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Pristine Cleaning Services 04.03.2015
Pristine Cleaning Services 04.03.2015

Housekeeping Service by Mabel Mulhern, E3 3AR. Steamers Carpet Cleaning Services London

If you have checked already our Internet site, then you know the best cleaning service in London!

We, Steamers cleaners in London are standing by to help you keep your carpets in their best condition. We perform a complete range of commercial and residential services for offices, retail stores, industrial facilities, houses, or flats providing quick and expedient cleaning solutions for your needs.

Our expert crews are exceptionally well trained. They work with high grade extraction equipment for complete dirt and dust removal from your rugs. We realize the value of living in sanitized quarters. We have made our job to fully disinfect the homes and offices of customers working with gentle yet effective agents and efficient equipment. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions protect you, your families and your pets. Our janitorial crews do outstanding work using the best cleaning products and equipment money can buy.

Our London teams are ready to clean the deep nested dirt in your favorite carpet. Whether you reside in a house or in a flat, your rugs need refreshment and deep cleaning done in a professional way on a regular basis.

Our specialists at Steamers never cut corners - they are going to check your carpet before starting work to determine what professional method is best to use. Dry cleaning works best for delicate fabrics with unsound colors. Deep cleaning and steam cleaning are hot water extraction techniques, used for washing the majority carpet varieties. We are able to remove stains of any kind. We can completely eliminate bacteria and bad smell.

All machines and cleaning agents we work with are manufactured by leading names in the cleaning industry. All our procedures are gentle and safe for your kids, pets and the environment.

Just call us to book an appointment. For your reference we have posted a rate calculator.


Reputable Cleaning Agency Kingston Upon Thames by Vance Overbay, RM13 9NA. Steamers Commercial Cleaning in London

Places of business need cleaning and care even more compared to private houses and dwellings. The explanation is clear - heavy usage. The premises are trafficked by lots of people on a daily basis, visitors and third party vendors stop at the location, etc.

Commercial entities have two main options - they could either choose to keep cleaning people on payroll or to hire an third party vendor to clean and maintain the facilities. Hiring an outside provider has many advantages and pays off - there are no burdensome payroll expenses for the company to pay plus working with independent contractors affords flexibility and ease of maneuvering. If you are not satisfied with the commercial cleaner you have hired, it is not so challenging to find a substitute.

Steamers is a well-established cleaning company providing services in London. You could count on for all your commercial cleaning needs.

Commercial cleaning is an evolving field. Systems, equipment and standards for the work environment are constantly changing. Our office cleaning service is changing too and thus we continue to keep our position as a serious, reliable and up-to-date company, that delivers a full range of office cleaning services. We strive to better and enhance our services all the time. We continuously research for healthy and safe cleaning agents to keep our customers satisfied.

A healthy and fresh air in the office ensures both optimal working environment and better work performance of your employees. Perfect office cleaning service maintains premises and mood at all times in their good standing.

Do your homework and research the cleaning companies advertising coverage in your neighborhood. Ask for the best and the most respectable organization. Examine their Internet site, familiarize yourself with their techniques and ways of doing business. Read customers' endorsements and check independent sources too. Enquire about references. Get in touch with the business and talk to the operators. Check their prices and compare them with their competitors'. Request to meet with a specialist who will look at your establishment and is going to present you with a custom-tailored cleaning plan along with a cost quote.

We, Steamers cleaning services provider in London, are registered; insured and certified business. We will present all our references upon request.

Below is a quick check list for you when shopping for a cleaner. Ask if the business in consideration is

  • Registered
  • Insured
  • Bonded
  • Willing to deliberate your specific janitorial requirements
  • Well-established and willing to present references
  • Offers quality and 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Flexible
  • Using modern cleaning tools
  • Working with eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Known for providing quality work

The secret to proficient office cleaning is not just a matter of utilizing the proper methods, but also working with constant and reliable cleaning workers - people who can live up to all challenges in commercial, business, and office cleaning requirements. We are all the time in close contact with our clients and we are listening to their needs. We will design custom-tailored individual cleaning program matching the needs of your business.

We know that good cleaning is all about efficiency, planning and diligence - that is why Steamers is your right partner when it comes to commercial cleaning. We happy to work for our existing customers and look forward to welcome new ones.

If your business in London is in a need of cleaning and maintenance services, call us today. Talk to one of our professional customer care associates to discuss your specific requirements. Ask for a visit in London by one of our experts. He is going to prepare a cleaning program tailored to your needs along with special rates.

Cleaning Supplies Uk by Kim Becraft, NW3 2SB. The advantages of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for Your Organization in London

Have you considered all possible benefits for your business engaging a professional cleaning service?

It can aid your company in more ways than one. Here four of the advantages for your entity hiring a professional cleaning service:

Sofa Search by Winona Bigelow, KT9 1QR. You do not have to worry about the hygiene of your office.

You are guaranteed that your office is going to be clean all the time. Hiring a professional cleaning service saves your company time and money. Having a professional cleaner who is in charge of the cleanliness of your office alleviates a great deal of worries on your part. Cleaning your office should not be on your mind all the time. Your time is valuable and is better used for your business.

Carpet Cleaning Hammersmith by Yadira Telfer, SE26 6LA. You save money by signing a contract with the cleaning company from London.

The money saving aspect is a two prong approach - you do not have to carry employees on the payroll and therefore burdensome taxes are circumvented. Also, this option avails you the freedom and flexibility to go through difficult periods, without having to layoff and rehire employees. Next, many professional cleaning companies give a discount with a yearlong contract.

Dry Clean Carpets by Ghislaine Taveras, E18 2QU. Your London office building will be sanitary for you and your staff.

You and your staff are going to enjoy the clean, healthy and sanitary surroundings on a daily basis. You will see the difference in being in a clean office in comparison to working in a messy place. It is going to have a great impact on the work productivity and sick absenteeism. Overall, it is safer for everybody to work or spend time in one clean germ-free place. You will have less problems like allergies or asthma attacks, since most of the dust will be gone.

Bissell Upholstery Cleaning Machines by Toccara Kamen, SW6 3NH. Your London office will impress your customers for sure.

A clean office always leaves a good impression to your clients. If your office is clean at all time, it shows care, good organization, and discipline. Order and good hygiene speak volumes about the business and its operations. A tidy well-kempt office is suggestive of the quality of work and services this entity delivers.

Silver Cleaning by Terrilyn Fitzhugh, CR0 4ND. Expert Garage Cleaning Services in London

Garage is one quite often ignored place in many homes. Years were required to accumulate so much junk there and the necessity for a comprehensive professional cleaning has evolved into a chronic condition.

Our team, Steamers in London recognizes the importance of having your garage clean and organized. It is a laborious task. Huge oil leakages; dirty grease stains on the floor call for a professional intervention.

We, Steamers in London, are barely a phone call away. Get in touch with us and request our garage cleaning service. You don't have to worry about your put away items - we will take care of them all. Just get into your car and go for a ride. When you get back home, you are going to find your garage clean and tidy.

When you choose Steamers in London, you get:

  • Free cleaning price estimate
  • A team manager, who is going to be in charge for the total quality of the work done
  • A cleaning checklist is going to be given to the client at the time of completion
  • All cleaning products and tools needed are care of Steamers< /li>
  • 24/7 direct helpline for clients' inquiries
  • Fully insured and bonded employees
  • Reliable and responsible crews - all our workers have gone through a background check.

To get a free quote simply give us a call at 02033186387 or send us inquiry using our Internet site. We have posted a price calculator for quick reference.

The minimum booking time is 3 hours.

Cleaning Bristol by Lai Purtell, CR7 8NN. After Builders Cleanup in London

The purpose of after builders cleaning is to prepare the premise for the tenants and to bring it up in a inhabitable state. Builders have left, there is a big mess inside and we cannot wait to move in and bring our lives to its previous status quo. Then, we, Steamers Cleaning in London arrive to save the day.

We take after builders cleanup bookings and we work around the clock to accommodate your calendar.

Cleaning Suede by Elisha Borquez, TW7 5AL. Our standard cleanup after builders includes the following:

  • Clean the entire interior of the dwelling
  • Clean on all sides cabinets and drawers
  • Wipe out all horizontal and vertical surfaces such as shelves, mantle pieces etc.
  • Clean all glass surfaces inside and out including removal of all stickers and paint spots from inside and out of all windows
  • Disposing of construction rubbish
  • Vacuuming all carpets, etc.

In the ideal situation our post reconstruction cleaning crew arrives and works in the premises after the contractors are gone and just before you get in. We use this time to prepare the premise for you. Every now and then we work around a painter or another contractor who is doing some last minute touch up of their job. We are accustomed to this, no problem.

Contact us at any time to book your after builders cleaning. We take great care and we are attentive to our customers' needs. We recognize that each project is unique and deserves custom tailored approach. We are here to help you to make one seamless transition from the renovating stage back to your normal routine.

Car Cleaning Supplies by Lynetta Buttram, E14 3NH. Kids' and Pets' Spot Removal

You have little ones, youngsters. Your youngsters love kittens and pups. You love your youngsters. You bought pets for your kids at your house. Life appears to be as close as it gets to paradise.

Look what does this joyful pack do to your dwelling though! The little angels of your life are the evil spirits for theappearance of your house!

Just relax! There are varieties of cleaning products intended to eliminate pet spots and bad smells. Keep an ample supply of detergents in your abode and make sure to clean accidents as fast as possible. Many of the quality chemicals are effective even on older spots.

Oven Man Ealing by Norris Sutterfield, E11 1UH. Cleaning Urine Spots

Absorb as much of the urine as possible with a white tissue. Then apply rubbing alcohol to the spot. On white colored fabrics only you could use hydrogen peroxide. Or scatter the spot with baking soda and leave it for about five minutes. Then blot with a white rag. Let it dry and vacuum.

White vinegar diluted with tab water does the same. It brakes up the ammonia in the urine, removes the germs and neutralizes the smell. Treating the spot with vinegar helps discourage your pet from using this spot over again.

Keep in mind these simple yet effective alternative cleaning methods. They work just as well as the brand name supermarket products yet they are mild and non skin irritating for your little loved ones.

For best results, always hire a professional service for spot and smell removal.


Fancy Unique Service Company by Lorette Kent, NW1 9XJ. Are Your Rugs Only Clean or They Are Healthy Clean?

Housekeeping is a very personal matter. People vary in their perceptions and considerations about cleanliness.

Let's talk about your carpets - do you just want them clean or you must have them clean and healthy at the same time? Certain methods of carpet cleaning will make your carpets appear clean, but only a deep cleaning is able to eliminate the dust, germs, and odors found under the surface.

Vacuum cleaning whisks away surface dirt and gives a lift to their looks, however what is the most harmful to your health and the health of your loved ones is what stays unseen to the naked eye. It is lurking deep within the pile of your carpet.

While professional rug cleaning may seem to be pricier in comparison with the routine vacuum cleaning, it ensures the health and safety of your family. Continue to vacuum your floors regularly, it pays back! The next important step is routine steam cleaning for your rugs.

Steam carpet cleaning is not done as often as vacuuming, yet it is helpful to keep your carpets be healthy. In addition, a routine carpet cleaning reaching deep underneath the surface helps to bring life to the carpet, coziness to any room of the home, and prevents undue wear and tear. This is where the big ticket money savings kick in. If you could put off replacing your rugs for many years to come, wouldn't the aggregate costs of professional cleaning services be worth it?

There are many different methods professional carpet cleaners use, but hot water carpet cleaning system is one of the most effective techniques for your entire home. It ensures that all germs and bacteria are removed. It is done with commercial grade machines and professional detergents.

Keeping carpets clean is also beneficial for individuals suffering from allergies and asthma, as the sSteamersfessional carpet cleaning removes many of the allergens hidden in the fibers. Keeping your carpets clean is even more important when there are youngsters in the house.

Having your rugs cleaned by us, Steamers Professional Carpet Cleaning Services London, your carpets will not only look clean, they are going to be clean. We, Steamers London use the most modern methods to completely remove dust, microorganisms, and unpleasant smells in your home.

Steamershas been servicing in London for years. Join the horde of many happy content clients who have their carpets taken care of by us!

Professional Carpet Stain Removal by Rickie Sheehy, N6 5NW. London End of Tenancy Cleaners Services

Whether you are moving in or out from a rental property or you are selling your house our end of tenancy cleaning London is the best choice for you.

We, at Steamers Cleaning offer deep pre/post tenancy cleaning in a day, delivering your home in it's finest imaginable condition.

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning is done by determined moveable squads of cleaning specialists fully trained to clean properties at lease expiration or before start of a new one. The squads are well equipped for the job with equipment and cleaning agents.

We understand the significance of having your home expertly cleaned and checked. We are well used to the inventory checkout lists. We have developed an all-embracing checklist reflecting the regular items required by main London rental agencies. Our employees, laborers at all times use this list to check out their work.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines by Ariel Ivery, TW11 8DJ. This is what we do when we execute end of tenancy cleaning London:

End of Tenancy Cleaning e14 by Cuc Jenning, SE15 2HP. Staircases and Hallways:

We completely clean with a vacuum all staircases and hallways. We clean the baseboard moldings, light fixtures and the light switches, the doors, remove all spider webs from the ceilings, clean the interior and exterior windows and window sills. We empty and clean the rubbish bins as a bonus service.

Arkley Professional Services by Hong Alcott, UB4 8BA. Bathroom:

We get rid of the lime accumulations from the bathroom tiles. The toilet is cleaned meticulously inside and out. The washbasin is cleaned along with the bathtub and the shower cabin. Interior windows and mirrors are polished as well.

Cleaning Business Insurance by Jami Bodnar, N6 4AF. Bedrooms:

We clean with a vacuum the whole room. We do all baseboards moldings, lampshades and electric switches. We pick up all cob webs from the ceilings. We clean inside windows and window sills. All waste baskets are emptied and cleaned as well.

Grey Curtains and Green Carpet by Damian Darland, KT4 8XF. Living Room:

We vacuum clean the room, wipe off the skirting boards, lampshades and light switches. We dust off all shelves; clean spider webs from all ceilings, clean interior windows and window sills. All garbage bins are emptied, cleaned and the waste is taken out.

Car Wash Ealing by Antonina Martines, N21 3EA. Kitchen:

We clean the stove top and range hood, wipe off the microwave inside and outside, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and laundry machines - interior and exterior, along with the soap dispenser. We dust off the kitchen cupboards - interior and exterior. We clean all doors. We remove crumbs and clean small countertop appliances like toaster, kettle, etc. We wipe off all work surfaces, clean with a vacuum and mop the floor. We wash interior windows and sills. All garbage is taken out and the trash can is cleaned

Steamers offers move in cleaning service for people coming to London. Also, we can clean and maintain your home while you are away for an extended period of time. This is going to give you a piece of mind while you are away.

Book this service with us - your home will be thoroughly cleaned with outstanding consideration and attention to details. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed- we stand behind the excellence of our services uncompromisingly.

Note: Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and curtains steam cleaning are not included in the end-of-tenancy service. They could be added upon request.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.

Reviews on Carpet Cleaners by Brinda Forte, TW5 0PD. Cleaning of Commercial Restrooms And Sanitary Facilities. London Cleaners.

We, Steamers, are the premier janitorial services provider for the sanitary facilities in London. We keep a magic wand to preserve your commercial bathroom facilities clean and sparkly looking. No joke, our magic is called hard work and dedication for you, our valued clients.

Below are but a few tips for items to include in your facilities:

How to Clean Suede Sofa by Jarrod Benton, N16 0AY. Points to consider when planning your sanitary area:

  1. Majority of the commercial places have toilets for ladies and gentlemen. A more recent trend is fixing one or two unisex restrooms. Choose what works best for you.
  2. All doors have to be secured from inside.
  3. Each toilet need to have a water tank always maintained in operating state.
  4. For ladies' toilets a waste bin must be provided for sanitary napkins disposal. This will eliminate plenty of plumbing issues.
  5. The toilets have to be cleaned and disinfected every day. Keep a janitor's closet amply stocked with cleaning supplies.

Contract Cleaning Services by Ashley Neher, NW6 2DG. Below are the steps we perform when we clean commercial bathrooms:

  1. We clean each fixture - toilets, sinks, etc., with high quality detergents.
  2. We clean all mirrors, windows, shower doors, decorative walls.
  3. We clean floors and walls with special attention given to corners and hard to reach places.
  4. We apply commercial grade sanitizers to kill germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms.
  5. We clean using purified water and white vinegar and rubbing alcohol added. We spray all fixtures and wipe out with a clean towel.
  6. Soap scum we clean with powerful cleaners. We apply and leave the product to work for minimum 30 minutes on the sullied surfaces and rinse with water.
  7. We wax all porcelain and metal fixtures to add shine.

Perfect Clean London by Polly Mcelwain, KT9 2GQ. Cleaning After Party in London

No matter of how much fun the occasion was, eventually it comes to an end. And then the most unpleasant part of it comes - clean up after all guests.

We, Steamers, are seasoned cleaners and we recognize the stress you have gone through organizing the gathering and perfecting all details. Now it's over and you are beat. The last thing on your mind is cleaning the place. Dragging huge garbage bags out of the house at four o'clock in the morning is not on anybody's fun list.

Our specialized after party cleanup team has the ability and the time to deal with any after party cleanup situation. Don't worry, we have cleaned after many social events throughout the years. Trust us to clean the disarray! Use the time for yourself, do not waste it cleaning up rubbish!

Gatherings could get out of control sometimes. Our after party cleaning experts are skilled to gauge and render advise to clients about possible damages occurred and to propose repair options. All damages are usually determined after the guests are gone. We are on your side don't worry.

We work according to your schedule. Our experts are available for booking in London during off regular business hours, weekends and holidays. They are very professional and considerate. Our janitors work fast and their presence in your house is discreet.

Cleaning Surrey by Glennie Holte, SW3 5AY. Our Typical after Party Cleaning Package Includes:

  • Bathrooms and rest areas cleaning - toilets, shower and sink, faucets, mirrors and other bathroom fixtures washed and polished
  • Kitchen - counter tops wiping out, cupboards, shelves, and windows
  • Clean and polish all tile hard floors
  • Vacuum clean carpets and area rugs, mats, baseboards, and curtains
  • Tiding up gardens and terraces

The full satisfaction of our customers is our uppermost concern. We are committed not only to meet your expectations but to surpass them. We stand behind our work uncompromisingly.

Trust our expertise! We have carried out countless after party cleanings in London over the years.

Give us a call to schedule our professional after party cleaning. We are going to make your after party experience a breeze!