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Leather Suite Cleaning Company
Leather Suite Cleaning Company


Professional Cleaning and Care For Your Carpets and Rugs in London

Designing a bathroom in unique style with leather carpet. Many people reject the notion of hiring a professional cleaning service as they perceive of it either as a luxury or an absolute excess. Why go through the trouble and spend money, they ask, I can clean my carpets myself.

After going through this article you might change your mind, though. Squeaky clean calls for an expert intervention. Excellent results do not just happen by a pure chance.

Cubicle contemporary home office furniture. All floors accumulate dust in a due course. Frequent cleaning and vacuuming is vital. Yet, many people do not have time. If your floor is covered with a wall-to-wall carpet, matters become even more difficult. The structure of the carpet is such that intertwined strands work as a trap for the dirt specks.

Rugs as floor coverings are quite popular - certainly, they have many advantages - being fairly inexpensive and easy to place on the floor, many people select them. Many residences have their floors decorated with rugs, even commercial and public places utilize commercial grade carpeting.

New trends in home decor with grey carpet. Let's talk about a few of their shortcomings though:

Carpets have a tendency to accumulate and retain dust. Dust bits along with bugs and bacteria find comfy nests there. Irrespective of how hard one tries with the vacuum cleaner and the home rug shampooer, a lot of the dust remain deeply set in the mesh. This surrounding happens to be exceptionally dangerous for young children and people with allergies. To completely eradicate the contamination professional strength tools are needed. Professional cleaners use such equipment. (Similar machines are available to rent, however often at prohibitive costs.)

Modern living room ideas luxury leather furniture net. In addition, professional cleaners in London work with extra potent products and chemicals and apply their skills to decide on the level of harshness for the treatment required in each specific situation.

Another option professionals have - the crew takes out the rugs from the residence and clean them elsewhere - the client gets them back crispy clean, refreshed, and deodorized, this way avoiding disturbance of the daily routine.

We, Prolux London, recommend washing of all rugs in commercial environment to be performed daily. It might look an overkill, but just give a thought about the heavy traffic in a store! So much filth is brought in by every visitor from outside. In comparison, rugs in private houses do not need to be washed more frequently than 2-3 times per year.

Ashley home theater seating unique carpet. The daily carpet wash in the office eliminates stains and avert dirt particles to sink in deep into the rug. Our commercial grade machines wash and dry carpets simultaneously, leaving them soft, fresh and invitingly looking. They don't have abrasive brushes that rub and destroy the rug.

Did we convince you already? Save yourself the headache and the aggravation of cleaning and maintaining for your carpeted floors by yourself, book a professional to do the work. Get the enjoyment of a clean and fresh carpet delivered by Prolux London!

Cleaning Before Party in London

Images of floral designs with leather sofa. Count on us, Prolux in London for cleaning before each special party!

We, Prolux, are a premier commercial cleaning company covering London. One of services in great demand is a before- event cleaning. We have catered at numerous big and small social affairs to ensure the best experience for all invited and hosts alike.

Stylish used office furniture orange county ca. Selecting Prolux team means customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our organization covers trade exhibitions, private banquets indoor and outdoor parties, stage occasions, symposia, weddings, etc. Prolux is your most dependable provider for all janitorial needs for your significant occasion. Business managers and private clients have grown to rely on Prolux because of our commitment to quality and our unsurpassed attention to detail.

Exterior modern contemporary office building by j mayer h. call us today, at to schedule our services!

Below is what is included in our before party package:

  • Deep vacuum cleaning of all carpeted areas
  • Sweep and mop all tile areas
  • Dust off all horizontal countertops
  • Removing floor garbage before, during, and after the party
  • Empting all waste baskets during the event and removing the trash
  • Spot eliminate unintended spills
  • Managing all restrooms during the event
  • Maintain bus tables

Small home office design with ceiling suspended loft beds. We can add or remove items to the list depending on your exact requirements. Give us a call now to discuss your specific event! Send us an inquiry via our this site - one of our experts are going to be in contact with you shortly.

Our business hours are around your schedule - we work seven days per week, we are available early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Cleaning after construction and renovation in London

One of our most popular services in London is the thorough cleaning after finish of construction work or renovation.

Dark Place of work Area - Stages of Cleaning. Many individuals are faced with this situation - contractors have completed the assignment and left the mess behind for somebody else to do. As we all know, such cleaning task is involved - it takes more than just water and cloth to secure successful result. It needs highly specialized equipment, cleansing agents and machines. Unsuitable use of chemicals might hurt the newly mounted finishes - it is very important to be acquainted with exactly what, where and how to apply.

Homfeck meeting office with sophisticated design. Being fully aware of the scope and the difficulty of the circumstance, we, Prolux London, recommend our after builders cleaning services - we do the following after the construction workers leave:

  • Rubbish collection and removal (brick pieces, remnants of construction materials, etc.)
  • Dirt and grime clean up of the floors, walls and service rooms
  • Machine cleaning and shining of the hard floors (granite, marble, terracotta tiles, linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.)
  • Deep carpet and rug vacuum and steam cleaning, including resilient spot and stubborn stain removal
  • Cleaning of the furniture, including scarping off all dust, lint, and dried paint.
  • Dust cleaning the heaters, light fixtures, electric switches, window sills, etc.
  • Removal of dust and through cleaning of all ceilings, vents and wall protrusions
  • Cleaning and detailing of the doors Excellent stylish italian office chairs and furniture.
  • Wiping off, polishing, and shining all mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all sinks, sanitary fixtures, toilets, and accessories
  • Washing, polishing, and shining all windows and vitrines together with their blinds and shades.
  • Full "turn-key" cleaning
  • Detailed cleaning after home or office remodeling or construction completion is the last and perhaps the most important stage of a successful project completion.

The best paint colors with leather sofa. Hiring our Prolux London professional cleaning service is guaranteed to save you a lot of time and frustration along the way. And the final result is going to exceed your expectations.

Cleaning Your Bathroom. London Cleaners.

Office meeting room with red chair. Prolux professional cleaning services will give a sparkly polished look to the elegant curves of your shower cabin; to all porcelain and glass fixtures along with the faucets and all metal details. Immaculately clean surfaces add class and style to the bathroom.

Well beyond appearance heath concerns necessitate frequent cleaning in bathrooms. Wet rooms are a prime setting for the building's health dangers. They are true bio-hazardous microorganisms exchange posts and warehouses for infectious diseases. Humans exposed to restrooms' pollution could contract illnesses such as common cold, stomach flu virus, E. coli, hepatitis A, and staphylococcus.

Why do we need to sanitize bathrooms?

  • To eliminate or reduce germs, bacteria, and viruses.
  • To eliminate or reduce odor problems.
  • Clean breeds clean and dirty breeds dirty, to sum it up.

Unique baby rooms carpet sofa. We, Prolux Cleaners London are going to keep your bathrooms always in good shape and completely disinfected. We use non-abrasive products only to prevent scrubs where bacteria lodge and breed.

See for yourself what is included in our bathroom cleaning checklist:

  • Clean and polish tile walls
  • Scrub faucets, sinks, shower heads and polish metal fixtures
  • Clean and polish bathtubs and shower cabins
  • Scrub and hand dry bathroom floors
  • Disinfect containers, bottles, dust pans and all miscellaneous items in the bathroom
  • Empty and clean the interior of medicine cabinets and arrangethe contents Comfortable pale green bathroom design with leather rug and plants.
  • Scrub the door ledges and all baseboards
  • Wipe and shine the mirrors and the glass surfaces
  • Spot clean the walls if necessary
  • Wipe and shine windows inside (ledges, frames included)
  • Address cat or dog areas if needed

We will work at any time that is convenient for you - early in the morning, during the day or late in the afternoon.

Small living room designs and ideas with round carpet. Call Prolux in London for a free consultation and a price quotation. For a quick reference please check our price calculator.

You are going to be exceedingly impressed with our dedication and ourclass.


Tea and Coffee Stain Cleaning

Cleaning Tea and Coffee Spots

Benefits of having carpet living room with decorative lighting. Tea and coffee consumption is an essential, important part of our style of living. For many people their a morning cup of coffee or tea marks the start of the day. Here is the catch - accidents happen. We are in a hurry, children, furry friends and what not - what was up to this moment in the cup ends up on the rug or on the seats.

Comb down, you should be able clean this coffee or tea spot entirely by yourself, if if done the right way! You can use either an existing commercial stain cleansing agent or opt for one of the proven to work ways of grandma.

Commercial Spot Cleansers

Kitchens with dark floors and carpet flooring. The cleaning isle in your supermarket is most likely loaded with plenty of alternative spot removal products. Select one, just read the instructions on the label carefully. Pre-treat the spotted area as fast as possible and follow the care instructions.

Soak the spot with the spot cleaner and leave it act at the very least five minutes. Rinse all cleaning chemical to finish.


Open minimalist office with green accent. This is an efficient treatment recipe for coffee or tea stains. Mix one teaspoon of vinegar to one quart cold water. Saturate the stain and blot with white rag. It will loosen and remove the stain.

Baking Soda

Wet a clean white rag with tepid water. Sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda on to it and rub in the upholstery. Wash well at the end.

Inspirational office decorations ideas. Never use stain removers with bleach on dyed or fragile materials. In each instance check labels for warning signs!

Keep in mind - the faster you act, the better is the likelihood for success!

At all times clean the stain from the outer edges in the direction towards the center!

Test any spot removal product on a small hidden section first!

Professional cleaning home carpet. Of course, the safest way to go is to have a professional cleaner remove accidental stains. We, Prolux, are one of the best known cleaners in London. We will take care of all your cleaning needs unconditionally. Just give us a call at 02033186387 or send us an inquiry via our Internet site.

Cleaning Spots

Messy Soiled Flooring In front of Chemical. We associate cleaning with removing the dust stocked up in the corners and everywhere in the place. It is relatively not so tough to get rid of. Get the broom, swish the floor and you are done. Granted, not many people use a broom these days, a vacuum cleaner and a mop is what we first reach for. However there is a different, quite more challenging kind of cleaning - removing spots. This is hardly a simple job. Through investigation of the problem as a whole is needed. Developing a strategy is needed before getting into an action, considering the nature of the stained material, the substance of the stain itself, and what can actually dissolve it. Tailored approach for each pair - spot/spotted surface works best. Keep in mind that this is in fact a two-pronged problem - first - to remove the spot, and second - not to damage the affected surface.

Cool waiting room dental office interior design ideas. The simplest spots to clean are those seen on smooth, non-porous, and glazed surfaces such as ceramic tiles, laminate, mosaic, etc. Cleaning them typically is not very difficult. However, if the spot has been there long enough a resilient mark could remain.

As a general rule - the sooner you attempt to clean the stain after its appearance, the higher chance you stand for winning the war. The longer it stays, the tougher it gets to clean it. Certain stains oxidize with time, others deepen as a result of heat and light exposure, etc. Despite all claims made in ads, there are no omni-potent products, capable of removing all spots from everywhere.

Creative ideas office furniture in creative style. Stains have to be treated with caution, as every specific kind calls for a different cleaning product.

The most resistant spots are those caused by greasy foods. Fabrics absorb the oils very quickly. At the beginning the greasy looks darker in comparison with the adjacent tissue. In a course of time the fatty stain becomes lighter and loses its shine. At the same time, the lard penetrates the fiber even deeper and emerges on the opposite side of the thinner materials.

Comfortable minimalist office design idea. Best results are achieved if the stain is first washed generously with cold water followed immediately by a hot bath. Caution - be careful - water alters the colors of certain materials. Always try first working on a hidden area of the garment.

Spots caused by animal and vegetable fats are also cleaned with organic solvents such as alcohol or benzene. Use a well soaked brush to pat the stain, do not rub!

For white colored fabrics bleach yields excellent results. However, use bleach only on linen, cotton and synthetic silk. On wool apply hydrogen peroxide. Stains on colored materials could be treated with diluted bleach, after a hidden section of the garment first has been tested. Wash the fabric generously with cold water and dry the treated completely.

Carpets Care and Maintenance - Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't It More Efficient to Clean My Carpets Myself?

Cool ikea office furniture. Certainly, you can. If you do not own a household steam cleaning machine, then your best bet is getting a Rug Doctor at your local supermarket and buy cleaning products needed for the cleaning.

But think about it - do you really feel like dragging that bulky steam cleaner through every room in the house? This is your time off, is this your idea for fun?

As far as the money is concerned - after the cash outlay to buy a steam cleaner or to rent one, plus the shampoos - the bottom line may not be as such a big saving, after all.

What is more important - professional grade tooling is more powerful, cleaning agents are stronger and, without doubt, the results will be superior. What you get is a crisp clean carpet with no messy residue left after.

Glamorous plywood wadrobe and white double bed with chic fur rug and parquet floor. Where Did All Dirt, Mites, Bacteria, Germs, and Pollen in My Rug Come from?

Your rugs intakes everything that falls on it - dust, dead skin cells, hair, food crumbs. And everything else that ultimately makes its way onto your carpet.

These microbes trigger allergies, and in some cases may even cause illness. Just walking across your carpet sends millions of them into the air for you to inhale.

How Do I Know When My Carpet Needs Cleaning?

Cheap living room furniture sets modern leather sofa. Carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your rug at least once in 6 to 18 months and they require you to clean it at least once in every 18 to 24 months.

For houses with little kids and pets, you may want to wash more often.

How Long Does It Take to Get My Carpets Washed?

Typically, a home can be cleaned in about hour and a half to two and a half hours. Then you must add into the equation the time it takes to move the furniture. Plus, provide additional time required to clean resilient stains.

When Is The Best Time of The Year to Clean My Carpets?

Office room design ideas. All seasons give many reasons to have carpets washed. Spring cleanings reduce the dust and pollen nested in your carpets. Summer temperatures can trigger bad smells caused by germs thriving on humidity. Expertly cleaned and disinfected carpets will to be free of that. Autumn is a back-to-school time. You could have your house clean again. At least until 3 PM more or less. Winter arrives, you are stuck indoors for months. You share your living quarters with everything trapped on your carpet from soil-laden snow and salt to the ordinary dust.

Then - cleaning rugs is justifiable during any time of the year.

How Long Does It Take For The Carpets to Dry?

It depends on the rug weave, the time of year, the level of humidity, and how much dirt is in your carpet - the more stained it is, the more detergent will be needed to clean it. Commercial cleaning equipment takes out most of the water, so plan anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to see your carpets entirely dry.

What Will Happen if I Walk on the Carpet Before It Is Completely Dry?

Sleek modern office interior design. Your rugs will get soiled over again. The moisture in the pile will immediately dissolve any dirt attached to your shoe soles and drive it into the carpet.

Use clean white socks if you have to walk over the rug - but, your feet will get wet. Or, put plastic shoe protectors over your shoes. If you have your carpets cleaned by Prolux London, our technicians will supply you with those.

Let's Make Cleaning Fun

Creative office restroom designs. Cleaning is hardly ever seen as a pleasant activity. There are clever tricks people develop to beat the dust and the boredom. Glance over below - some of these ideas you might find beneficial:

Eliminating Pet Hair

To eliminate cat or dog hair, put on a wet latex dishwashing glove and wipe off the hair with your hand. The strands will stick right to the glove.

Cleaning Red-Wine Spots

Color for kitchen walls with carpet flooring. A drop, a smidgen of foam shaving cream will aid get rid of many red-wine spills from carpets.

Enrolling Assistance

50s Style Dining Using Glass Glass surfaces. Inquire for volunteers to share your house work and you give back. It's great to share the work with somebody. Plus, it slices the work in half.

Utilize External Amenities

If you see an overwhelming pile of clothes to be washed use a commercial Laundromat with wash-and-fold service. They are affordable and charge per weight. The laundry could be taken the following day.

Dusting Light Shades

Cozy and minimalist home office interior design. Lint roller removes dirt from lamp shades extremely well.

Maintaining the Home Clutter- Free

When uncertain - throw it away. Battle with the clutter in your residence and you will have less things to clean.

Employ Professional Services

Posh zebra rug pattern with stylish brown couch and white tender sofa. If your family or your career take priority over the housecleaning work, engage professional help.

By using our Prolux expert cleaning services you don't have to make a choice between having a pleasing dwelling and spending your time on things that matter. We have been servicing London for a long time. We are registered; fully insured and dependable.

You can book our affordable services using our Internet site or simply calling us at 07585905630.

How to Clean Muck Spots from Carpets and Upholstery

Large diy office chair covers. Muck is everywhere. Irrespective how hard you fight to keep it out of your home in some way it manages to find its way onto the rugs along with the living room set. On the positive side - it is not so tough to take it out. Just follow the few easy steps below:

Upholstered Furniture

  • Allow the mud to dry, then vacuum. Red artistic carpet on upstair wooden floor with bookshelf view.
  • Prepare a solution of one tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of cold water.
  • Using a white cloth rub the spot with the solution.
  • Blot until the liquid is absorbed.
  • Repeat until the stain disappears.
  • Sponge with cold water and blot dry.


  • Leave the muck to dry, then vacuum. Suatainable used office furniture orange county ca.
  • Mix one tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of warm water.
  • With a clean rag rub the stain with the cleaning liquid.
  • Blot until the moisture is absorbed.
  • Repeat until the stain vanishes.
  • Rinse with cold water and blot dry.


Gray Sofa and armchairs After Cleaning. If the mud stains persist, it's possible that they were caused by iron-based clay. In this case, treat them as rust stains.

Our "State Of The Art" Professional Cleaning Machines in London.

Small office interior design with minimalst modern furniture and storage solutions. We work with a fleet of machines graded in accordance with the type, size and use of the place maintained. Let's get into some specifics about what we work with and how we work with it:

Vacuum Cleaning Machines

Inspiring interior home office ideas. The most frequently asked questions about the vacuum cleaner concern the filter. It is important, of course. However, to sum it up - filters come in different shapes, sizes, and materials (some are made of polyester, others - of coated paper and so on), yet they all serve the same purpose - to trap dust. Irrespective of their design, it is of ultimate importance that they are changed frequently on each machine. We, Prolux in London do this on a daily basis, because of the heavy load levied on our machines.

We use professional gauge vacuum cleaners for cleaning of heavy polluted places - workshops or industrial facilities, for example. These machines are designed with large bags and heavy duty motors to take the load.

Red sofa with white carpet in wooden floor. Machine Cleaning of Hardwood Floors, Terracotta Tiles, Formica, PVC, Wood Parquet, Laminate, Polished Concrete, Marble, Granite, And Other Floor Varieties.

Our customers know - their floors are in good hands with the experts working for Prolux in London. We clean hard floors with a single disk polishing machine. It comes with different polishing pads, mops, and brushes applied in accordance with the type of floor material.


Mops are used for application of various emulsions and chemicals to the already cleaned floor. These final touches protect the floor surface and facilitate its maintenance.

Floor Polishing

1960s Bedroom All furniture pieces With the help of Bathroom Surface. This consists of application of a thin film of protective coating over the floor surface. This adds the shine, anti-slip, and anti-static qualities of the floor material. It is highly recommended for laminate, non-polished formica and terracotta, and PVC floors as well.

Impregnation (Sealing)

This treatment is a must for concrete, marble, limestone, mosaic, and other similar floors. The purpose of sealing a floor is to thwart fluids absorption. The impregnating solution is applied after the floor has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. A second coating may be needed.

We, Prolux London always work with due diligence - each customer is informed about the expected outcome of the treatment, any additional operations that may be required before or after, along with any conceivable complications.

Wall Cleaning

Cheap living room furniture sets upholstered leather design. Many customers inquire how to clean walls as time and use take their toll on the nice clean paint or other finish. We, Prolux in London are experienced and capable to clean your walls. This is how we work with:

Latex painted walls and ceilings - these walls are best vacuum cleaned initially. Spot treatment should be done only by a professional cleaner for best results.

Water-resistant coated walls and ceilings - these walls and ceilings are fairly easy to clean with mild detergents, disinfectants and professional chemicals. You can count on us, Prolux London for this and all your cleaning needs at all times.

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