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Fuel Injector Cleaning

How to Keep Your Carpet In Its Best Shape For A Long Time

Leather living room furniture with photo frame. You have purchased the most gorgeous rug in the store and you want it to stay beautiful and fresh for a long time. Routine and proper maintenance is needed to preserve your carpet appearing at its best. Random cleanings performed on the spur of the moment will only accelerate the aging of your carpet. Heavily soiled carpets need harsher cleansing agents and stronger chemicals attack the weave and coloration.

First, ensure carpets are well mounted and secured to the floor. Proper setting up guarantees nice look and ease of care.

Regular Rug Cleaning

Stylish twitter office interior design. Vacuum clean rugs often. every day cleaning ensures that dust is sucked out from the carpet before they penetrate deep into the pile and smudge the surface.

Wash your carpets regularly. Hiring a commercial cleaning company to do this task will most probably give the best results. Pros work with powerful machines and high grade detergents. Furthermore, they are efficient and experienced.

However, if you are planning on washing your rugs yourself, keep in mind the two most common mistakes in steam cleaning- oversaturation with water and leaving detergent residue on the carpet. The first could warp or shrink the rug, the later - to give the carpet an unclean dull look.

Shiny Single End of tenancy After Cleaning. For carpets with embedded dust dry cleaning with granules is the best cleaning alternative. Granules are sprinkled on the surface, worked in and then removed with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

A recently developed cleaning technique calls for treating rugs with vaporized water heated up to about 2400 F and no detergents. This method is most appropriate for relatively clean or recently installed rugs. It freshens the carpet and eliminates bad smells.

Stain Eradication

stains occur on rugs even in the homes of the best families. We need to accept their unavoidability and somehow to find a way to deal with the situation.

White clean Ove Internal Afterwards. First rule is - act quickly! Pick up the stain as fast as possible working from the edges towards the middle with a clean white cloth.

Do not hurry to try different spot cleaning chemicals available to you at the moment. Not all satin cleaners work on every stain. Wrong chemicals could react with the spot and lock it in. Or, they may damage the fabric beyond repair. Your best bet is calling an expert cleaning service to take care of it. At all times tell the technician about the methods and the chemicals you've applied so far in an attempt to remove the stain.

Tile Hard Floor cleaning in London

Tile Cleaning and Maintenance Basics

Modern home office ideas overview. Glaze coated tile floors need to be swept or vacuumed frequently so their surface keeps its gloss. Tiles are resilient to dirt penetration, but hard particles and pebbles are glaze's nemeses. Clean tiles with soft soap and clean water. Use a absorbent cloth or chamois mop instead of a sponge mop. The porous sponge pushes the dirty water into the grout ridges and stains them. Change the water frequently while cleaning - wiping with muddy water leaves dirt smeared on the surface.

Scum Deposit Removal

How to choose the right office furniture. Some floor cleaners may leave a coat on the tiles and their finish looks murky and dim. This adhesive coat can be eliminated using nonabrasive all-purpose cleaners. A mild acid produces excellent results - try fresh lemon juice. Never use it on marble slates though! Rinse very well with clear water and polish with a clean microfiber cloth.

Clean Looking Grout

Cheap dining room tables with carpet flooring. Mold free will make or break the appearance of your tiled floor. Putty fill is porous and absorbs liquids and dirt. As an alternative of using commercial cleaners combine baking soda and water. Rub it on the plaster vein and let work overnight. Next morning scrape with a stiff nylon brush (not a metal one, because it will damage the grout). Shield the plaster with a silicone based sealer to prevent future mold growth.

Chic top floor rugs. Even though upkeep and maintenance of tile and ceramic floors is fairly easy, for superior results at all times choose professional services. We, Prolux have been cleaning many tiled floors in countless residential homes and commercial establishments in London. We have the experience to select the most appropriate cleaning products for your tile floor. What's more, we will treat with high grade sealants to maintain your tiled floor good looking and gleaming for a long time.

Lovely minimalist cream living room with grey rugs. We are concerned about the environment. We are cautious about the health and the well-being of our customers. All cleaning agents we use are environmentally safe, non-toxic and do not discharge harsh smells.

We are ready to answer all your questions - call us at 02033186387 or send an inquiry using our site. One of our customer service associates are going to be in touch with you before not too long.

Benefits of Applying Carpets and Upholstery with Scotchgard

Where to buy small dining room sets with gray carpet. Applying a coat of Scotchgard spray on your furniture and carpets could be very beneficial for their good looks and life longevity. It impregnates all fabrics and protects them from staining. It acts as a protective seal and keeps lint from attaching itself onto the fabric.

Scotchgard use is encouraged after carpet or upholstery cleaning to extend the effects of these procedures.

See for yourself the benefits this plain spray provides for you:

Scotchgard Acts as a Shield for Your Carpets and Upholstered Furniture

Go green interior office design bytakeshi hosaka architects. The product not only thwarts stains occurrence on the fabric, but also protects the textile. The slim coating is not going to permit harmful particles to nest in beneath the surface. With a Scotchgard application your new rugs and soft furniture will stay crisp and clean for a longer time. You will a piece of mind and easier life as well.

Scothguard Saves Money

Treating regularly your upholstered furniture with Scotchgard allows them to look. Therefore, the replacement caused by wear and tear is postponed.

Scothgard Makes Cleaning Easier

Fabrics protected with Scotchgard are stain resilient, so you can safely throw away these unbearable plastic covers from the sofa and runners from the carpets. You know how burdensome is to vacuum clean with these unwieldy and unwanted additions to the interiors!

Scotchgard Seals Cleaned Surfaces

Painted furniture ideas tables with grey rug. Applying a protective layer of Scotchgard spray over just cleaned carpets and upholstery (but only after they dry up completely) keeps the results from the cleaning efforts for a longer period of time. Does it make sense to invest time and money for steam cleaning just to see your floors soiled again just in a week?

Working with the spray can is quite uncomplicated and does not require expert skills. Just take off the cap and spray. Do not overly saturate one section at once. Repeat several times as needed. Never spray in an open flame!

You can also request your commercial cleaner for a Scotchgard treatment immediately after the carpets have been cleaned as an added service.

Scotchgard can be used for car seats and interior upholstery as well.

This product is readily available in all hardware stores. It is inexpensive and safe as well, so go for it!

Dry Cleaning vs. Deep Steam Cleaning. London Cleaners.

Sofa upholstery cleaning before after. There are four main carpet cleaning methods in use now. Both dry and wet carpet cleaning techniques have advantages and disadvantages. Below we have put together a short summary for each method together with their benefits and short comings for you. To chose the best alternative for your carpets your best bet is to consult with an expert. We, Prolux in London are more than happy to discuss your carpet cleaning needs with you. Give us a call or send a message via this site.

Hot Water Extraction Steam Cleaning

Small simple and chick office interior. Hot water extraction is the most often used professional carpet cleaning method, also called steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is performed with heated to high temperature water with carpet shampoo added to it. The solution is squirted until the rug is saturated. Using an agitator brush the cleaning agent is worked into the rug to dissolve the set in dirt. After that it is vacuumed out together with the loosened dirt.

Single Oven After Cleaning. This method is very efficient - it cleans most stains, eradicates dust mites, and removes dander. Basic disadvantage is the long drying time - carpets may take up to eight hours to fully dry. Also - detergent left behind attracts dust. Shortly after cleaning the carpet gets to look smudged and polluted.

Vapor Steam Cleaning

Bathroom amazing contemporary black and white with black rug bathroom comfortable contemporary bathrooms design collections. A new and modern rug cleaning method is vapor steam extraction. Water is heated up to 2400-2600 F degrees. Thus created steam is applied onto the carpet fibers without any detergent. High pressured steam dislodges muck efficiently, but it does not dissolve all stains. Carpets are vacuumed at the end to remove all loosened particles. It takes approximately 2 hours for your rug to dry completely after vapor steam cleaning.

Foam Dry Cleaning

Bathroom flooring carpet flooring options. Contrary toits name This method in not fully dry - the foam cleaning agent contains some moisture. The time your carpet needs to dry is quite short though. Foam dry cleaning machines rub the foam chemical deep into the carpet with rotating brushes. At the end the dirt dissolved in the spray is extracted with a powerful vacuum. Foam dry cleaned carpets dry in less than an hour. This process is effective on most stains. Be aware that often foam residue remains in the carpet and its fibers darken and look unclean. In addition, the coarse brushes used often mutilate delicate rugs fibers or reduce their life.

Dry Cleaning with Granules

Architecture and elegant office furniture. Dry cleaning with granules is a true no water carpet cleaning method. Granules, the cleaning agent, are applied the carpet with a spinning brush applicator. The chemical loosens and encapsulates the dirt. In a short while it forms crystals. The carpet is vacuumed with a powerful machine leaving it fresh and hygienic. Major downside of this method - it does not kill dust mites or mold, and could damage rugs. On the positive side, it uses zero drying time and is effective on just as the universal steam cleaning.

According to majority of carpet manufacturers, all residential carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months to preserve their look. Commercial carpets need to be cleaned more frequently.

Tips for Great Looking Living Rooms

Designing the office chair with elegant floor plans. Living rooms are truly family rooms - the whole family spends time together there. This is fantastic and we love each other immeasurably but chaos reigns supreme in this place. Books, magazines, DVDs, crayons, toys―how did all of this was able to get in there? Grime and filth also pile up generously in this heavy traffic place, so floors and furniture require a bit of extra maintenance.

How to deal with the disorder in small increments of time?

If You Have 15 Minutes Do This:

Stylish red baobab desk for office. Try to clear the mess. Examine the whole room with a laundry basket in tow, collecting inside of it all items that do not belong there. At a later time return things at their proper places.

Speed-dust where visible. Remove dust from the table, all furniture, all shelves, etc.

Arrange and ruffle pillows, and fold throw blankets. Performing these simple tasks will reward the appearance of the room greatly.

If You Have 30 Minutes, Add to the Above:

Retro colorful bathroom rugs. Vacuum clean or sweep the floor. It is a dull and monotonous job, however, it is an important one. Dirt destroys carpet fibers and hard floors alike. Focus on all areas around doors.

If You Have An Hour, Add to the Above:

Check your sofa and settees and window curtains. Vacuum clean the living room set, cushions, and drapes. Clean under and behind cushions, fluff and rotate them. Draw the curtains and vacuum them. Wipe each blind slat carefully using a damp microfiber cloth.

If You Have Half a Day, Add to the Above:

Wallpaper office. Clean your windows using a glass glass cleaning solution and a soft cloth like paper tissue or an discarded T-shirt. A little trick - work with horizontal strikes for outside and vertical ones for inside (or vice versa, the choice is yours). The point - to keep track on what side of the glass is the smear.

50s Elegance Eating Using Round Chair. Eliminate spots from your walls. Clean the cabinets inside using a vacuum cleaner or a moistened cloth. Fight dirt nests. Clean all sides of your furniture with a duster. Roll back all rugs and clean the floor underneath.

If You Want to Have Your Living Room Clean Always:

Call us at your earliest convenience. We are Prolux professional cleaners. We provide services in London and we are available 24 hours seven days per week for all your cleaning needs.

Cleaning after construction and renovation in London

One of our most sought after services in London is the complete cleaning after finish of construction project or remodeling.

Stylish decorating ideas for home offices. Many people face this predicament - builders have completed the assignment and left the mess afterwards for others to take care of. As we all know, this cleaning job is elaborate - it requires more than just water and cloth to secure successful result. It needs specialized equipment, cleaning agents and machines. Unsuitable use of chemicals might hurt the newly installed finishes - it is imperative to be acquainted with exactly what, where and how to apply.

Elegant dark and white of office interior design ideas in contemporary style for cheaf room. Being fully aware of the complexity and the difficulty of the situation, we, Prolux London, recommend our after builders cleaning services - we do the following after the construction workers leave:

  • Rubbish collection and removal (brick pieces, remnants of construction materials, etc.)
  • Dirt and grime clean up of all floors, walls and service rooms
  • Machine cleaning and polishing of the hard floors (granite, marble, terracotta tiles, linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.)
  • Deep carpet and rug vacuum and steam cleaning, including resilient spot and obstinate stain removal
  • Cleaning of the furniture, including removing of all dust, lint, and spots.
  • Wiping off the heaters, light fixtures, electric switches, window sills, etc.
  • Removal of dust and through cleaning of all ceilings, vents and wall protrusions
  • Cleaning and detailing of all doors Before party cleaning.
  • Cleaning, polishing, and shining the mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all sinks, sanitary fixtures, toilets, and accessories
  • Washing, polishing, and shining all windows and vitrines together with the blinds and shades.
  • Complete "turn-key" cleaning
  • Detailed cleaning after home or office renovation or construction finish is the last and perhaps the most important stage for the successful project completion.

Gray Leather After Cleaning. Hiring our Prolux London professional cleaning service is going to save you a lot of time and frustration along the way. And the final result is going to exceed your expectations.

Care Recommendations for Exotic Rugs

Elegant new office interior ideas. People want to express style in their appearances, surroundings, and environment. They have the need to be unique and showcase their treasured possessions.

People collect rare and antique rugs and put them with pride in their homes. These boutique artifacts look extremely sophisticated. To enjoy them for years to come, they need to be maintained. Use caution when dealing with your rare pieces, because most antique carpets could be frail and need to be handled with care.

Wilton Rug Care and Maintenance

Interior office design with adjacent desks. Wilton and similar woven carpets are best taken to a professional carpet cleaning company for washing. Do not risk damage to such an expensive possession.

Acrylic Yarn Rug Care and Maintenance

Acrylic Yarn Rugs could withstand wash at temperature up to 104° F. Machine wash works very well for big capacity machines.

Rugs with Rubber Backing Care and Maintenance

Contemporary office restroom interior designs. Carpets with rubber backing (rubber mats) are washed best with an extractor. They could also be scraped with a gentle brush, and a mild detergent and water solution at a temperature not exceeding 104° F. Rinse thoroughly and dry flat. Never put the wet rug onto the floor, as the rubber backing may get stuck to it.

Flocati Rugs Cleaning

Flocati Rugs are washed in tubs or washing machines with plenty of cold water and a neutral soap solution. Rinse well and run quick spin cycle. Stretch to dry.

Rag Runners Cleaning

Nutone surface mount medicine cabinets with black carpet. Rag cotton carpets are machine washable at temperature up to 104° F. Be cautious with the red and the blue stripes - these colors exhibit a tendency to leak and tint the fringe and the light colors.

Striped Rugs Care and Maintenance

Striped rugs could be washed in cold water and mild soap. Scrub with a soft brush in the direction of the stripes on both sides and rinse thoroughly in the stripes direction. Wash long runners on a higher elevation and leave to hang dry.

Plastic Mats Cleaning

Plastic and acrylic mats are machine washable. Set on cool water cycle (not exceeding 104° F). Do not centrifuge them. Roll the mat tightly after washing to remove wrinkles. Hang to dry.

Lightly stained and smudged mats are better just vacuumed or shaken - it is going to recover their look. Wipe with a sponge and warm soapy water, if needed.

You could use textile or carpet-cleaning spray. After washing, rinse repeatedly with warm water. Leave the carpet stretched on racks to dry.

Sheepskin Mats Care and Maintenance

Sofa Fan After Cleaning. For slight staining - vacuum, then clean with an adhesive roll or wipe with a damp sponge soaked in warm water and well squeezed off.

For heavy staining - clean with a mild liquid detergent not containing enzymes, phosphates, peroxides, alkalis and bleaches.

Soiled skin could be be soaked in cold water as a pretreatment. Machine wash on delicate wool wash program with cool water. Use plenty of water. The pelt tolerates centrifuge but not tumble dry. Do not use bleach. Hung dry the skin pined at two corners. Do not place near excessive heat or direct sunlight. While the skin is still damp, pull and rub the pelt to regain suppleness.

Alternatively, your sheepskin mat may be dry cleaned. This always is a safer way to go.

Persian Rug Care and Maintenance

Modern living room ideas with two chair and white rug. A Persian rug is a possession worth preserving. With good care, it could last for a long time.

Rotate the carpet to wear out evenly on all sides. Do not drag furniture across the carpet. At all times use a flat tip when vacuuming, and end in the direction of the pile.

Of course, you may always have a professional clean of your carpet.

For all your special rug cleaning needs you can always contact us. We, Prolux, are reputable cleaning company in London and we are able to deliver the best quality service for your rugs.

Professional Garage Cleanup Services in London

White modern executive office furniture for office. Garage is perhaps the most often ignored place in many houses. Years were required to accumulate so much junk there and the necessity for a good professional cleanup has evolved into a chronic condition.

Our organization, Prolux in London realizes the importance of having your garage neat and tidy. It is a laborious task. Big oil leakages; dirty grease stains on the floor call for a professional intervention.

Indoors Sofa After Cleaning. We, Prolux in London, are barely a phone call away. Get in touch with us and request our garage cleaning services. You don't have to worry about your piled things - we are going to take care of them all. Just start your vehicle and take a ride. When you get back home, you are going to see your garage neat and well-groomed.

Living room with gray sofas and rug. When you select Prolux in London, you get:

  • Free cleaning price estimate
  • A team overseer, who is going to be in charge for the total quality of the services performed
  • A comprehensive checklist is going to be handled to the client at the time of completion
  • All cleaning products and tools needed are care of Prolux
  • 24/7 direct helpline for clients' inquiries
  • Fully insured and bonded employees
  • Dependable and trustworthy teams - all of our people have passed a background check.

Grey Weave Staircase After Cleaning. For a free quote simply give us a call at 07585905630 or send us inquiry via our Internet site. We have published a price calculator for quick reference.

Our minimum booking time is 3 hours.

Twelve Key Points for Clean Carpets

Elegant home office and studio designs. Buyers beware! Below are a few warnings regarding your carpets installation and care:

Poisonous Products

Irrespective of the fact that many of the rug cleaning and care products available for purchase by the public are safe, there are detergents containing harsh chemicals. Read labels thoroughly and ask about the cleaning products your professional cleaner uses.

Vacuum Often

Daily vacuuming takes out the dust nested in the rug. It maintains rugs appearing clean and crisp.

Wash Regularly

Grey Stained End of tenancy Around Materials In front of Deep cleaning. Routine cleaning prolongs the life of your carpets. If you permit their look to deteriorate, more aggressive products would be required to clean them.

Read All Instructions

Read the labels, instructions and all paperwork that arrives together with the rug. Use only the care methods and cleaning products endorsed for your rug.

Consider Professional Cleaning Service

Oven cleaning before after. Commercial cleaners use professional grade equipment and know the details of carpet care and maintenance. You would spare yourself plenty of labor and aggravation.

Get the Carpets Installed The Right Way

It is very essential to have new carpets installed the right way. Poor quality work at the beginning can cause many problems afterwards.

Location, Location, Location

Choose carpets appropriate for different areas. Wet rooms together with intense traffic zones are not suitable for wall to wall carpeting. Put water resistant and heavy duty floor alternatives in lieu.

Keep Dust off Rugs

Doctors office. Your carpets are going to stay clean for a longer time if you restrict the street dirt outside. Put large door mats in front of all home entrances and clean them frequently.

No Food or Drinks on the Carpets

The best protection from spilled drinks and smeared greasy foods is limiting them to the dining areas.

Act Fast in Emergencies

Should a stain happens - take immediate action. Absorb as much as you can with a soft white paper towels working from the edges the center.

Be Careful with Strong Products

New home interior decorating ideas with carpet flooring. Some stain cleaners are extremely violent. They can contain harsh poisonous chemicals (tetrachlorethylene, for example). Wear protective gloves when using strong cleaning products.

Be Cautious with the Carpet Shampooers

Do not excessively soak your rugs with heated water. Plenty of liquid is possible to warp the rug.

Irrespective of the fact that many of the detergents steam cleaning machines work with are mild and safe, be sure carpets that are being cleaned have a good supply of fresh air. Restrict traffic onto the wet carpets and always vacuum clean after the steam cleaning to suck out chemical residue.

Tea and Coffee Stain Removal

Removing Tea and Coffee Stains

Italian decorating your office at work. Tea and coffee drinking has become an integral part of our life style. For many people their an early cup of coffee or tea marks the beginning of the day. Here is the catch - incidents do happen. We are in a rush, kids, furry friends and what not - what was once in the cup ends up on the rug or on the upholstered furniture.

Sit back, you should be able clean this coffee or tea stain completely by yourself, if it is done the right way! You can use either an existing commercial stain cleansing agent or go for one of the many tried ways of grandma.

Commercial Spot Removers

Colorful spring living room with sofa and carpet violet color. The detergent isle in your grocery store is most likely loaded with a great deal of alternative spot removal cleansers. Select one, just read the directions on the label carefully. Pre-treat the stain straightaway and follow the instructions.

Saturate the stain with the stain cleaner and let it act minimum five minutes. Wash all cleaning solution to complete.


Fresh decorating your office at work. This is an potent treatment system for coffee or tea spots. Combine one teaspoon of vinegar to one quart cold water. Saturate the stain and blot with clean rag. It will dissolve weaken and clean the stain.

Baking Soda

Wet a white terry cloth with lukewarm water. Spread a teaspoon of baking soda on to it and work in the carpet. Rinse off at the end.

Inspiring living room sofa and rug. Never use spot removers containing chlorine bleach on dyed or delicate materials. At all times read labels for cautionary signs!

Remember - the quicker you act, the better is the likelihood for success!

Always clean the spotted area from the outside edges in the direction towards the center!

Try any cleaning agent on a small hidden patch first!

Fancy unique home office desks in large size. No argument, the most efficient way to go is to hire an expert cleaner clean accidental stains. We, Prolux, are one of the most reliable cleaners in London. We can resolve all your cleaning needs entirely. Just call us at 07585905630 or send us an inquiry through our Internet site.

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