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Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning vs. Get a Professional

Carpet care and maintenance falls into 2 distinctive kinds - wet and dry.

Examples of painted rooms with carpet flooring. Quite appropriately called - wet cleaning leaves the rug wet and the dry cleaning leaves it dry.

Wet (Steam; Extraction) Cleaning

Hot water extraction is the most effective cleaning method. The cleaning mix is sprayed onto the weave to loosen dirt. Dirty water is then sucked out aiming to take out as much as possible of the suds. The carpet is left clean and fresh, but damp. To derive the best from this method the water needs to be heated to a very high temperature. Furthermore, better suction is achieved with a powerful pump.

Dry Rug Cleaning

This technique works with dry cleaning chemical (granules) or semi-dry one (foam). The chemicals are applied to the carpet and worked into it with a rotary brush.

Office conference with pillars effect. After the chemicals have loosened and released the dirt trapped in the rug, they are sucked out. A caution must be exercised utilizing chemical cleaning in households with pets or small kids.

After this cleaning the carpet is dry. This method must be done by a professional cleaner only.

This lead us to the types of machines used for cleaning carpets:

Commercial Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Machines

The best commercial machines are the truck mounted ones.

These machines are powered by of the generator of the cleaner's van. They give the best results, but they are not appropriate for work in apartment buildings.

Stainless Hygienic Clean and dry Carpets After Cleaning. There are portable commercial Steam Cleaning machines as well, equipped with heavy-duty motors that leave behind their household equivalents by a great margin.

Household Carpet Cleaners

The house cleaners utilize the same basic principle as the commercial steam cleaners. The motor power, though is constrained by the voltage electric outlets in the house could supply. Some of these machines have built-in water heaters, others need preheated water to be poured in the tank.

At the End

For routine cleaning and maintenance of your carpets highest quality results are achieved by professional cleaners. At all times opt for a pro as far as your total carpet cleaning is concerned.

Kitchen design program free with carpet flooring. You may choose to have a small steam cleaner cleaner handy in the home. One use of it is for handling emergencies - spilled beverages, pets' accidents, etc. Or, you may decide to clean rugs on occasion, like a social gathering or a party. Owning such a device certainly has its justification, but consider a not very bulky unit, the one that is easier to drag around the house.

If you reside in London or near it, you could always depend on us, Prolux Cleaning Services. We guarantee to provide the best care for your rugs.

Our "State Of The Art" Professional Cleaning Tools in London.

Traditional luxurious home office chair design. We work with many machines stratified in accordance with the type, size and use of the place maintained. Let's get into some details about what we work with and how we work with it:


Modern italian wooden bed on white rug. The most frequently asked questions about the vacuum cleaner concern the filter. It is important, of course. However, to sum it up - filters come in different shapes, sizes, and materials (some are made of polyester, others - of coated paper and so on), yet they all serve one purpose - to trap dust. Irrespective of their design, it is of ultimate importance that they are changed often on each machine. We, Prolux in London do this on a daily basis, because of the heavy load imposed on our machines.

We use professional gauge vacuum cleaners for cleaning of highly polluted places - workshops or manufacturing facilities, for example. They are made with oversized dust containers and heavy duty motors to take the load.

Architecture mezmerizing master bed with pretty yellow wall lamps also cute brown carpets sophisticated retro house designs. Machine Cleaning of Hardwood Floors, Terracotta Tiles, Formica, PVC, Wood Parquet, Laminate, Polished Concrete, Marble, Granite, And Other Floor Types.

Our clients know - their floors are in good hands with the experts working for Prolux in London. We clean hard floors with a single disk polishing machine. It is tooled with a set of polishing pads, mops, and brushes used in accordance with the type of floor material.


Mops are utilized for application of various emulsions and chemicals to the already cleaned floor. These final touches protect the floor surface and facilitate its maintenance.

Floor Polishing

Kidsline monkey bath rug. It comprises of application of a thin film of protective material over the floor surface. This augments the gloss, anti-skid, and anti-static qualities of the floor material. It is highly recommended for laminate, non-polished formica and terracotta, and PVC floors as well.

Impregnation (Sealing)

This procedure is a must for concrete, marble, limestone, mosaic, and other similar floors. The purpose of sealing a floor is to prevent absorption of fluids. The impregnating solution is applied after the floor has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. A second coating may be needed.

We, Prolux London always perform due diligence - each client is informed about the expected outcome of the treatment, any additional operations that may be needed before or after, along with any possible complications.

Wall Cleaning

Leather living room furniture with decorative lighting. Many clients inquire how to clean walls as time and use take their toll on the nice clean paint or other finish. We, Prolux in London are experienced and able to revive your walls. This is how we work with:

Latex painted walls and ceilings - these walls are best vacuum cleaned initially. Spot treatment should be performed only by a professional cleaner for best results.

Water-resistant coated walls and ceilings - these walls and ceilings are fairly easy to clean with mild detergents, disinfectants and professional chemicals. You can count on us, Prolux London for this and all your cleaning needs always.

How to Clean Mud Spots from Rugs and Upholstered Furniture

Beautiful office chairs with ceramic floor. Muck is omnipresent. Irrespective how hard you try to keep it out of your home in some way it manages to find its way onto the rugs along with the living room set. On the positive side - it is not very hard to take it out. Just follow the few easy operations below:


  • Allow the mud to dry, then vacuum. Leather living room furniture sets brown sofa.
  • Prepare a mixture of one tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of cold water.
  • Using a white paper towels rub the spot with the cleaning liquid.
  • Pat dry the liquid is absorbed.
  • Repeat until the stain vanishes.
  • Sponge with cold water and blot dry.


  • Let the muck to dry, then vacuum. Decorating your office at work creating comfort zones.
  • Dilute one tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of warm water.
  • With a clean rag rub the stain with the solution.
  • Blot until the moisture is absorbed.
  • Repeat until the spot vanishes.
  • Sponge with cold water and blot dry.


Traditional decorating ideas for home offices. If the mud spots persist, it's conceivable that they were caused by iron-based clay. In this situation, treat them as rust stains.

PVC Hard Floors Cleaning in London

Natural bathroom carpet design. Each office, mainly a big one, consists of several zones and areas. Each and every one of them is intended for a specific purpose and is furnished accordingly. As a whole, though, all floorings in the office have to be sturdy and they should last 2-3 years at the very least in addition to meeting the passed safety regulations. Plus - a chic modern look goes without saying - outdated are the old fashioned factory grey and venomous green linoleums, along with the ugly carpets. The upkeep aspect is also a very important point to consider - good floor care extends the life of the facilities.

PVC floors enjoy a widespread application in lots of offices, most notably in the communal and amenity areas, corridors and work zones. Recently they have carved out a recognition in private homes in addition to public buildings - chiefly due to their appearance, durability and ease of care.

Frame End of tenancy Afterwards.  PVC floors are manufactured in a multitude of colors and hues. They are known for high durability, thermo-efficiency and simplicity of maintenance. If mounted carefully, slates match perfectly well and therefore there are no dirt accumulations in the seams to deal with.

PVC floors are classified as two basic categories: homogenous and heterogeneous. The homogeneous varieties are made of only one polyurethane layer and they are very uncomplicated to clean and maintain. The heterogeneous slate comprises of 3 layers - upper, made of polyurethane, a middle one - reinforced with fiber glass, and one lower layer having special antibacterial qualities along with a mildew resistant coating. The later type is used mainly in hospitals and health care facilities due to its durability and antiseptic properties.

Color ideas for living room and kitchen with carpet round. Various surface coatings chemicals can be applied to this floor aimed to protect the PVC floors. They add to the maintenance costs, however without them the surface is susceptible to scratches and this is where dirt accumulates, making it difficult to clean and maintain.

Yet, PVC floorings are not as common in private homes as they are in commercial establishments, because owners associate them with linoleum. Higher costs are an essential factor as well. Maintenance for PVC floorings in private residences is very easy - just a vacuum cleaner, a weekly mop with water and a mild detergent is sufficient. The situation with office floors however is a lot different - due to the heavy traffic the wear and tear is much bigger. The professional cleaner is best qualified to determine the scope of damage and what needs to be done to recover the PVC floor.

Marble house in tribeca beautiful livingroom with antique wooden and cute luxury rug. Two types of cleaning are recommended - day-to-day and periodical (at least two times per year). The daily cleaning eliminates the superficial dirt with a mop or a vacuum cleaner (for larger places). The spots need to be cleaned on a timely basis to prevent turning permanent. For big offices a commercial grade machine is used, combining all cleaning methods.

Taking care of your office hard floors is an involved task and having professionals do it is guarantees you best results. We,Prolux London, have a plenty of experience along with a well-established track record of excellent results. We are available to undertake cleaning of the hard floors in your office.

Care and Maintenance of Office Computers

Living room with gray sofas and rug. Your computers are the vertebrae of your office - no dispute about that. So, it needs to be handled carefully and caringly. Alongside with the office cleaning, time and money must be assigned for all computers and their paraphernalia. Different machines call for a specific care. It will be useful to know how to approach each of them.

Should the computers fail us, our first thought usually is to yell for the technician. In the meantime, the workflow gets disrupted, we are annoyed in addition to the sustained service costs. Many of these problems could be avoided many times if we only exerted the effort to remove the dust off our computer. Devoting one hour each week for computer cleaning time for all employees is not that difficult to accomplish in one small office. As the business grows, on the other hand, the situation gets more complex - more and more computers are being added to the system; all devices need to be turned off at the same time for prophylactics, etc.

Home elegant black and white bedroom design for couples with white carpet. Simply the lint accumulated in the computer, on the monitor, or in the mouse may cause a big deal of aggravation. It would be wonderful if everybody in the office is diligent enough and take time to maintain laptops, desktops, and monitors, however this is easier said than done.

There are many products for computer cleaning existing on the market. In most instances, only a clean cloth would be adequate for cleaning device outside. Using a small vacuum cleaner or a can with compressed air is required for the interior. Not so many people store those in their tool chests, however. A professional cleaner would most certainly have them.

All IT machines have to be handled gently and with care. This equipment is delicate and does not take well rough handling - parts easily get dislodged, detached or broken. But it is remarkable how PCs draw dust and lint - due perhaps to the electrostatics and the fact they are usually placed near the floor and gather things flying by.

Comfortable fashionable modest living room with leather sofas and mezzanine. Pay extra attention to the fan, because an accumulation of dust could, and at some point, is bound to create problems. Use a clean cloth or compressed air to remove the dirt. Caution - be careful not to blow it back in the computer.

The mouse and the keyboard are a big attraction for greasy spots, lint and little particles too. Mainly the keyboard - you are going to be flabbergasted how many microorganisms, dirt, and lint are caught in! Our hands are in touch with them all the time. For your health protection it is essential to clean all keyboards and mice regularly. Keyboards must be shaken off vigorously to take out the dirt set inside. For best results hire a professional cleaner to do this job. Optical computer mice do not need to be taken apart for cleaning - just a wipe with a dry cloth will be sufficient.

Double End of tenancy Afterwards. Last but not least - the monitor. Monitors attract a lot of dirt too. We do not even notice it and it may not bother us, yet, it is damaging for the monitor. Best results are achieved through wiping off the monitor with a soft nonabrasive cloth soaked with a small amount of cleaning solution or with wet napkins. Prior to plugging each device back into the electric outlet make sure it is fully dry.

Clean Up After New Year Party

Elegant minimalist living room and home library with clean white sofas matched with brown rugs and modern bookshelves. Clean up after a party is the most unpleasant part of it. Frankly speaking, it is a sort of a drag. Organizing and being at the New Year Eve party is enjoyable. What is left after is plainly a lot of labor. Although cleaning after a big celebration cannot be evaded totally, there are little tricks to make it easier and more bearable.

Architecture contemporary tropical house inspiration with wooden home office room design a collection of outstanding tropical home designs. Employing a maid service will aid you in the cleaning work. Book the maid to come a few hours after the gathering and before the advent of the cleaning people. Use the the short brake you got after the gathering to take a nap. Booking a maid will add to your cost, so consider it within the limitations of your budget.

Also, you might enlist some of your best friends to assist you after the get together. Working with your palls as a crew would be a lot of fun actually! View it as an addition to the occasion itself! Take some time for sleep then get up and take the mess out with join efforts. Turn on nice soft music while laboring, chat, and pull on jokes. Keep up the festive spirit! You will finish before you even know it.

Lime green bedroom ideas with green carpet. Some light tiding effort could taken care of while the party is humming to lessen your after party work. Just play by the ear. Assess the circumstances and decide what are you prepared to do at present and what is to wait for the morning.

After the biggest mess is gone, inspect for soilage and spills. Without doubt foodstuffs and beverages were fell here and there. Check thoroughly seats, cushions, drapes, and carpets. Toughened dry food stains are best scrubbed with a turner or a dull knife.

Full cleaning after the party - elimination of foodstuff and drink soilage, cleaning all dishes, vacuum cleaning all carpets and the soft furniture brings back your party place to its previous state.

Best soft leather directors chair. For your convenience and quality results hiring a professional cleaner is suggested.

We, Prolux cleaning in London, want you to enjoy fully your New Year's night. We want you to experience one pleasing stress-free party. We are prepared to clean after your party. We are happy if you are satisfied.

To schedule our services give us a call at 02033186387 or contact us via our Internet site.

Advices For Eliminating Grease Stains. London Cleaners.

Plain fireplace under storey chandellier with grey leather sofa. It is hard to think of a more aggravating matter than to clean oil and grease spots. There are many off the shelves chemicals claiming to be effective cleaning the oily stains, but most of them just do not work. Regardless how hard you try and rub, the stain just doesn't yield a bit.

Cleaning Countertops

  1. Clean the spill as fast as possible so that it doesn't accumulate.
  2. Early caught almost each store product will take care of the spot.
  3. For stains firmly set in Comet is the most effective for cleaning grease from nearly everywhere. Be careful with paint coated surfaces!
  4. Spray the spot with water, and then sprinkle with Comet over it. Let it work for a few minutes, and wipe off the grease with a sponge.

Cozy white contemporary office interior design by lieven. When it comes to cleaning grease from fabrics, there are things that give good results:

Cleaning Clothing

  1. Soak the stained area with a prewash spot remover.
  2. Wash with as hot water as the fabric can take.

Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

  1. Scrape off unabsorbed grease using a spatula.
  2. Sprinkle the affected area with baking soda, cornstarch, or other powder absorbent. Let work for 10 to 15 minutes, and vacuum clean.
  3. Using a clean white paper towel soaked with a dry-cleaning solvent, rub the upholstery.
  4. Pat dry until the cleaning solution is absorbed.
  5. Keep repeating Steps 3 and 4 until the stain is gone.

Cleaning Rugs

  1. Scrape off excess grease using a spatula. Modern furniture austin sofa design carpets paintings.
  2. Cover the stain with baking soda, cornstarch, or other powder absorbent. Let stay for 10 to 15 minutes, and clean with a vacuum.
  3. Using a soft white cloth soak the spot with a dry-cleaning solvent.
  4. Pat dry until the cleaning agent is absorbed.
  5. For exceedingly resistant stains do the following: Combine one tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water. Rub the stained area with this mixture. Blot until the liquid is absorbed.
  6. Clean using a sponge soaked with cold water and pat dry to remove the all moisture.

Hard Floor Cleaning and Care - London Cleaners

End of tenancy after cleaning cupboards. By hiring us, Prolux professional cleaners in London; you secure the best care and maintenance for your hard floors. We offer a full assortment of cleaning services inclusive of all types of hard floors.

Below is a short list what is good and what is not for your floors together with several care tips:

  1. Clean hard floors frequently with a soft, fine bristle broom.
  2. Vacuum clean at least once or twice per week to get rid of dirt and sand. Use a soft brush attachment to avoid surface damage.
  3. Water is definitely the hard floors worst enemy, so keep it away! Remove wet spills as fast as possible using a soft mop or a wet/dry vacuum. Absorb fully.
  4. Use a dry cloth to mop wooden floors coated with a clear polyurethane lacquer, because excess water can seep into the seams and bend the planks.
  5. Consider using plastic runners with non-skid pads over wooden floors in high traffic areas.
  6. Vacuum area rugs and runners frequently to prevent dirt spreading out and damaging the floor below.
  7. Do not wear heavy shoes with spiky heels on wooden floors to prevent surface dents. Exceedingly Soiled Grey Carpets Above Restoration and care.
  8. Never drag tables or other heavy objects on the floor. If you have to rearrange the furniture, first vacuum the floor to eliminate dust and grit, then mount protective pads and slide.
  9. Install door mats to prevent dirt from outside to get in the home.
  10. Follow manufacturer's instructions for care and maintenance. Treat scratches and dents with proper products.
  11. Water damage is hard to fix. Consult a specialist for high quality results.
  12. Some wood floors may call for regular waxing and buffing. Obtain recommendations from the manufacturer for the best care for your hardwood floor.

Living room rugs the wardrobe book. For more maintenance tips and recommendations check our site often - we post useful tips and care suggestions on different topics very often. If you have specific questions - send us an inquiry through our Internet site.

Carpet Cleaning Secrets by London Cleaners

Decorating an office at work with hardwood floors. OK, you are absolutely certain about your carpet cleaning talents. You got armed with a quality machine and the best detergent you found in the cleaning isle in your local grocery store. You work with inspiration for several hours, but your carpets do not cooperate. They just do not yield a bit- the awfully stained surface stays the same. Do you know why? The devil is in the details, as the saying goes. Chances are you have skipped or failed to perform important procedures.

  • Vacuum clean well before shampooing. Experts recommend using the vacuum cleaner and the carpet washing machines at the same time. To clean the carpets properly, you should first vacuum carefully, spray with the rug shampoo, and then with the carpet cleaner to suck out the moisture.


  • Use very. Many carpet steam cleaners have a built-in water heater. Other machines are not self-sufficient and need to be filled up with preheated water. Yet another group carpet cleaning machines work with cold water. Most household rug machines do not exceed 118°F water temperature. Professional machines, however clean with water heated up to 210°F. (This is just below the boiling point). Despite the name, carpet steam cleaners do not clean with steam). For removing the most resilient stains and for general sanitizing this higher temperature is more effective. Still wondering why experts achieve such excellent results?

Lacquer and leather modern bed on black floor. True steam cleaners do clean with steam heated up to 360°F. They are not appropriate for use on carpets. Steam cleaners are ideal for disinfecting and cleaning hard surfaces like wood floors, tiles, and machinery. They could be used for spot cleaning on rugs resistant to high heat.

When you work with hot water extraction and detergent, it is essential to suck out all moisture. The left behind detergent in the carpets is going to collect dust after cleaning.

Modular ashley furniture home office ideas. Spots on rugs are quite annoying and extremely spiteful to deal with. Absorb the liquid immediately after the incident happened. Clean and rinse the spot several times. For persistent stains leave the cleaning solution to work overnight covered with porous white paper towel or cloth and put a heavy object on top.

Use fans to dry the carpet. Select a good day for your carpet cleaning - choose a hot sunny day.

Professional Cleaning Services For Your Carpets and Rugs in London

Air conditioner replacement cost with carpet. Many people reject the idea of engaging a professional cleaning service as they consider it either as an indulgence or a total excess. Why go through the trouble and throw money out of the window, they ask, I could wash my rugs myself.

After acquainting yourself with this article you might change your opinion, though. Spotless clean needs a professional touch. Excellent results do not just come about by a pure chance.

Stunning living rooms with fur rug and beautiful view. All floors gather dirt in a due course. Frequent cleaning and vacuuming is necessary. Yet, most people are short on time. If you have a floor covered with a wall-to-wall carpet, issues get even more complex. The structure of the rug is such that intertwined strands act as a trap for the dust bits.

Carpets as floor coverings are very popular - definitely, they have many pluses - being fairly inexpensive and easy to place on the floor, lots of people opt for them. Many homes have their floors decorated with rugs, even commercial and public places utilize commercial grade carpeting.

Casa hannah by bo design with carpet flooring. Let's mention a few of their shortcomings though:

Carpets tend to accumulate and hold dirt. Dust bits together with bugs and microorganisms find cozy nests there. No matter how much one works with the vacuum cleaner and the home carpet shampooer, some of the dirt stays there deeply set in the weave. This environment happens to be exceptionally dangerous for small children and people with allergies. To completely eliminate the pollution professional strength machines are needed. Commercial cleaners use powerful heavy duty equipment. (Similar machines are available to rent, however often at quite high costs.)

Elegant home office with black and white colour combination. Plus, professional cleaners in London work with appropriate detergents and chemicals and utilize their expertise to determine the level of harshness for the treatment needed in each specific situation.

Another option professionals have - the squad takes out the rugs from the house and clean them elsewhere - the customer receives them back crispy clean, fresh, and sanitized, this way circumventing disruption of the daily routine.

We, Prolux London, highly recommend washing of all carpets in commercial environment to be done daily. This might look an overkill, but just give a thought about the heavy traffic in a store! A lot of grime is brought in by every visitor from outside. In contrast, rugs in private homes do not have to be washed more often than 2-3 times per year.

Comfortable dental office interior design ideas. The daily carpet wash in the office eliminates spots and avert dirt particles to penetrate deep into the rug. Our commercial grade machines wash and dry carpets simultaneously, leaving them soft, scented and invitingly looking. They don't have abrasive brushes that rub and destroy the rug.

Did we convince you by now? Spare yourself the headache and the frustration of cleaning and caring for your carpeted floors by yourself, hire a professional to do the work. Get the pleasure of a clean and fresh carpet delivered by Prolux London!

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