder cleanser. Double Clean has highly active substances and it has been especially developed for cleaning of heavily spotted rugs to work where many other products have failed. Our cleaning company Prolux effortlessly removes stains from carpets, rugs and mats, with this special high-grade environmentally safe cleaning agent.

For food, drinks and other liquid spills we work with Neutral Pro - Spotter. This agent is safe for delicate woolen carpets and rugs. The solution leaves your floor coverings pleasingly perfumed with a subtle scent after usage.

Architecture decorating ideas for small home offices. Our Prolux Cleaning expert teams use Stain Pro Heavy Duty alkaline based solvent protein spotter. It fully eliminates blood, vomit, wine, ink, fresh tea, coffee, and other food spots. It deodorizes the rugs leaving mild mint smell behind after application.

Filter-Out is used for cleaning of air filter soil lines formed near heating and air conditioning vents. This is a innovative product designed to deal with electrically charged particles, enabling compete stain removal. It works very well on toner spills, carbon, soot, etc. The agent is a green liquid formula with soft floral scent.

Coffee Stain Remover is used for tea, coffee, beer, tannin spot cleaning and other yellow and brown stains on rugs. Fresh lemon scent lingers over the rug after application.

The Red Rx is designed especially to clean red food spots, caused by carbonated drinks, fruit juices and wine stains. Spots are cleaned effectively by rubbing the solution onto the carpet with wet towel and drying the wet section with hot iron. The product is a solvent aromatized with lemon fragrance.

Modern industrial office accessory for document shelf made of stainless steel. For iron rust stains, dried blood stains, or other red pigmentations on carpets we work with a low cost and mild yet effective acidic gel. The Rust Remover is gentle on textiles in comparison to most acid products and does not need chemical neutralization afterwards.

The Citrus Gel product we use is ideal for cleaning oil, grease, tar, gum, and other oil-based spots. It has been designed to work on the textile surface without affecting the carpets' latex backing, unlike many other citrus based solvents. The spot remover has a soft citrus perfume.

Solvall Spotter is a highly effective dry cleaning compound for spot cleaning of oil, grease, adhesives, tar, gum, oil-based paints, and other stains soluble in organic thinners. This cleaning agent is scented with orange perfume.

The Ink Solv is a recent we work with water-based micro-emulsion spot removal for nail polish, marker pen ink and PVA adhesive on carpets, fabrics and other surfaces. This chemical is a softly scented fluid.

Prolux uses also Solvex - a water washable, gentle solvents and detergents designed to penetrate the carpet structure in depth for cleaning hi-gloss and satin paints, nail polish, varnish, and ink spots on carpets, fabrics and other interior textiles. The product is a clear solution with a faint fragrance.

Three table office furniture ideas for creative ideas office furniture. Chewing gum eliminating is a challenge. We, Prolux use an aerosol freezer spray to take out chewing gum and sweets stuck on all surfaces.

Prolux Cleaning Services is a well-established cleaning company on the market for carpet and rugs cleaning. We offer residential and commercial cleaning services.

Summer Seasonal Offer from Prolux Cleaning Services London

Order Now!

Large acrylic office desk. Now for a limited time only you can order our "two-in-one" special deal - you receive end-of-tenancy or one-off cleaning plus carpet wash for a two-bedroom flat or a house.

Our teams will leave the space sparklingly clean, radiating freshness in its best look.

Prolux cleaning services in London offers:

Modern style meeting room office design. Summer special promotion. Book 3 rooms now and you get 4 rooms done at equal price.

Unconditionally customer satisfaction is fully guaranteed. Check our rates!

New!!! Local Cleaning Squads in London.

Eclectic black leather overstock bean bag chairs. Prolux located in London is a registred and insured professional cleaner. Our people are committed to provide the supreme quality services in your area.

Prolux, offers the most dependable janitorial services in the instant area. Our rates are affordable for most budgets. Our squads service all sections in United Kingdom for carpet, upholstery, rug, hard floor, end-of-tenancy, one-off, office, after party, after builders, windows cleaning services for domestic and commercial clients alike.

Fancy black leather long backhead chair with hp lcd monitor and sennheiser headsets. We have long years of experience servicing London. We take pride in our work and we know what is required to do things the right way. Our cleaning systems are tested and mild - we use eco- friendly products and high quality equipment. The hygiene we provide is what you need at your home or office.

Aged Spotty Commercial - Cleaning Process. We, Prolux, in London perform a full assortment of cleaning services at affordable prices, done by our by highly-qualified professionals. Check our price calculator for quick reference.

Carpet Cleaning London Prices

101 Dalmations Themes Finest Girls Bedroom Patterns. Welcome to Prolux Carpet cleaning London!

We specialize in expert janitorial services for residential, commercial and industrial cleaning. We cover all boroughs of United Kingdom.

Our cleaners are highly trained, capable, and qualified. We are fully insured. We stand behind our quality absolutely - our customers' satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Not by a coincidence Prolux Cleaning grew to be trusted name for many commercial and residential customers. All employees at Prolux Cleaning are devoted to our work.

Black 2 piece lazy boy leather corner sectional sofa. Dirt and lint locked in the rugs may trigger allergies as well as overall worsening of asthma symptoms. Your carpets need regular care and wash, best done by professional cleaners.

Prolux Cleaning employs experienced professional rug-and-carpet cleaning experts. We provide superb services higher than the industry's standards. We use the newest high tech carpet-and-rug cleaning machines. Our experts eliminate soilage and contaminants from deep inside your carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Method by Prolux in London

Hot water extraction method has proven to be the best way to wash rugs and carpets. This is not only our view; it is backed up the by the major carpet manufacturers.

Old style home office design. Our portable hot water extraction machines for carpet and rug expert cleaning are one of the best in operation in the entire London. We promise that 3 hours after your carpets and rugs have been cleaned by us, they will be clean, refreshed, scented, and completely dry.

Our carpet and rug cleaning experts use only and the most effective carpet cleaning machines manufactured by top names in the industry.

Carpet Cleaning London. Professional Services by Prolux:

Our Carpet Cleaning London Services include:

  • Allergens eradication - dust, pet fur, etc.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning - guards the health of your home.
  • Bacteria extermination - use of efficient decontaminators.
  • Supreme luxury - softer, better looking carpet.
  • Complete stain removal
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Our carpet technicians follow sophisticated cleaning procedures. We use only safe eco-friendly cleaning products.

Let us reinstate your carpet back to it's prior state! Joint the many pleased and satisfied customers.

Modern forest landscape of green glass wardrobe with gray fur rug. We, at Prolux cleaners safely and effectively get rid of spots from your rugs.

We have been operating for over 8 years in London. We are capable to sanitize and renovate all styles of carpets, fabric and cowhide upholstered furniture. From the day we started the business, our efforts have been of a benefit to numerous residential and commercial clients, like office parks, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and nursing homes, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, etc., in London. We know how to maintain any carpet - domestic or commercial grade alike, in any condition.

Dirty Black and White Carpets in Process of Cleaning. No job is too big or small for us - we have faith we can do any work, because our crews have all skills necessary - our professional cleaners are knowledgeable, skilled, proficient, dedicated, and efficient. Armed with all this, together with the right equipment and methods we are ready to remove any spot or soilage.

A lot of our business comes from referrals. This is an attestation of our commitment to provide friendly, effective and affordable services.

Carpet Cleaning in London. Professional Rug Cleaning London Services.

Prolux Cleaning Services is a symbol of utmost quality services at reasonable rates. We are honored by the fact that we have forged long-term relationships with countless satisfied clients and we remain faithful to the same basic business rules.

Basement home office ideas. Please note: There is a minimum charge of £50 (50 Pounds) per visit. You can combine services like carpet and mattresses cleaning to add up or to exceed the minimum amount to get your money worth.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

Get The Best Out of Your Cleaning

Beautiful office chairs with color purple. Cleaning is not often perceived as a pleasant activity. There are shrewd tricks people develop to beat the dust and the dullness. Glance over below - some of these tips you might find beneficial:

Getting Rid of Cat and Dog Hair

To clean cat or dog hair, put on a wet latex household glove and wipe out the shed fur with your hand. The hair will stick onto the glove.

Cleaning Red-Wine Spots

Modern living room with black sofa and rug and yellow cushion and lamp. A drop, a smidgen of foam shaving cream is going to help clean many red-wine stains from rugs.

Recruiting Help

Cheap bathroom faucets with carpet flooring. Inquire for helpers to share your housekeeping work and you give in return. It's great to share the workload with somebody. Plus, it cuts the work in half.

Use External Services

If you have an insurmountable pile of laundry, dirty clothes use a commercial Laundromat offering wash-and-fold service. They are affordable and charge per per pound. The washed clothes could be picked up the following day.

Cleaning Lamp Shades

50s Chic Eating Running Eating Table. Lint roller picks up dirt from lamp shades very well.

Keeping the Home Clutter- Free

When uncertain - throw it away. Battle with the mess in your residence and you will have less items to clean.

Employ Professional Services

Office cleaning carpet conference room. If your family or your career are more important than the housekeeping work, engage professional help.

With us Prolux expert cleaning services you will not have to make a choice between having a pleasing house and doing the things you love to do. We have been servicing London for many years. We are registered; fully insured and dependable.

You can book our affordable services using our Internet site or simply calling us at 07585905630.

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